Does Google AdSense Work? (Payment Proof)

How many new people are there who are new to the online world and affiliate marketing? If you’re new plus wondering how this short article is going to impact you, I can tell you that getting a Google AdSense website up and running is very important, with reasons upon so many aspects. Building your own website allows you to work from home, stay up to date with technology, learn how to build, learn how to craft, help other people with information and general guidance, and so many other reasons.

What is Google AdSense, and why is it important at the start of your online business?

Google AdSense is an online website operated and owned by Google, that is another way for Big and small brands or businesses to get their companies out in the open. Google AdSense is an ad-based network that works in both two ways, and those ways are:

  1. Advertising products and services
  2. Earning extra money with a website blog

Next to Google Advertising brands, these same brands can earn money by promoting the ads. This is called earning ad revenue, and it is what I talk about all the time because it is so easy to do and start making money.

If you are a business owner, and you want more exposure to your website or product, Google AdSense is a great alternative for doing just that. But is Google AdSense Free, or does it cost money? It is completely free to use for any business. You just have to create an account and create an ad for your website.

There are many different ad networks bloggers can earn money from, but their blog has to have a certain amount of traffic before they can sign up. This makes Google a really great option, because you only need 1-2 pages for them to say “yes”.

Google has a fair few different options both advertisers and bloggers can choose from, and these include the following –

  • Text Ads 
  • Image Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Animated Ads

The following are the basic steps you need in order to set up a basic Google AdSense Account –

  1. Your own Google account
  2. A phone number and a valid address associated with your bank account
  3. An online website or account you can connect to Google AdSense

If you are looking to have ads placed on your website, just make sure you have at least 10 posts of quality content before doing so.

Just look at how good it is with this picture –

Incoming revenue for ads on my site.

It’s honestly that easy, it just sits there making you money.

Take this quick overview of Google AdSense to the next level by taking a lesson on Google AdSense.

Overall, Yes, Google AdSense is reliable, and very much so. It is one of the main income sources for all online businesses, in which case you will almost never see an online business without the Google AdSense implementation on activate on websites across Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Now, that you have heard a bit about how you can use this website to make money, my advice is that you go and do it for yourself!

10 thoughts on “Does Google AdSense Work? (Payment Proof)”

  1. I have tried to use Google Adsense on my business website, unfortunately I could not figure it out. Signing up was easy but placing the ad on my website was another story. Even though I have some website design experience, I never got to place the ad in my website. This time I have Wealthy Affiliate to advise me and assist me. I believe that after getting the add to work, it is an easy way to get extra money without any extra work.

    • Hi, Maria, and thank you for stopping by and checking out my article here on Google AdSense and placing ads on your first ever website. Blogging is the number one way to make money online now and you can do this with the exact training you just mentioned. You must already be signed up to WA. If you do ever need help inserting the Google AdSense into your site just let me know and I can give you some help.

  2. Thank you for this encouraging article, I am new online and loves the opportunities that google adsense brings. It is not much but just enough to keep me going. For me it is just an indication of the possibilities of making passive income online. I was not aware though of the different types of adverts I can choose from and allow on my site, I will check them out.

    • Hi, Bogadi, and thank you for commenting on my post article. I’m glad to hear that it has helped you find something new about the Google AdSense and how they can help you create an extra source of income when complimented.

  3. I think by now if not everyone, most people have heard of Google AdSense maybe from a friend or from a site but never really learnt more about it, this article satisfies that curiosity and I’m glad at that because I am one of such people. I think Google AdSense is an amazing concept and one that I’ll be happy to sign up for.

    • Hi, Beesean, and thanks for your comment, I’m happy that my short article was able to help you get some good information and learn something new. Thanks again.

  4. One of the very best to help those who are working with a website or a blog to make some good money money online and the best thing about it is that it works pretty well. Like you have explained here, it’s not so hard to get this directly to your website and all one needs is for the visitors to get a click on it for one to be able to get money from it.

    • Hi, Suz, and thanks for commenting on my blog, I’m happy that you were able to find some interesting facts throughout it and now you’re more enlightened.

  5. Google Adsense is a very nice way to be profitable, so I read. I just created my first affiliate website site. And now, I’m focusing on creating articles. I wanted to ask a question as regards to their requirements especially to new website, but I saw that you’ve already answered it at the end of your articles. With just 10 posts, it won’t be too hard for me to get there. But I hope that setting up the Ad wouldn’t be too complicated.

    • Hi, Kelvin, and thanks for commenting, I am glad you asked that question. No, after you have the content, just go to Google AdSense and create an account. Then you’ll see in the left menu an item that says “Sites”. Use this button to add your site to Google AdSense. Then after this, wait till it says verified and you’ll be able to add some ads to your site. To create an add just go to Ads > By Ad Unit > In article Ads. Then from here, choose a colour if you want a custom colour, save, and collect the code. This is all you have to do. Just add the code to your WordPress HTML.


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