Earn Money With RewardsFeed.com? Is it Profitable?

RewardsFeed Review

If you find the real way to making money online, it brings a new sense of how good life really is. Being able to work from your laptop brings a whole new meaning to being free. Being able to work for yourself isn’t an easy destination to get to though. The road is long and hard, unless you have someone who can personally coach you. In this sense, I’m talking about affiliate marketing because this industry pays you to promote other people’s products and services. This is all online work and does work hand in hand with online surveys, research firms, and focus groups.

The only things with work from home opportunities is that they only pay a small portion of the things you need to pay for. If you have bills to get on top of they can help but they will not cover your mortgage or anything like that unless you have become good with the way they work, and have your own online business so you not only take their surveys but have a huge way of being able to bring in new members where you then get a share of whatever they earn. This is how you become a master at Paid surveys.

I sometimes leave the review that I’m writing with a special mention about what I do to help the ones who are serious about earning money online. Once you have built an online business your options become numerous online and whatever you want is yours. I personally coach for new entrepreneurs in building their website and then optimizing it how to earn money however they want. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to see more on what the platform is where you and I will train. My recommendation is that you move forward here and with this review and boast your chances within their offer. If you fall short and don’t end up with the specifications that you were looking for then jump back here and let me take over your destiny and show you the road to real online success.

You should always make sure that what you’re looking at has people who are making money themselves. This will prove to you that the product works, such as Wow! March ’16 – Best Sales Month S$41,350.30, just look at that, somebody earning over $40K right from their own online business!

What is RewardsFeed?

RewardsFeed is a global Get-Paid-To Site that also sports a mobile app. The aim of the platform is to get paid to orchestrate taking out small opportunities and recruiting new members to help do the same.

Usually with these types of platforms, when you can bring new people into the mix, it can generally make you even more than what the tasks themselves with offering. But to keep this simple, the way to go about this is by building your own website and writing a review such as the one you’re on now, and letting people find the platform from what you have written about. 

What separates them from legit sites like Swag Bucks and Branded Surveys for example, are their extraordinary payouts.

Once logged in you’ll see simple tasks like installing a Chrome Extension and running it for 30 seconds to earn $36.00, or taking a six-minute survey for $49.00. This is what it says from the research I have concluded from online and their own website.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to make some serious money from your laptop using RewardsFeed.com, stick around and find in a moment. 

I want to show you someone who is making $10K per month just by following some simple steps: $10,000 – yes!. As you read that article, it will show you a new route if you’re yet to determine it!

How does RewardsFeed work?

RewardsFeed is only available to people living in America.

To start making money with this site you’ll need to go to RewardsFeed.com where you’ll see a top menu section that says “register”. You just need to put your name and email into that sign up section and away you go.

RewardsFeed offers a few different ways to start earning money which include filling out there paid tasks, submissions, and their referral program. 

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no bigger way to earn with this company than to write a review on them and post it to Google where people will also take the opportunity through your affiliate link, earning you some really good commissions. 

Every activity you complete on RewardsFeed will earn you a certain amount which will be credited to your RewardsFeed account. However, they aren’t exactly clear on how you will be able to withdraw your earnings.

As you can see in the screenshot above, they tell you the payment options you can choose to withdraw your earnings such as PayPal, direct bank transfer, and various gift cards. But they don’t really tell you clearly when you will be able to withdraw your earnings. 

If you noticed, most of the tasks they offer will supposedly allow you to earn a pretty significant amount. Their referral program will also reward you handsomely for inviting people to join the site. But the main point I want tomake here, is that they don’t just pay you when you get someone to sign up, they also pay you ($1) even when people only click your link. I have never seen a GPT site do this before 


After doing a careful review of RewardsFeed, I can now fully conclude that the site is legitimate and people who go about working with their opportunity will be able to make some small income streams as posted from their site.

But I must stress that making money from these sites the real way is by affiliate marketing which includes building your own blog and writing quality content. This way people will come to your site and click on all your offers earning you a commission. 

RewardsFeed Pros & Cons


  • None


  • Offers unrealistic rewards
  • Doesn’t have clear information about their payout threshold
  • Has a bad support system
  • Misuses BBB logo
  • You are forced to invite people

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience with social earning networks? Have you worked or tried working for RewardsFeed before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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