Datatelligence Review: An Easy Way To Earn Retail E-Vouchers, but is it legit?

Datatelligence Online Review

There are so many reasons to want to make money online, but one of the clear things you need to know to be successful is what works best. This review is going to help you sort of the good from the bad and expand on the fact that survey platforms can offer some serious salary income payments if you put your full capacity to earn into it. This means utilising whatever you can that help promote Datatelligence Online Survey Platform.

Since starting my online business, I have come to notice the number of survey takers who are not making the most of the survey platforms that they work with. This means not just taking their surveys and getting involved with product testing, but also referring your friends and family if you have any.

Life is tough and when people don’t have much it makes things not as possible as they seem. Some of the elements I’m seeing with Survey Takers is that they don’t have the necessary means to get their referral links out into the open, and that’s why they “just forget about it”. I can totally relate to forgetting about it because when you sign up to a new site you can get very busy taking the surveys, filling out your profile, and sorting through all the options that that particular panel offers, in this case its Datatelligence Online Surveys.

You have landed in my online business, and it’s only one of many that I have built from the ground. Hey, we are all still evolving, but when someone says that you can make serious money with just referring people to your opportunity to see if they also sport the means to help you get started like I do with this technique.

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I don’t recommend losing any more money.

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What is Datatelligence Online? is run and owned by parent company CRCGlobal who is another online survey heavy hitter within the online survey sector. Datatelligence Online is able to provide both quantitative and qualitative data research through their range of online research markets, reaching a large audience. The reason why this company collects information is to help business further shape and develop the way their products and services both work and continue to grow. Consumer preferences and habits also play a huge role in this moving forward.

Operated out of Ormond Beach, Florida, Dataelligence is just near Orlando, US.

The Dataelligence company is controlled by CRG Global, and their contact email is This means support is available to you.

Datatelligence Points was founded in 2009 through a mirage of other companies and now has a user base of over 400,000 members, makes it one of the larger District Education Offices (DEO) in the whole of the US.

Datatelligence Points conducts research testings and studies through online surveys, taste testing, fragrance testing, in-home product testing, and focus groups in order to gain customer insights into the elements they need most (products & services).

Other than the products I have just given you, members are also encouraged to further participate in other activities such as health-sharing information, weekly polls, charity donations, and newsletters. In Case you wonder if they have sweepstakes that you can add to your arsenal, the answer is yes.

Prospects can sign up to this platform for free, and it only takes a few minutes setting up your account.

Eligibility: United States citizens, 13+ with parental permission. 

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How does Datatelligence Online work?

As with all survey websites, the first thing you will have to do is create an account to get registered. This can involve having to enter your email and then verifying that email as you move forward (common process).

Once you have successfully entered the platform, you can look around to start taking surveys or other activities that they sport.

Lets check out The way your experience could look like below:

  • Survey Taking – Panel members are invited into taking surveys on a monthly basis, receiving 1-2 surveys over that period. When you receive the survey, begin filling out the questions, which can take up to 10-20 minutes. If you don’t like the survey that you have been sent, just ignore it.
  • Rewards – As a Datatelligence Panel member you can be rewarded for many different activities, these rewards include cash, Datatelligence Points, and entries into Sweepstake (some that many will enjoy). After you have received a certain number of points, you can then withdraw your points. There is a large reward catalogue that, which provides you with a bunch of neat ways to be compensated for your efforts. One of the good things about Datatelligence is that upon receiving the activity, it also shows you how much you will get paid for doing it.
  • Sweepstake – Panel members are automatically entered into a monthly sweepstake that you don’t have to do anything for, this is just for being a part of the panel.
  • Available Studies – If you are somebody who classes themselves as someone who did well at school, you may like to approach further paid studies that this platform offers to their members.

Winnings for Sweepstakes can include the likes of Apple iPod Touch or Free Datatelligence Points which amounts to $2,500. Further, general payments for all other activities earns you points which equals $10 for 1000 points that you accumulate. The threshold to redeem your earnings is $10 US.


  • Payments Offered – Amazon gift cards, Cash paid via check, Retail e-vouchers, Sweepstakes entries
  • How to Participate – Online surveys, Online focus groups, In-person focus groups, Product testing, Teen surveys
  • Redeeming Rewards – 1,000 Data points ($10) must be earned before redeeming your reward(s).
  • Similar Panels – Branded Surveys, Panel Champ, MySoapBox


This platform is definitely recommended from my end as it holds a lot of value with preceding reputations all over the internet. But what I also include is the real opportunity that you have as a referrer and not just a participant in the online platform. I have left relevant links above where I want to show you how to take this Datatelligence Points to the next level with a way that you can recruit many members and earn more of their earnings.

Pros And Cons About Datatelligence Online


  • It offers a large variety of ways to get paid
  • The threshold is fairly low
  • You don’t need to qualify for surveys, as this is run right forth in nearly all other survey websites


  • They do not pay their members into a PayPal account
  • There is a low earning potential
  • This platform is only specified for prospects living in the US

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  1. Hello, there! This is an amazing review, you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to anyone who comes across it as it is to me. Even if this platform is legit, there’s no way I can sign up for it as one can’t earn well with this because of the low potential of earning.

    Thanks for sharing this review with me.

    • Hi, Joy, and thank you for dropping by and creating a comment. I’m happy that you were able to find this review helpful and I hope to see you again.


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