Digital Veteran Blueprint Review – Scam or Legit?

Digital Veteran Blueprint Review

When people are looking for ways to earn money online, reviews are the best thing they have. Literally anyone can spot an affiliate product by seeing an ad on their social media and click on it.

When they enter the page, it starts off with somewhere where the prospect needs to enter an email address. This is to get the ball rolling and they will send you everything you need to know to your email inbox.

It might even start off free, but when you keep going forward you’ll eventually come across a huge upsell. This is where another part of the training is offered for people who are more serious? This is how affiliate marketing works if you don’t have a website.

If you want to quit the gimmicks and enter the real world of online marketing I want you to join this training here: Would YOU Sell Your Site for $28,000? As you can see, this person was offered $28K for her newly built site which she built by following the training. Affiliate marketing is when you build a website and get free traffic by writing articles or reviews to your niche and post them on your website. What I have just given to you is the best training and free coaching program you can get.

Product Name: Digital Veteran Blueprint


Josh Snyder

Free to download and then $27,500 for ongoing coaching

Overall Rating:

What Is Digital Veteran Blueprint?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a ebook and is the forefront of what is to come with another opportunity from OPM Wealth.

Digital Wealth Blueprint is more of just a sales letter in the form of an ebook inviting prospect members to a much deeper training.

Digital Wealth Blueprint was founded by Josh Snyder and has 29 pages that prospects read and then make up their mind if they want to go further with this opportunity – to make money online with OPM Wealth.

How Does Digital Veteran Blueprint Work?

Have you ever heard of an E-Book before? I say this because there are still so many people out there who are not aware of how advanced the internet is at the moment.

But, an ebook is what you get when you start out with Digital Veteran Blueprint. It is a book that you can read on the internet. It offers 29 pages of sales talk from the founder Josh Snyder, and during the read you get to see Josh on holidays and living “The Dream”. This is meant to make you feel like you’re going the right way!

Once somebody has finished reading the ebook, they then have to make the choice to start upgrading, and this takes place at the second platform called OPM Wealth. The ebook is designed to grab your email.


If someone decides to put in their email address and join after reading Digital Veteran Blueprint training proposal they will first get the free version which contains the following:

  • What’s your name?
  • How you make money
  • What are your main goals for an online business?
  • Will you current situation help you reach your goals
  • If you’re aware people are making real money online
  • How much money would change you life?
  • How much are you making?
  • Your current credit score
  • Would you be willing to do a testimonial if you make money with Josh
  • Phone number

From there, Members then have the choice to partake in the training for a much larger outcome, and they can do this by buying any of the following packages:

  • Hermes – cost is $2,000
  • Apollo – cost is $5,000
  • Athena – cost is $8,500
  • Poseidon – cost is $14,500
  • Zeus – cost is $27,500

Each package will take you through the following 17-step video outline on how to make money from home:

  • Step 1. Digital Franchise
  • Step 2. (OPM) Other Peoples Money
  • Step 3. Great Credit
  • Step 4. The Truth About Money
  • Step 5. Time Management
  • Step 6. Crypto Basics
  • Step 7. Trading Cryptocurrency
  • Step 8. Paradigm Shift
  • Step 9. Power of Systems
  • Step 10. Compensation
  • Step 11. Laws of Life
  • Step 12. Keep More Money
  • Step 13. 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Step 14. 20 Rules of Money
  • Step 15. The Power of Mindset
  • Step 16. Financial Independence – Part 1
  • Step 17. Financial Independence – Part 2


Is Digital Veteran Blueprint the gateway to a much deeper training module? Yes. Digital Veteran Blueprint is a sales letter to prospects asking if they’re interested in earning money from their own business.

Does Digital Veteran Blueprint takes you to another training? Yes. Once somebody joins the Digital Veteran Blueprint they will be taken to OPM Wealth. This is a training that is connected to Digital Veteran Blueprint and hosts much deeper training lessons.

Is Digital Veteran Blueprint a real business model for earning money? Yes. The lessons people receive once joined are based on the real affiliate marketing industry but does not use the free traffic method. Instead, it focuses on teaching people how to spend money on paid ads.

Is Digital Veteran Blueprint expensive? Yes. The opportunity starts off free but then quickly escalates into a very expensive pathway.

Is it true Digital Veteran Blueprint asks members to take out a loan through one of their partnered banks if they don’t have the money to buy it? Yes. Digital Veteran Blueprint is somehow connected to a bank and asks members to get a loan through them to buy the training.

Is it the right thing to do in taking out a loan to buy a training? No, it isn’t. People should never spend any money when starting their online business. Paid advertising is an advanced technique that is meant for much larger and established businesses such as Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Etc. As a beginner, you have no need in spending money to get started in affiliate marketing, you just need some good free training and coaching.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Digital Veteran Blueprint is a well-built out source for getting access to training.
  • The people behind Digital Veteran Blueprint are advanced affiliate marketers so their options are reliable.
  • The structure of Digital Veteran Blueprint is built well, meaning, prospects can enter their emails and go to the next page without issues or concerns.

What’s not to like

  • Digital Veteran Blueprint has some very negative reviews online
  • Their web address has since gone offline
  • They ask their members to take out loans in order to buy their training (they supply a bank lender)
  • Because they have asked their members to take out loans they have given themselves a very bad name
  • The PPC business model is only for advanced users and beginners or people who don’t have any money should not be messing with this type of stuff!


Advanced training programs to help beginners earn money online


Wow! What a review! I cannot believe that This company had asked prospect members to take out loans to join their training. I have never seen that before!

Incase you’re new here and have never tried to earning online before, asking people for money is always something that you just don’t do. When an affiliate training is valuable, there is no need to ask for money because you know that when they try it, if it is good, they will stick around and pay money for it!

Sadly, I cannot say the same for Digital Veteran Blueprint.

The PPC (Pay Per Lead) training path is a “dodgy” way for beginners to learn affiliate marketing right from the start. It’s because in marketing, you do need to have some type of certificate. How else will you speak to people in marketing if you don’t know the industry? Its the same with all work fields.

Digital Veteran Blueprint takes its prospect members from one page to another and this is horrendous marketing and performance.

Never ever do you do that to a client or customer. Just take one look at Wealthy Affiliate and tell me how simple and effortless the opportunity was for you to begin and start making money online?

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