Display Social (Formally TSU) Review – Scam or Legit?

Display Social Review

There are many different ways to earn money online, and finding something new is always exciting. But as you dive deeper, it really has to make you happy, or it’s just a waste of time.

Wasting people’s time can make you unhappy while making other people rich. This is what we find out during this review.

The Display Social company has made their money while the users still are not rich, nor do they have their own online business out of using it.

But don’t get me wrong, the Display app is a cool piece and all, but most people want something for them, that looks after them in a better and more broader way.

If you don’t like what Display Social is able to give you, try this.

Product Name: Display Social (Formally Tsu Social)

Website: Displaysocial.com

Owner: John Acunto

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 77/100

What Is Display Social?

Display Social is actually the funniest way I have to earn money I have heard about in a long time. People will do just about anything to make money nowadays.

Display Social is a website and app that pays you to use the platform itself.

It offers a few different features in comparison to IG, which some people may find helpful or nicer.

How Does Display Social Work?

Display Social lets you add your social media to their platform and help them build ad revenue, and in turn, they will pay you half of what you earn.

The way it works is, for every 3 posts that you read, an ad will be shown. 50% goes to Display Social and the other 50% will get shared between those 3 posts. This helps make people post more content and at times did lead to faulty or mistaken content being posted.

Just log into your Display Social account and click through to add your social accounts.

Display Social (Formally TSU) Review - Scam or Legit?


  • Games – Users can play games in order to earn more.
  • Invite only – Display Social is invite only.
  • MLM Business Network – This means, unlike affiliate marketing, the earnings are limited.
  • Support Me Button – It is a small S at the bottom right of your screen on the app which members can push and make a donation to the Display Social App
  • Facebook – Facebook is always a good platform to add.
  • Instagram (and camera button) – This has an extra feature that lets you hit the camera on IG directly from Display Social.
  • Twitter – Twitter is a high payer for those who use it.
  • Reddit – Everybody likes to use Reddit, so they added this option as well.
  • Blogger – Also has blogger accounts allowed to be accessed
  • Rizzle – Lets people add their account
  • Communities – Lets you pick profiles of your friends and create your own community.
  • Suggested Communities – This is something that other social media does not offer.
  • Create a Community – Create your own community and have people add themselves.

When members scroll on Display Social, they will still see the same posts as usual. It’s just about building ads for the company.


Is Display Social safe? Yes. It has been used by many people who have not had a problem.

Is Display Social a safe platform to give away your private details? Yes.

Does Display Social put forth a reliable essence when looking to earn? Yes. It does provide 50% ad revenue to users.

Does Display Social have any bad reviews online? No.

Would you recommend Display Social to a friend or relative? Yes and no. Because it users the multilevel marketing concept it isn’t really good for people who did not build it.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Members get 50% revenue
  • Looks well-designed
  • Comfortable to be around
  • Now has DisplayTV which offers entertainment, interviews, trivia

What’s not to like

  • Users, an MLM business approach which is bad for users.
  • Its invite only


Do you really want another platform that is just the same as this? What would be the difference? I think it is just for you to make money, but the earning model uses a multilevel marketing version, which isn’t all that good for the user.

Users won’t know this unless they know what marketing is. If you don’t know much about marketing or online marketing, it is best you take this training so that I can coach you for free.

Affiliate marketing is what this platform “makes out” you get, but you don’t. When you promote somebody else’s product, you get paid and that is all good.

Do you want to try promoting one of the most popular affiliate marketing training platforms online? Trust me, unless you see this for yourself and just give it a shot, you won’t know what you’re missing.


Display App does have an excellent design which is going to attract many people to dive in and see what it’s all about.

Whenever this type of stuff is created, I find that design has everything to do with it. If it sports the all black cafeteria, then you’re going to be good to go.

However, when it comes to gaining money, I don’t want to highly recommend this type of approach.

There are a few reasons, but my main one is it doesn’t’t offer affiliate marketing it offers multilevel marketing which are different. One is better than the other.

Members might think everything is going all good using Display Social, but after a while they will see otherwise.

Check out what real affiliate marketing is by reading my free guide.

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