With Over 20 Years in The Survey Industry E-Rewards Is Still Going Strong But Can You Really Make Any Money here?

E-Rewards Review

There are so many reasons for you to stick around and fully suss out what this website is as I am looking to recruit more prospects affiliates to find out the importance of running your own online business and how easy that is to do even when you’re a total newbie.

Websites are everything these days and as the internet continues to grow as technology grows with it. If you are new to this, I can understand where you are for I was there as well at some stage. In fact, I actually started this as a drop out roof tiler! Can you believe that. This is my website which I have constantly worked hard to build.

After saying that you are probably wondering where you have been this whole time if you don’t have one. But because this is a survey website review you are still in the exact direction that you need to be in to start making some serious money online.

E-Rewards is one way that you can make money online. But if you are new, you have to face the grim reality that without someone to help coach you will have to do a lot of searching online before you find a technique that works (Drop shipping or affiliate marketing).

You can make more money by referring new members to E-Rewards than what you would simply just taking their opportunities (surveys). I personally coach people how to do that with their own website. Building the website is easy. The hard part about it if any is taking the road and learning to type like me. As I mentioned before I was a roof tiler laborer before I started working for myself online and what I find hard is typing, yet I follow around 5 programs that make me concentrate on speed.

Making money online is so easy and especially if you are already doing surveys. A lot of successful affiliate marketers can tell you that they tried everything. You can even find some big survey websites such as Survey Cool where they only review survey websites, they started out like you and now they have huge success online with their website.

You can bring in new members to E-Rewards, if you build a website and write reviews on the platforms that you are apart of. Then publish the review to Google and wait for people to sign up through you.

You can start now with me as your coach or if you want more information on where you will build the website then read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. No matter which path you take first the internet will continue to grow and I want the ones who know how to make money to be the ones ahead of the game, that way you can pass on good information also.

But I want you to first read: Sharing Success Story: $14,000 in 3 months and really begin to understand the value that you’re looking here. I will coach you for free inside which is making things more and more valuable from here for you.

What is E-Rewards?

Did you know that E-Rewards are in the industry since 1999?

That’s right!

That’s more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the industry under their belt, They sure know a thing or two on the subject.

E-Rewards is a market research site where members collect Rewards called E-rewards for their users’ opinions in a free online survey. Websites such as E-rewards give you the opportunity so you can collect a nice steady, regular monthly paycheck working from the comfort of home. A lot of people take pride in the fact that they are providing a valuable service by helping to shape products and services of the future due to these surveys on platforms such as E-rewards.

Surveys will never pay much but they offer some valuable experiences. From here people end up finding better ways to earn such as: My Online Biz: $85.5K THANKS WA! Lessons Learned In 2019. Just try what it linked and see how easy you make money online!

Who Are The Founders of E-Rewards?

E-Rewards is one of the biggest survey panels out there and the founders are Hal Brierley and Mort Meyerson.

What Do You Get?

E-Rewards offers over 50 different retailers from where you can redeem gift cards from.

If you have $60 worth of points you can redeem that for a $25 gift card. With this calculation it adds up to every dollar you earn being worth only $0.41.

Don’t worry if you think that this is confusing because a lot survey sites out there do this exact thing. It is how they make their profits.

The following are some of the companies where you can aquire gift cards from:

  • A. C. Moore Arts & Crafts
  • Best Buy
  • Denny┬┤s American Diner
  • Flying Blue (Air France / KLM) Miles
  • Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air Miles
  • Choice Privileges Rewards, which include Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, and Comfort Suites hotel points
  • American Airlines and United Airlines Miles
  • eBags Gift Cards
  • Numerous magazine titles like Allure, Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens, GQ, ESPN magazine, Golf, Vogue, Travel + Leisure, and many more
  • Starbucks gift cards

How does E-Rewards work?

The site works by completing online paid surveys on the internet and you get paid in the form of E-rewards which is the platform’s internal currency.

For example, if you have 60 bucks on the platform it translates approximately to a $25 gift card. So that means the value you will see for the survey unfortunately is much less than indicated. It is by collecting these reward point you get paid and by when you meet their minimum payout threshold that is 60$ you will be allowed to withdraw.

So you simply complete a survey they get paid by their partners and then the site shares a portion of their profits with you. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

Is It A Scam or Legit?

E-Rewards has been working since 1999 so they’re definitely not a scam.


E-rewards is a great site and you should try the site and see if it meets your requirements, they do have a lot of complaints from their user a lack of gift cards available seems to be a major issue and some have been complaining that their account is frozen or closed without any reason given.

Some have reported and their invite only system is not appealing while a majority of reward sites are free to sign up to anyone.

There is an ongoing lawsuit filed by BBB that took action against the company on 2017.

They only way to get paid is in gift cards, which is not great and they do not transfer to PayPal or offer cash payments. The minimum payout is reasonable compared to other site but the way it’s structured is a little bit deceptive.

E-reward operate in 4 continents, but a majority do only operate only in the U. S which is a plus for them and they have a reasonable payout threshold of 60$ which is not at all bad.

Although you may not get rich on writing surveys on the web, it’s certainly nice to receive a little bit of cash of at the end of the month to help pay the bills. You should register to as many online survey sites as possible in order to maximize your earning potential because some websites do run out of surveys and it’s a great idea to not keep all of your eggs in one basket by signing up to more than one.

E-Rewards Pros And Cons


  • Operate in 4 continents
  • Reasonable payout threshold


  • Invite only Sign -Up
  • No Cash Payments
  • Deceptive Payout system
  • Lawsuit Limited gift cards

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  1. Several years ago, I did earn some money taking surveys, but I became involved in affiliate marketing as an alternative. I had not heard of the generic site of E-reward but it seems to be more general than some sites I have seen and therefore more interesting. I have no objection to gift cards as long as they have a general application and do not only apply to specific companies. I understand payment in gift cards as it is a basic within the standard payment options that which survey sites pertain to. I appreciate the info you have offered on E-rewards as well as the cautions. I may add this website to my list of concepts in which I participate. Thanks.

    • Hi, Ana, and I’m happy that you came and dropped messages within this review. The Affiliate Training Now website has worked hard to bring you the very best information so you can therefore better yourself when it comes to getting online success for yourself. 


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