Email Startup Incubator Review – Scam or Legit?

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I have read some Email Incubator Reviews and have a pretty rough idea what this is going to be about. With that being said let’s get into it!

Product Name: Email Startup Incubator


Anik Singal


Overall Rating:

What is Email Startup Incubator?

Email Startup Incubator is an online product by

The product claims to be able to help people make money online by using 5 simple steps.

After checking over the Lurn website I found that Anik Singal (Creator of Email Startup Incubator) has used this method to dig himself out of a 1 million dollar debt before.

Within the last 15 years Anik has made over $200 million by using this same system!

I know, right, this is enough to sing out and believe! I mean, the whole thing makes you realize that maybe this is the way, and that maybe it truly is this method that beats them all?

Look, here’s the plot Anik system is using email marketing which Anik really enjoys doing. This method is PPC and you have to have a lot of money to do this.

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Who is The Founder?

The founder of Email Startup Incubator is Anik Singal who is a long-time affiliate marketer who has a big story to be told. At first, he struggled in business and building a business that made him money, like most of us nearly quit.

He says that right when he was about to quit and say he couldn’t do it anymore, he was approached by someone who helped him with a system change around.

He listened, learned, and things shifted in Aniks favor.

Today, Anik has built he’s business over at and is making big money by using a system he created called Email Startup Incubator.

What Do you get?

The Email Startup Incubator by offers you eveverythingou need to collect emails, send out affiliate products, and make money!

Of course, most of this will be using third-party platforms as well but you’ll have the ground base learning structure over at You’ll be able to be in the platform while you listen to what to do next.

When you join you’ll get an eight-module, Email Marketing training course, complete with tools, resources, and support to help you make your $5,000 within two months.

Is Email Startup Incubator Any Good?

Because Email Startup Incubator is run and created by long-time entrepreneur and affiliate marketer I can tell you that yes, it is going to be good. The only thing with PPC and email marketing you need to already have some experience beforehand.

Imagine if you were rich and decided to embark on a new journey where you could make a million dollars in 6 months. You found the highest paying industry and go right in. You paid the money for the course because you were rich but you didn’t know that it wouldn’t work for you.

Do you really think people care if it is going to work for you?


They won’t.

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How Well Does Email Startup Incubator Work?

The Email Startup Incubator is based on real techniques that marketers from all over the world are using.

Anyone can use these simple techniques but you need to learn how.

I mean, how much time do you have? Do you want to learn quickly or slowly and do everything by yourself?

This is when Email Startup Incubator can come in handy for people who don’t want to mess about by themselves.

When you get started you’ll go straight into the training room at and you’ll start seeing everything that you need to be able to do for yourself.

If this doesn’t suit you then come and see about a community that you can chat with instead: $5k per mo is possible – Follow the training and you’ll get results

Is Email Startup Incubator a Scam or Legit?

Email Startup Incubator is 100% legit. Anik Singal is a very well-known marketer who has made millions of dollars online with he’s techniques and using paid advertising.

Final Verdict is one of the biggest websites you can get online that teaches you PPC marketing. If you’re interested in just running ads to products then this is for you.

Anik has basically invested all he’s money, time, and effort into so you can imagine what it truly looks and feels like.

I mean, if you have a look at the site you’re on now there isn’t much to it except some really good articles and reviews. However, imagine spending $200 million on a website and training? That is what is all about.

But there are people out there who are reading this and don’t have much money to spend. This online stuff is for everyone no matter how much money you have. Anyone can buy a domain and start working but a direction is very helpful when starting out.

Try reading about success posts such as: Blog Income Report 2018 – over 5K Online before investing your money!

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