Contractor Advisory Board Offers Surveys In Multiple Niche Industries Such As Tile & Masonry, Plumbing, Roofing, etc: Find Out If Having Multiple Outlets For Survey Typing Is Enough For You To Make a Real Living

Contractor Advisory Board Review

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What is Contractor Advisory Board?

When talking about online Survey Panels there are both two ways that you are to look at it and they are on each end of the spectrum. On one end of the panel there are the members who fill the surveys out, but then on the other end there are the businesses who need to know what they seek to find.

The Contractor Advisory Board is a renowned Survey Marketing sector according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as they sport an Accredited business Declaration with their corporation. The Contractor Advisory Board is operated and is run by Decision Analyst, who is also a global marketing and research firm considered among some of the best in the world. They are based out of Dallas-Fort Worth. Industries who use Contractor Advisory Board includes a whole range of sectors including:

  • Tile and Masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Excavation
  • Eletrical
  • Fire Protection

The list above is only a small portion of the availblitly that businesses have with their services.

When contractors from the list above participate in online discussions through The Contractor Advisory Board, it is shaping the way the society grow and see their futures change. You may have never wondered about how surveys work but in fact they play a huge part in society today. It is all because of these surveys and the research and answers that are given and distributed that many places around the world have great places to live in. 

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How does Contractor Advisory Board work?

If you are ready to start using users must first start by completing a registration form on their website. The form doesn’t take long depending on how knowledgeable you are. From the research I found, most people were finishing them in 5 minutes. Once you begin to start taking the Surveys all of the answers that you provide are kept confidential and safe from the public eye balls.

Once you have completed the activation from and you are within the panel all things set you can simply take part in their opportunities. There are times when members will be asked to finish what’s called a screen and this is looked at like a pre-survey questionnaire. Screeners are never any longer than six to seven questions in length, which only takes a few minutes of your time. If you fill the screen out, it will mean that you fit the right sectors for the survey and the particular survey will be sent out to you.

Other times, if no screen is required you will be randomly selected to finish surveys based on the answers you gave them when signing up for your registration. This brings me to another point, which is when you do the registering for this make sure to include all the things you like so that they give you better surveys, because what this does is increases your chances of success and earnings.

Another element to filling out screeners before a survey is that if you don’t get the survey that was intended you will still get a reward for your time which is a good thing of course.

Then, there are other times when you finish a survey and get asked to also take shape in what’s called a Follow-up-Survey and this is another survey that pays you just for saying how things went on your first survey.

Surveys typically take around 15 to 20 minutes to finish and they pay anywhere from $10 $200 (this is including going to in-person-focus-groups).

Among being paid for your time, incentives range anywhere from 500 to 800 points included. Determining the equivalent money to the points system, it is 1 point equals $0.01. Once you have reached the minimum, which is $25 (to cash out) members can redeem their salary through PayPal which makes things nice. Payments can take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

To complete a survey The Contract Advisory Board gives their members 7 to 10 days. Invitations are sent out to members to attend appointment several times per year.


Through the research that I have discovered I have found this company to be throughout and work well with its members. I understand that it only accepts Contractors and this is just something that the world needs in terms of their eyes. There are some things like only limited surveys and things like that that I think should be focused on but apart from that they are still a good company to work for.

Pros And Cons about Contractor Advisory Board


  • Contractors from all over the world are allowed to join
  • Their offer payments to PayPal
  • Members also earn money on taking Screeners


  • Members have to be a contractor to join
  • There are very limited surveys per year
  • The branch seems to sport ongoing payment issues to its members

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