Ecom Good Life Course Review – By Mikey Kass – Scam Or Legit?

Pay Nearly $500 For A Course And Simply Throw Away Money Where It Is Not Really Enough To Get Back Or Start Wisely And Work For Your Online Business…. Find Out Briefly

People are wanting to help themselves by looking for ways where they can earn a little extra income online.

This is a new idea that is possible. Would you have ever believed that you can actually work from home and earn money online?

This Ecom Good Life Review is going to show you how to earn money by spending your salary on testing ads. You see Facebook sports a back-end system where you can create ads and pay them big dollars to uplift your projects.

If you want to spend money online you will be selling somebody elses products – Always – Untill you make a course.

I want to show you how you can make money today but also give you a secondary way to make sure you understand!

Start by knowing and understanding that not anyone will make money online unless you they do put in some work.

Check out this: First $1,000-day on Amazon. This is a man who worked and got paid! I wanted to show you this before we start the review so you have a good estimate on what to expect if you decide that this is what you want to do.

Product Name: Ecom Good Life


Owner: Mikey Kass

Price: $497

Overall Rating: 67/100

What is Ecom Good Life?

Ecom Good Life is an online course that anyone who is interested in Dropshipping is able to purchase and begin training.

Ecom Good Life Course Review - By Mikey Kass - Scam Or Legit?

You may not be aware of dropshipping so let me explain. Anyone can go to Amazon (You know that big shopping platform?) and create a free account where if you buy some inventory Amazon will store it until you are able to move it along (at an increased price). This is getting some strong heat at the moment and each time a new elite pops its head up, they can not resist and feel the urge to create a course explaining to others “What they did”.

This is exactly what the founder of Ecom Good Life did and I want to explain more on this as we move along.

But first, what to expect from the course:

  • How to build a profitable dropship store
  • Learn about product research and selling to customers
  • Simple steps to create a successful Facebook ad campaign to promote your product
  • Show you how to negotiate with suppliers and meet higher demands
  • Learn about the success habits and mindsets

You may be wondering is Mikey Kass real (the founder of Ecom Good Life)?

Lets find out next.

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Who is Mikey Kass?

Mikey Kass is a new online entrepreneur who has reached he’s limits with Amazon’s FBA program.

One of the things that stood out to me when I saw this guy was how young he was to be earning.

Guess What Mikey Kass net worth is? Well, by the time he was 18 years old he was raking in over $150K a month. Mikey actually set up he’s dropshipping store when he was 15 and this allowed him to train and learn most skill sets before he was even 18.

In turn, Mikey did drop out of school only because he was earning too much money to have to keep going and new what he’s dream was going to be.

There was another time whereby Mikes parents became suss on how he was pulling in so much money and begin an investigation on him until they found out the truth!

Is Ecom Good Life Any Good?

Mikey Kass course is probably going to be pretty good.

It all depends on what you expect and what you know. Some people only buy into these courses to sharpen their own skill set and peep on what their competitors are up to.

You have read what I wrote and know now that Mikey is pretty good at what he does. I mean, he was chased by the po po in order for he’s parents to learn more about he’s exposure to so much money at such a young age.

What can somebody seriously do with so much money? How do they know what their own tastes are? Will they look foolish in front of people who are older and can tell what types is a weirdo? Maybe so.

But to help determine how good Mikey Kass course is, take below some of the methods Mike has learnt over the 4 years, and he promises to show you in the course.

  • How he made a 65%+ success rate of finding winning products
  • He shows you how he maintains 40-50% net profit on 6 figures a month
  • Rapidly expanding to $1000 dollars a day
  • Work-life balance
  • A blueprint to grow your own Shopify dropshipping store from $0 to potentially $10,000 – $150,000 per month
  • He teaches you the product-research methods and marketing techniques

Are you ready to spend you hard-earned money? I already know what you’re thinking: If it is in turn for the good of increasing your wealth, then yes.

I have worked online for a long time now and want to express that paying for a course like this is only going to make this young guy very rich and not so much yourself.

The only way to make yourself rich is to work hard.

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After carefully going over Ecom Good Life I can say for sure that the course is legit.

If you go over to the buyer’s page you’ll see that you can’t get access until you spend some money!

Generally, with online training you should always get shown everything for free first!

Not everything has to cost money right from the start!

What I personally recommend

Blogging is by far the best industry to get into and you have landed on my site are able to try it out and see for yourself for free!

There are two ways to earn money online and one of them is by writing content and publishing it to Google. The other way is by creating ads that cost a lot of money and trying to sell products for a profit.

I highly recommend taking blogging as it makes you work for your money and when it is earning you money it keeps on going on autopilot.

With ads, you always have to keep checking and going over it to make sure things are running smoothly!

So, if you want to try what I say to do then begin here: 4.7K for the month of December and Setting My New Goals for 2019

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