Earning Gift Cards for Doing Surveys, is it worth it?

Bizrate Rewards Review

There are so many reasons to want to make money online and the chance the complete surveys are the make or break of someone’s success online. There are multiple ways to make money online and all of those ways require learning and determination to keep going even when things get hard.

Is BizrateRewards.com one of the reasons to work hard even when things get hard.

Among what I previously just said another element to ones online success is whether they have another experienced person who has offered to be their coach or personal mentor.

Just say you’re a total newbie and you search online for ways to make money and a whole bunch of survey websites appear. You’re going to start doing them. Now, if you had someone in there reach out and offer to help you it would make a huge difference on the roll out of your model.

There are tons of ways to make money online but believe it or not each of those ways require an online business. An online business is something that you have named, built, and required a certain amount of traffic to in order to make money.

People say that surveys don’t pay much. This is true only when you are not using them to their full advantage and figuring out how and what this means is easy when you sport a free online coach.

I offer to fully train survey takers in the help of leveraging their referrals opportunity whenever they join each survey platform. As a brief look, say you join a survey website, you will receive an affiliate link to showcase to other people who could be your friends and family. Well when you sport your own online business the ball doesn’t stop there, you can spread your link around the world receiving millions of sign ups-if you want to with your own online business.

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What is Bizrate Rewards?

Bizrate Rewards is a survey platform that rewards their customers for completing their surveys. On the Bizrate Rewards Website they literally claim that they are the highest-ranking survey website giver in the industry. They have been working to build their company for over 15 years and with that they have completed 27 million surveys. To my knowledge that is a really high number of surveys to have issued among their members.

Looking at their website, it looks like it is built to do what it says and work.

Their website states that they have helped business better serve their customers by giving them current research on answers that they need most.

The most engaged you are the more you will get back with this website.

When somebody first signs up, they have to complete their sign up survey which is detailed information about who they are and what they sport most. This is what really counts when performing for a survey website because based on these answers they will provide you with relevant surveys that will give you a high success rate. This is vital when going about recent surveys. For this first sign-up survey you earn rewards. To cash out you have to have 5000 points in your available which relates to being $5. 

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How does Bizrate Rewards work?

As with all survey websites the first thing you have to do is sign up and receive your bonus points as this site does provide them for sign up remissions.

Earning is very straightforward and they will arrive to you by email into your chosen email inbox. When the survey answers your email box you must click on it and begin to answer it.

They claim that to make their members go to one of their stores, purchase something, and then take the surveys. This is the only way to sign up.

To being taking surveys members have to be over 16 and live in the US.


This company is one that I fully recommend to any trying to build their online survey opportunity. They have been doing surveys for many years, which is always a good reason to start taking their work and adding them to your little stash of survey earning websites.

But, there is something else that you have to be fully accustomed to doing and that is being able to bring in new members. This is something that is overlooked by many people who begin this journey and it isn’t hard to manipulate and start implementing into your survey framework. I go into this more at the beginning of this review.

Pros And Cons About Bizrate Rewards


  • There is a low payment threshold
  • There are plenty of gift-cards to choose from
  • They are free to join once you have purchased from their store.


  • They pay their members in points
  • It is hard to start earning there
  • Their member support ratio does need more work

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