Empowered Surveys: Australian Based Survey Panel (Scam or Legit?)

Empowered Surveys Review

This is my Empowered Surveys Review. Find out if Empowered Surveys is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. This is a review that could change your whole perception on how you see things, you could know from here how things work in affiliate marketing in that which Survey Sites pertain too increasingly.

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What is Empowered Surveys?

Empowered Surveys is an online survey platform that offers surveys to the Australian people in return for earning rewards. Some of Australia’s the largest Market Research Firms work in conjunction with Empowered Surveys, which is to aim at providing some of the best work across the nation with their surveys. Empowered Surveys is based out of Sydney and are also a member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) and follow industry guidelines with regard to research.

Empowered Surveys were actually calling Survey Choice previously to 2018; when they commenced their business name change. Their rebranding was to modernise their theme and improve their structure in Australia for new members who were on the horizon. 

When talking on a Market Research Survey Sites, I always like to make sure that they have a social following. In this case, Empowered Surveys does have a Facebook Fan Page, and they boast over 2K Facebook Likes at the time of writing this Empowered Surveys Review. This is always an important way for both members and prospects to get involved with, as it does many things in proving their seriousness about their business. Both Members and Prospect can go there to get support or just find out what is happening with their surveys and keep up to date that way.

Eligibility: 16+, (with a parent Guardian), Australian Residents only.

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How does Empowered Surveys work?

As with all survey platforms and any other for that matter, Once somebody finds a site that they want to be a part of, they will need to create their account using both their name and email address. Once they have done this, you will need to jump back into your email inbox to verify your credentials using a special verification link that they would have sent to you.

Receive standard online surveys or special surveys that include things like movie trailers, sneak peaks of TV or radio commercials, and more. Surveys are sent to your email, or you can log in to their site. Remember, they also have their Facebook Fan Page that you can use to keep in touch with them, which makes things nice.

If members do not qualify for a survey, they are credited with a bonus 5 Points. Not all survey sites offer this, so when I saw that, I began to like them even more. This basically means that you don’t always have to stress when trying to get a job because if you don’t qualify, you’re still getting paid.

When your account reaches $20 in survey earnings, you may request an e-voucher or a donation to charity. E-voucher retailers include: Kmart, Myer, Prezi, Spotify, Wish, Coles, Hoyts, and more. Empowered Surveys advertises that they award over $100,000 in rewards to their members each month.

When you request an e-voucher redemption – you’ll receive it within 2 business days. No waiting around for weeks until you receive a voucher – get it within a reasonable time frame, delivered straight to your inbox.

Empowered Surveys do have a referral program and I always talk about this a lot. However, their option to refer others is not good for me. You have to know your “Friends” email address in order to send them an email from inside their platform. In other words, you don’t get your own affiliate link, so if you have a website like me, it is not going to be very helpful.


Now with the Empowered Surveys Review finished, I am happy to conclude that they have a legitimate survey website. However, it is a very average site, and you won’t be able to do referral marketing with them because of how they have their affiliate program set up. They only give you the option to enter emails and send personal emails from their platform. They don’t give you your own link for your website.

Pros And Cons About Empowered Surveys


  • Empowered Surveys are free to join
  • Empowered Surveys have an easy-to-use website and signing up is also made easy
  • Empowered Surveys has a referral program for external people to also join the network


  • Empowered Surveys do not have a reliable referral program, as they don’t give out an affiliate link. They only give members the option to use an email opt-in form to enter your friend’s email and send them an email from your account. They must not have any idea about affiliate marketing in today’s day and age.
  • Empowered Surveys are only for one country, which is Australia

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