Dropship Lifestyle Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Dropship Lifestyle Review

There are so many reasons to want to make money with a side gig, but which one is best to go for? In saying this, how many different questions will appear in your new-found journey in wanting to make money online?

See, speaking from a beginner’s aspect, when you come to the decision that this is what you want to do, you must start learning as fast as you can. In drop-shipping, it all comes down to time.

But, I can tell you now, a lot of the professionals who are making money in drop-shipping know that it is wrong.

See, online, you need value. It is not all just about making money. When tech boomed, dropshipping was for small businesses who have retail stores. People caught wind and just starting buying from wholesalers and turning a profit, having no idea how retail even works!!!

If you want to do things right, so you can look back and say “hey, I made it” and have a lot of clients happy with your services, then I urge you to read this post: How I earned $3K in one Day from Affiliate Earnings!!!

But What is DropshipLifestyle.com and are drop-shipping courses the better way to online success? No, let’s read to find out.

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

Drop-ship Lifestyle is an online training course that teaches people how to make money by building a theme front and driving traffic to your web page with Facebook Ads. The method is otherwise known as Drop-shipping or ecommerce.

Drop-ship Lifestyle offers four different sections, including Drop-Ship Blueprint, Google Ads PPC Course, Paid Social Traffic Course, and Events. Each section comes with its own modules and subsections. There are a total of 151 videos with a total length of 33 hours and 30 minutes.

Drop-ship Lifestyle was founded by Anton Kraly who has been within the drop-shipping space since 2013. This gives potential buyers the chance to know that maybe this knows something.

Anton was featured in an article on Forbes back in May 2017. A few blogs online claim that Anton has made at least $3.68M from one of he’s courses that he eventually sold. There isn’t any way to know what the course was sold for to further understand the true profit margins.

In 2016, Drop-ship Lifestyle earned Anton $3.5M in 2016 from sales alone.

On his personal blog, Anton states that he is living the laptop lifestyle while making money online by running eCommerce stores, Amazon Affiliate stores, promoting Affiliate Networks and creating digital products e.g., Drop-ship Lifestyle.

Since checking Anton’s blog, I haven’t been able to find happy customers. I highly recommend a platform sport a live community whereby you’re able to get help on command. There are stacks of course out online, so be careful where you spend your money. To show you some proof of success, check this post out: How I earned $40K in One Weekend!!!

How does Dropship Lifestyle work?

To get started with the Drop-ship Lifestyle, you just need to head over to the website, where you’ll be able to read all about what it has to offer. The website has been getting built since 2013, so you would think it would be full of the tools you need to be successful.

I can tell you now that since starting my journey, one thing I have used the most is the community of people who are ready to answer all your questions. If one person doesn’t know something, the other person will. We all have the answers to each other’s questions, and we’re all on the same journey, it is awesome when you join a subscription-based training and everyone can see each other.

Does a course offer this type of interaction with other people on the same journey? I don’t think so. But Drop-ship Lifestyle does have an old website, so you would think something would be there.

The Drop-ship Lifestyle course is broken up into 4 sections, with several modules in each.

Here’s a breakdown of each section:

  • Section 1: Drop-Ship Blueprint (7 modules)
  • Section 2: Google Ads PPC (3 modules)
  • Section 3: Paid social traffic (6 modules)
  • Section 4: Events (various videos)
  • Overall, there’s over 33 hours of training.

Judging by what’s in the overview, it does look quite good. But do you have a job and money that is ready to spend? Because in this type of industry you must have money.

Check this out, the cost to join Drop-ship Lifestyle is a minimum of $2997 and at the maximum end $8997. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a course that costs this much.

There just is no way that something could be worth this much and if they were, I would want a live chat inside platform with thousands of people talking to each other. This way you could ask others what the go is and learn the depth of what you’re doing.

I took a screenshot of what they call their live chat, check out the screenshot below:

Is Dropship Lifestyle a reliable site to earn?

Why wouldn’t you display everything that the site and course has from the outside? I can tell you now that it does not take 7 years to create a web page that looks like this, and therefore that price is way too expensive. For a price like that, you would think you’d be able to see everything from the outside.

Check out a screenshot of an Affiliate Training Course that offers a live Chat, so you can see what it should look like:

Is Dropship Lifestyle a reliable site to earn?

Now with the two comparisons, I want to you read a post from the training screenshot above: How I Earned $12K In 2020!!! And this is just one of the success posts, look at how the client is extremely happy with the product.


After checking this drop-shipping course training out, The Drop-ship Lifestyle Review, I can now fully conclude that this course is prolific but truly expensive. I believe that they have found learned or found a way to lure unsuspecting people into purchasing. Now, when the client’s purchase, they can’t hola out, no one is going to hear them. But I’ll bet that there are millions of people who are not happy and too embarrassed to admit it.

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What I personally recommend

Affiliate marketing has many different ways to work an online business, but the best and most valuable pathway is running an affiliate blog.

You just need to write a small article and get people coming to your website, and Google will pay you millions.

I believe the value is in creating a relationship with your clients and walking the journey together. Making success together and not alone.

This is where a community is needed.

If you want to join a community that builds websites and gets free traffic from Google, then take my #1 Rated Training, and I’ll see you on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in how to start an online store? Have you tried Drop-ship Lifestyle before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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