Eternal Seed: The Charity That Makes You Money (Scam or Legit?)

Eternal Seed Review

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Product Name: Eternal Seed


Owner: N/A

Price: $35 For The Membership Fee + $70 To$1,125 For The Investment

Overall Rating: 66/100

What Is Eternal Seed?

The Eternal Seed is purportedly an amusing gifting scheme where people (members) are to sow eternal seeds and in return also receive back. An amusing pseudo-compliance is highly regarded at this deposit stop.

After doing some in depth research, I found that there are no findable founders to this compensation hack. However, the structure was created within 2016 and is based out of the US.

How Does Eternal Seed Work?

Eternal Seed is an amusing pseudo-compliance charity membership organisation whereby members are to give and receive during their stay within the organisation.

Participants have chosen to exercise their right to freely give to others who have joined with the same purpose, and also earn profit from the opportunity through receiving.

Keep reading further to learn more about how this affiliate membership works.

Just log into Eternal Seed by gifting a $35 sequence payment to associate members and in turn receive commissions. It is eternal, and the payment looked upon as being foretold.

Features has no retail products or services, with affiliates only able to market Your Eternal Seed affiliate membership itself.

Your Eternal Seed affiliate membership is tied to a gifting payment of $35.

$25 is gifted to the affiliate who recruited you, and $10 goes to Your Eternal Seed admin.

And on top of this, you’ll have to invest $70-$1,125 to move and cycle into queue positions and receive your corresponding cash gifts for each level.

Your Eternal Seed Compensation plan sees affiliates gift funds to each other through a series of 8×1 matrix queues.

An 8×1 matrix is simple in nature, requiring eight positions to be filled. As each position is filled, the following commissions are paid out:

  • Queue 1 (positions cost $35) – receive $100 and cycle into Queue 2
  • Queue 2 – receive – $300 and cycle into Queue 3
  • Queue 3 – receive $3000 and cycle into Queue 4
  • Queue 4 – receive $5000 and cycle into Queue 5
  • Queue 5 – receive $24,000 once all eight positions are filled


Is Eternal Seed safe? No. There are numerous, and worrying, complaints about this opportunity being nothing but a scam.

Does Eternal Seed have payment proof? No. There is only proof of this company scamming people.

Is it easy to cash out? No. You’ll not earn or cashout because the money people invest only pay the founders in secret.

Is Eternal Seed a real and honest way to earn money online? In my eyes, I think the eternal gift is a bit weird. How can you pay charitable gift forward and earn commissions from it? You could just pay less at a free event somewhere?

Does Eternal Seed have any bad reviews? Yes, there are bad reviews where people claim they’re being scammed, and that it is a pyramid scheme.

Does Eternal Seed have an app? No. It doesn’t provide users with an app.

Would you recommend Eternal Seed to a friend or relative? No way. I honestly, at this point, am believing this gifting program is more, and more, a scam.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • The way this type of charity concept was created is remarkable. I don’t even know how someone could re-think of this of rort!
  • Apart from my first pro, I don’t really think there is anything to like about this offset!

What’s not to like

  • No Owners Disclosed
  • Illegal Cash Gifting Platform


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Now that we have been through everything that Eternal Seed has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit? I think you will say the say as me, or even that you’re still not sure!

But hey, with just a little research, I was able to find people were being ripped off the scheme, and it was being shut down all over the place.

After discussing pretty everything there was to know about this company, we found nothing of value.

Try something that does work!

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