Ecom Warrior Academy + Matthew Lepre Review: Is this ECom Training Course a Scam or Legit?

Ecom Warrior Academy + Matthew Lepre Review

There are so many reasons that people wish to be earning more money in their lives.

Some people choose to take the big route and try to earn large amounts of money with an online business, and yet, others start out by taking small online tasks such as surveys and Captcha Solving.

I mean, what type of person are you? Do you just want to make money and show no content? Because in ecommerce, that is exactly what you’re doing.

When Amazon took over, it was all the small retails left to get online and try to fight back. But then a ton of people thought to start cutting in having no idea of what retail even is.

If you want a clean track record and build a business that is completely legit, I can tell you now that doing dropshipping and ecommerce is not how you do it.

I can show you proof of what people are earning: $500 already in 2020, $300 in first 11 days of March and this is the type of value you can get when you want to go totally legit.

But Is Matthew Lepre a Scam? Did he run a retail chain before jumping ship into ecommerce? No. He did not. And this is quite a pity.

But Anyhoo, Is ECom Warrior Academy Legit? Let’s find out now!

What is Ecom Warrior Academy?

Ecom Warrior Academy is an online dropshipping and Ecommerce course created by Matthew Lepre to help people who want to enter the ecommerce industry learn how and get the focus he has.

Mathew Lepre is a multi-millionaire, even since he jumped ship and got into the eCommerce industry. He started out in both School and College but dropped out when he saw the ecom industry and what it offered for retail chains ever since Amazon took over.

According to Mathew, he earns over 6 figures each and every month.

Mathew tells people that getting into ecommerce will cost you quite a bit of money, and since he didn’t have a job, I am guessing he must have borrowed the money from he’s parents to get started.

I have to be honest right here though. If you’re serious about ecommerce, it is this easy. Rack up some money, buy a product (or a few) in bulk, and place ads on Facebook with your copy writing. It is that easy. It’s just like a pawn shop except you’re selling products online.

Courses like Ecom Warrior Academy are not really meant to help you. It is to give the person more fame and recognition during their time of fun. You won’t get any real knowledge from it.

If you want to learn real things about Google and how to earn money online and deal with people then take this training: My Online Biz: $85.5K THANKS WA! Lessons Learned In 2019 and I will see you on the inside to help you for free!

How does Ecom Warrior Academy work?

To get started with the Ecom Warrior Academy Framework, you’ll need to first find it. Now for most people, they would have come across it on both Google and Facebook ads. I mean, Matt has to sell this course and he does this by targeting people and their demographics with ads. You need to understand this is you want to make real money in ecommerce.

But, do me one favor. When you get rich, please don’t turn around like a shining light and begin creating courses claiming you sport the answer! Just be happy.

When somebody sees Ecom Warrior Academy in ads, they’ll then Google a review on the course and land on a site like mine.

And this is where you get real value!

Look, I stick with my referrals forever and for free! I train you how to make money online for free! Check out how people are making with a live training platform (no hidden course): 4-Year WAnniversary & $100K+ Earned Online!

But with the Ecom Warrior Academy Course by Matthew Lepre you’ll see the following:

  • It walks you step by step through the dropship process
  • Ecom Warrior Academy is designed the course for 1st time beginners
  • You’ll be building on the simple Shopify platform
  • You can repeat videos, and more are added monthly
  • There’s some advanced training for experienced peeps
  • You can join together with a partner through 1 account
  • Most students are Aussie, NZ, US, UK, and Middle Eastern

Ecom Warrior Academy costs $4000. Member get the course and coaching by Matt and he’s team. But I can tell you that it’s a very large price tag just to learn how to sell a product with a Facebook ad.


Now that I have fully finished my Ecom Warrior Academy + Matthew Lepre Review I can now fully conclude that the product and coaching is legitimate.

I get people may have money and at the end of the day don’t mind spending it, but what are we really doing this for? I mean, just spending money just to spend?

You need to look at the long-term future and not get caught into these traps.

This course and industry is made to have a lot of hype but if you keep watching, you’ll see these entrepreneurs are still not happy, and the more they continue the angrier they get. This is because they still keep realizing that it is not the right way.

There’s a whole lot more than just selling a product and making money.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in starting ecommerce from home? Have you tried Ecom Warrior Academy by Matthew Lepre before?

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