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DollarSurveys Review

There are so many reasons for people to get extremely interested when they see the option to make money online. This is because when somebody is talking about making money online they are generally talking about three things, Surveys, Affiliate Marketing, or Drop-Shipping. Any of these attributes is enough to make you rich online.

But how, you ask? This is the question that will make you or break you. The fact that you have landed into this web page-is how. I’m guessing that you are here either to find out about or you are already taking surveys, and you want more platforms to sign up to. What I’m interested in is are you making full use of the affiliate programs that these opportunities are showing you? With this, I’m talking about their referral programs. Each survey website that you sign up to will have a unique link given to you so that you can bring in new people. When you bring them in you get the chance to either keep earning money on all their earnings which is recurring revenue for you as long as they stay as an active member earning, or sometimes it can be a one time earning, it can be different for all different opportunities; but what is not different is the options that you have as a person seeking to earn an online income and this option is available for you right now through Affiliate Training Now.

Since starting my online business, I have seen that most survey takers don’t fully use everything that survey platforms offer, and this is what I am looking at now and starting to close in on.

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Product Name: Dollar Surveys


Owner: Digital Branding LLC

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 2/100

What Is DollarSurveys?

Located in Brooklyn, New York, New York, Dollar Surveys is one of the most basic surveys sites I have encountered in a while, probably ever!

Operated out of Brooklyn, New York, New York Dollar Surveys is just near Down Town Brooklyn, and Vinegar Hill.

The DollarSurveys company is controlled by Digital Branding LLC, and their contact email is This means support is available to you.

But, To be honest, Dollar Surveys is probably the smallest homepage that I have ever seen on a website. Check it out below:

You enter your email into that portion in that which you can see- and begin receiving surveys. But this isn’t what this system is known for (more on that soon).

This is the Dollar Surveys website, have you ever seen a website that looks like this? I’m saying it’s a bad thing, I actually like it, I don’t know what you interpret to be a serious tool or not but when I first saw it that is exactly what I thought maybe it’s some sort of seriously powerful tool.

After doing some more in depth research, I found that Dollar Surveys aims to be the “self-service” of survey providers. The main frame of the website says that when you are either bored or in need of some basics fast cash, come to this spot and take some surveys. You just require your PayPal linked to your Profile and you can take as many as you wish as there’s no con-strict.

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How Does DollarSurveys Work?

Dollar Surveys works by offering their customers well researched information on their products, brands, or services. One of the best advantages about this panel is that they pay you direct into your PayPal account. This is one of the requirements that they ask you for when you join. You will need to sport your selected email address and then bring this into your account as well. Once you have signed up and registered your email, you will be sent your first survey to your email inbox.

Dollar Surveys Pays you $1 per completed survey. Unlike other survey websites, each payment won’t fall short into your account until you hit the $30 benchmark low threshold. When that $30 low is reached it will appear directly into your account, to which you can save it and leave it there, or you can withdraw using the PayPal option.

Now, let’s talk about how they offer you surveys. As the name appears, they are a self-service business, which means members can go directly to their website and choose the surveys that they like best.

When discussing how long a survey will take you to complete, it’s simple. The Dollar Surveys takes anywhere from 5-25 minutes to finish. The interesting thing about this is that even if a survey takes you 25 minutes to finish, you will still get paid that same amount of $1 per survey. Now that you know this, it could be a smart idea to go through the surveys and look for the ones that you can finish quickly.

You can be paid to refer friends with tons of survey websites, and I want to show you how. You see, now it is easy, it wasn’t back in the early days with the internet and this is referring to building websites, but that has changed and that in a huge way. Click this link for an example of how easy it is to build a website, but if you’re still thinking why do I need a site, it’s to write articles so that you can incorporate your referral links into the content and that way you can publish to Google. When Google receives your Review, they categorise it so that people all around the world click on it, and this is how you earn money.

There are tons to make, and I offer free coaching, as which you can see I’m already far ahead, and I can show you a lot of helpful aspects including how to rank for survey websites.

To start, just log into your account and choose an option to start making money.


  • How to participate – Online surveys, IT surveys, Mobile surveys, and Daily surveys
  • Redeeming Rewards
    • No points system
    • $30 minimum account balance required in order to request PayPal payment.
  • Payments offered – Cash paid via PayPal
  • 18+ to join.
  • US residents only
  • One account per household
  • $1 per survey
  • No sign-up process
  • $30 minimum cash out
  • Similar Panels – Branded Surveys, Pinecone Research, MySoapBox


Is DollarSurveys safe? I would say yes. There hasn’t been any negative reviews online about their legitimacy. They also have an a+ Rating at the BBB.

Does DollarSurveys have payment proof? If you type in payment proof for DollarSurveys on Google and hit the images, there seems to be a fair bit of proof there.

Is it easy to cash out? DollarSurveys offers PayPal to cashout when you reach $30, so this makes it much easier.

Is DollarSurveys a real and honest way to earn money online? It is real but not necessarily easy. It’s actually harder doing this then working writing reviews for affiliate marketing.

Does DollarSurveys have any bad reviews? No. There’s no “Bad” reviews about them, it’s mainly because they offer $1 per survey, you have to know and understand that if they send you surveys everyday they would be like the best survey site ever and that is not the case here.

Does DollarSurveys have an app? No. They don’t have app, it is done by website only.

Would you recommend DollarSurveys to a friend or relative? No. Because of the such low earning opportunity, it isn’t worth showing it to others when there are options such as affiliate marketing.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • They pay directly into your PayPal accounts
  • They allow anyone to sign up and start taking surveys
  • They have an intuitive system that everyone likes

What’s not to like

  • The whole structure has a low overall earning’s capacity
  • There are low amounts of ready surveys to grab


Generally at this section I think it’s important to tell people about the real way to make money which is by receiving a chunk of revenue from big name companies such as Amazon and eBay.

When you see Amazon and EBay clearing the floor and only one boss at the top, how does this make you feel? Do you really think taking a survey compared to eBay bosses is the right way to go if you want to make money? No? You may be someone who only takes surveys to help with opinions.

Affiliate marketing is optioning out your personal link and when people use it, you get paid. I want you to look at both options below:


Now that we have been through everything that DollarSurveys has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit?

As we have seen, Dollar Surveys claims to pay out right away once the person has reached $30, the minimum. However, I’ve read on other blogs that Dollar Surveys isn’t worth joining because they don’t have any surveys available most of the time.

In saying this, even though they may not have many surveys available, you can still have them as a back-up and only take a survey if it is sent to you.

They say they pay $1 per survey, and this could be why others are saying they hardly have any surveys available. I mean, if you could get surveys all day it would be like a full time job, and you’d be rich.

In any event, the aim here is to make money, and you won’t be doing that without a proper career plan. I offer free coaching and always try to help steer my clients in the right direction.

Below is the floor plan.

My strategy has a few simple steps

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes.

If you want to make your time valued, then this is highly recommended. Start now with my free coaching.

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