eJury.com Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

eJury Review

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What is eJury?

eJury, L.LC. Has a website that looks like it would be a great survey website to try out. It is full of information about who they are and where they have sported from in which I will tell you more as we move forward. eJury was founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Christopher L. Bagby. This man was a trial attorney and saw the need for criminal lawyers to be able to get the answers they need. This meant that lawyers were able to come and submit their answers and in turn be filled with the knowledge that they need.

eJury has changed the way attorneys prepare for their upcoming trials; they participate in mock juries and focus groups with large groups of people to help determine the value of their cases, find facts to emphasize, learn public attitudes, and develop case value.

After using eJury the results are tangible, as a persuasive tool, This survey and focus group platform, eJury is used to promote settlement, and prepare for trial.

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How does eJury work?

Like all survey platforms the first thing that you have to do when wanting to participate within this platform is to sign up and make your registration known. This will include using your email and name and actually heading over to your email inbox and verifying your email.

eJury is the same as traditional mock juries and focus groups, the only difference is that it is all running through the internet. This is more convenient, because just about everyone has a computer so all you have to do is lock and load and your right to go. The jury will establish a large group and require their feedback, this will ask the “focus group” about the case at hand and what they think of it. This is why they recommend being a lawyer to start.

As a chosen eJuror, you will be mentioned and perform in mock trials where facts on the case are mentioned by an attorney. As you there you will need to study case information as you move forward. Then, you will need to provide your answers.

Depending on where you live will establish the number of cases that a member will get to perform at. Larger metro areas will mean that you get more work as there is more activity happening there.

At eJury you can expect to pocket $5-$10 per case. Payments are paid to you through into your PayPal accounts which means you receive cash for your work. Keep in mind that some cases may take longer than others, which means you could feel that it isn’t worth it unless you’re a lawyer and you’re going to be there anyway.

Interestingly, to qualify for becoming a eJuror the steps are very much the same as trying out for a real jury service in the US. Main elements that you have to have is being over 18, living in the US as a citizen, be able to read and write well, and also sport a sound mind. People who have criminal records will not be able to join. You also cannot join if you are activity studying paralegal, legal assistant, or insurance adjuster.

To sign up all you have to do is go directly to their website and hit the links in the appropriate places.


As you have just read this review and for me I think it’s a great place to start if you are a professional and want to earn money with paralegal activities. There are some requirements that which you have pertained to and that is totally fine with me. It is defiantly a legit survey and focus group website and I recommend.

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Pros And Cons about eJury


  • There is no payment threshold
  • They pay members into their PayPal accounts
  • They pay money and not points


  • It is not easy to get signed up
  • They sport only the one earning opportunity
  • Rare case invites
  • Sign ups must live in the US only
  • Sign ups must provide a drivers license upon signing up

2 thoughts on “eJury.com Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful article on eJury I find this idea really interesting and would have loved to sign up. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the US. As someone who enjoys looking at court cases, I can see why lawyers would find a team of mock jurors useful.

    Candy Benn.

    • Thanks Candy, no you’re right, when everyone works together, we are able to do some really good things. I’m glad you found what you were looking for and this website has been useful to you.


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