Epic Trading: Legit MLM or True Scam?

Epic Trading Review

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Product Name: Epic Trading

Website: Epictrading.com

Owner: David McCovy

Price: $139.44

Overall Rating: 64/100

What Is Epic Trading?

Epic Trading is a website trading university that claims to help people learn how to trade epically.

Epictrading.com was founded by David McCovy, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, with Katira Ware as Chief Operating Officer.

Epic Trading: Legit MLM or True Scam?

This training foundations is a bit dodgy, and I think if people are serious about joining, they will want to know as much as possible first. You can read about the true identity of David with this review, also pay close attention to the comments, because people have lots to make mention on this Epic Trading System.

For those, just looking to make money or find a new way of life, I myself highly recommend this training.

How Does Epic Trading Work?

To get started with Epic Trading, you just need to go to their website and create your account, pay some money, and get going with your education.

The Epic Trading company supplies digital products such as forex education, market forecasts, trading alerts, live trade sessions, fundamental analysis, a network marketing compensation plan, as well as corporate events.

And in case, you’re wondering what “EPIC” stands for, stands for “Exceptional People Incredible Compensation”

Just log into your Epic Trading account and learn how to increase wealth with stocks.


Cost For Training

Epic University Scholar – Provides access to all Epic Trading LLC services, including Epic University, analysis, forex signals and trading tool reviews, live webinar sessions, trade alerts, forecasts and member support. The membership is charged at a monthly cost of $134.99.

Epic Independent Business Owner (IBO) – Enables members to participate in the Epic Referral Compensation Plan, Epic SuccessLab/PhD training, real-time office data, access to Epic Life services, IBO support and access to FreeFOREX.com. This plan is charged at $14.95 per month.

Epic PTO’s – Provides access to premium services and is charged at $19.99 per month.

Epic Trading Ranks

  • Founder – Maintain a minimum of three active personally referred customers. One customer has to be on your first, second, and third leg. This will result with the IBO getting a free membership.
  • Founder 500 – Maintain a minimum of ten active downline IBO’s/customers. Four have to be on your first leg, four on your second, and two on your third. This generates an income of $125/week, or $500/month.
  • Founder 1000 – Maintain a minimum of thirty active downline IBO’s/customers. Twelve have to be on your first leg, twelve on your second, and six on your third. This generates an income of $250/week, or $1000/month.
  • Founder 2000 – Maintain a minimum of eighty active downline IBO’s/customers. Thirty-two have to be on your first leg, thirty-two on your second, and sixteen on your third. This generates an income of $500/week, or $2000/month.
  • Founder 5000 – Maintain a minimum of two hundred and fifty active downline IBO’s/customers. A hundred have to be on your first leg, one hundred on your second, and fifty on your third. This generates an income of $1250/week, or $5000/month.
  • Ambassador 10 – Maintain a minimum of five-hundred active downline IBO’s/customers. Two-hundred have to be on your first leg, with two-hundred on your second, and one hundred on your third. This generates an income of $2500/week, or $10,000/month.
  • Ambassador 20 – Maintain a minimum of a thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Four hundred have to be on your first leg, four hundred on your second, and two hundred on your third. This generates an income of $5000/week, or $20,000/month.
  • Ambassador 50 – Maintain a minimum of two thousand and five hundred active downline IBO’s/customers. A thousand have to be on your first leg, with a thousand on your second, and five hundred on your third. This generates an income of $12,500/week, or $50,000/month.
  • Icon 100 – Maintain a minimum of five thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Two thousand have to be on your first leg, two thousand on your second, and one thousand on your third. This generates an income of $25,000/week, or $100,000/month.
  • Icon 200 – Maintain a minimum of fifteen thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Six thousand have to be on your first leg, with six thousand on your second, and three thousand on your third. This generates an income of $50,000/week, or $200,000/month.
  • Icon 500 – Maintain a minimum of forty thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Sixteen thousand have to be on your first leg, sixteen thousand on your second, and eight thousand on your third. This generates an income of $125,000/week, or $500,000/month.
  • EPIC – Maintain a minimum of seventy-five thousand active downline IBO’s/customers. Thirty thousand have to be on your first leg, with thirty thousand on your second, and fifteen thousand on your third. This generates an income of $250,000/week, or $1,000,000/month.

Additional Rewards:

  • Founder 5000 – customised diamond dog tags
  • Ambassador 10 – $5,000 cash/6 figure diamond ring
  • Ambassador 50 – All expense paid trip to Dubai
  • Icon 100 – Rolex
  • Icon 200 – Your choice of a Tesla, Cadillac, or Mercedes (They register it in your name, so it’s yours. No leasing obligations, as with most other companies)
  • Icon 500 – Gold and Black Lamborghini
  • Epic – Private jet service

So, what you’re looking at right now is a lot. This is not what is meant to happen when you’re just looking for a way to make money. You can build an affiliate website and make money with ad revenue. Even get free coaching with me, and I’ll show you exactly what to do for free!


Is Epic Trading safe? I don’t trust it. There is no proof about the founder ethics for what he teaches. People can spend their money, but probably won’t see anything again.

Does Epic Trading have payment proof? No. There is no payment proof from real people earning.

Is it easy to cash out? No. You’ll need to make cash sales, and in order to do this, you’ll be able to pay yourself.

Is Epic Trading a real and honest way to earn money online? MLMs have always been dodgy.

Does Epic Trading have any bad reviews? There are a lot of suspect reviews on this opportunity. It’s not hard to see for yourself what is going on here, and some have labelled this training as being a clone.

Does Epic Trading have an app? No. There is no app given.

Would you recommend Epic Trading to a friend or relative? No. I would rather and wait to see how well people are doing with it first.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Learn About Forex
  • Neat website creation.

What’s not to like

  • Owners Involvement With Pyramid Schemes
  • Forex Trading Is Not For Everyone
  • Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment
  • Expensive Fees


See, the way I look at this is to hope that some people have jumped in here to see what is actually going on. I’m not exactly expecting people to be really wanting to do trading. There are lots of real trainings out there, but at the end of the day, you’ll just be staring at a screen waiting to get rich.

If you want to see how to get real value in online business, then affiliate marketing is what you want to be doing.

When you jump in that, you’ll instantly see the value, probably what you have been missing all along!


Now that we have been through everything that Epic Trading has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit?

Or should I put it like this, is Epic Trading a pyramid scheme? I am very, very sceptical.

I don’t trust it because there just isn’t any real proof that the founder is who or what he says he is. Maybe he has just copied what other successful entrepreneurs have done, and now he just wants to make money by targeting people’s curiosity.

Anything is possible, but when you start blogging to your own website, and actually begin investigating yourself, you begin to see everything for what it truly is.

My strategy has a few simple steps

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes.

If you follow the steps above, you’ll no doubt find a simple yet powerful business model to sustain you and your family for life. Get involved and let me coach you for free!

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