Eating Well Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

EatingWell Review

This is my EatingWell Review. Find out if EatingWell is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many different ways to make money online that you may not even notice this fact. As my title specifies I want to know if the EatingWell Website is actually providing serious ways for people to make money when performing a writing task for them. I would also like to mention now that writing for websites is the first step to online failure and I recommend that freelancers try to avoid doing this. If you write something for another site, no matter how much you like that site, you will waste your own time and it is not profitable.

When working online it is not anywhere near the same as a general 9 -5 employment position and this is, I think, where freelancers get confused. Freelance in my total opinion was only ever meant for both HTML and CSS experts as they know how to change websites around and make edits for companies online. But I think copywriters actually got wind of this and also thought it would be OK writing content and then selling it. Even sites offered to pay people to write for them and I seriously think that if these freelancers who do write for other sites knew how easy it was to build a site and publish your content to their own site it would be a much better result for those wanting to earn money online.

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But what is EatingWell About and are they legitimate to earn long-term money from?

What is EatingWell?

The EatingWell Media Group is a fast-growing, independent communications company producing an award-winning national consumer magazine, high-quality food, and nutrition-related books, a content-rich website, e-mail newsletters, and serving content to strategic partners with other electronic media. To round things off a bit, EatingWell is a very well-known website that boasts a work crew or Journalists who are also taste testers and chefs. They work hard to bring different types of food to the site while also blogging on what types of new food you could try at home with your families. is an award-winning website that’s not only has their own taste testing kitchen but also brings you how to guides on how to cook basically anything you want. was founded by James Lawrence way back in 1988, when James Lawrence, publisher of a small magazine called Harrowsmith Country Life, and his colleagues were becoming more health-conscious as they approached their 40s. This what sparked the website creation. EatingWell is headquartered in Charlotte, Vermont, United States but headquarter regions include New England, Northeastern US. EatingWell is a Private for profit company. EatingWell’s parent company has been Meredith Corporation since Jun 2011. EatingWell’s main competitors are Super Veggie Mom, MyRecipes, and Greatist.

But let me tell you something for those who are awake within this last day. This business is run by a bunch of girls who are very very weird and it’s actually indescribable how weird this is. Martha Stewart actually bought this website with no real need or knowledge of how to blog online. The whole thing is very demonic and the people who are now blogging on the site and doing all this work for her don’t even have websites of their own.

If you’re looking to make money online I would not write for Martha Stewart as she is running this site and you will have no contact with her yourself which is very embarrassing. I mean, how far down the chain does this go, you want to work from home and be a part of a niche that you like but the website owner has nothing to do with the site (she just bought it out of being funny like that, I mean she’s not a man).

As of September 2020, EatingWell has on Facebook over 3.3Million Likes while on Twitter they boast over 128K Users all of which Martha oversees but has no direct contact with. In other words she owns the business out of her complete ego and not for proper ethics or valued purposes. 

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How does EatingWell work?

To get started writing for the website was not as hard as I had first expected. But this does not go against what I was talking about earlier on, it’s just I found their guidelines pretty easy. To do this I recommend you use the same method as me by typing into Google, “How to write for EatingWell” and when you do this a list of results will appear. You want to tap on the first result in the Google Results, it’s the writer’s guidelines for EatingWell. It’s pretty easy from here on out all you have to do is read what they say and become a successful writer for the site. The only problem is you’ll never actually meet the owner, as the owner is the Martha Stewart who is all cases has no time for blogging. But, below I want you to check out the list of ways they pay you and how much they pay for each piece of content:

  • Earn up to $1 per word, freelance writing for Eating Well, a national food magazine that focuses exclusively on eating healthfully.
  • Columns:
    • Fresh: seasonal picks and the latest trends in food and health, such as, food policy, sustainable agriculture, wacky healthy new eating practices, etc. (150 to 350 words).
    • Fresh Food: dedicated to celebrating food, such as a restaurant, farm find, seasonal food, great farmers’ market, or something trendy in the food/drink market.
    • Fresh Life: how food and eating intersect with lifestyle, such as travel, beauty, books (not diet or cookbooks) and gifts.
    • Fresh Thinking: covers several facets of one current food-related issue, controversy or movement.
    • Fresh Health: health and nutrition studies, across multiple small stories, or one page exploring various elements on one topic.
    • Fresh Fix: devoted to how to solve health conditions with food, such as mood, allergies, cholesterol, etc.
  • Rights bought: All rights, including Web rights.
  • Stats:
    • published 6 times a year
    • lead time: 3 to 6 months
    • 6.8 million+ readers
    • 4.4 million+ monthly unique visitors
    • 3 million+ Facebook followers
  • Eating Well magazine is published by Meredith Corporation, a $2 billion publicly traded company (Meredith Corporation EatingWell).
  • Employees: 1,001+ (Meredith Corporation LinkedIn)
  • Earnings per word: up to $1

To be honest, while I was writing this review, I was wondering if they also offered a product where if you did have a website you could make extra money with their referral program, but they don’t. There could be posts however with links to products where they’re making money with affiliate programs and this is the smartest way to make money online, which is what I recommend you do. In fact, this is what I talk about with regard to the whole team at this website, why they all make out that they’re professional bloggers, but they’re in fact not, as they don’t even have their own website. None of the bloggers at this site have their own website and I think that when working for a website you should also have a website.


Now that I have fully finished my EatingWell Review I can fully conclude that they’re a legitimate company and you will earn money writing for them. However, I don’t recommend selling content at all as this does not help you and your future. Content should only be published to your own website to make a long-term income online.

Pros And Cons About EatingWell


  • EatingWell offers ways to make extra money online
  • EatingWell has a long-standing business
  • EatingWell has a social media sphere that you can use to get support


  • I highly recommend that you don’t sell any of your content as written content can rank in search engines and create a long-lasting income for a website and when both people and freelancers sell this content, they literally waste their lives away and make no income for the future unless they make more content.

Start your own online business and make money that you never thought possible before

It has never been so easy starting and running your own online business online. This review hasn’t just been about showing you how to get paid to write for another company but also why it’s important to build your own online business and publish content to your own site. Never publish content for another website, because a one-time payment does not last anywhere near what a website will; and when you publish content to your site and the content ranks it will forever make you money. If you want to start your site now and make money I will be happy to coach you on the inside. I hope to see you in there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Freelance Writing? Have you worked for EatingWell before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you for the review about EatingWell. They do sound promising. However, I must agree with the statement you made. If you are a professional blogger, you will have your own proper website to start off. Yes, you can do extra writing but have your own personal blogs on your own website. You will make more money plus gain traffic from the website you work with. EatingWell sounds a good platform to learn tips regarding the niche they focus on. But rest, your recipes and ideas will be better shared on your own website.


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