CVS Pharmacy Panel Review: Answering Surveys for a Well-Known Drug-Store

CVS Advisor Panel Review

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During this review I am going to show the run through with CVS Advisor and we will talk more about what they offer in terms of also referring people.

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What is CVS Advisor Panel?

As with all survey websites, CVS Advisor Panel is pretty similar. You join up and begin taking online surveys. All the opinions and research that you provide are kept entirely confidential and only the people involved within the business use that information as it is passed on to where it needs to be.

CVS Advisor Panel only caters opportunities to the members of their own organization which means if you’re a member of the whole CVS Pharmacy then you will receive work from them. You might have a CVS Pharmacy near you right now and you are only just finding out about this, well if that is right, I recommend stopping by and asking them about their online opportunities to work for them.

To fully understand if this website is going to fully satisfy your needs you will have to read on as I fully lay out what this Survey Panel promotes.

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How does CVS Advisor Panel work?

The first thing you will want to do if you are interested in this site is start by signing up. As mentioned earlier there is one condition that you will need to comply with and this is on top of being 18 years old to join. During the sign up process, you will have to provide your registration when prompted and this will be your ExtraCare card number that you receive from the chemist.

For the people who are not that well acquainted with the ExtraCare card and their loyalty program, let me start by saying they sport you back 2% on every purchase you make a CVS. For members only there is also a large array of special access to promotions that which is only exclusive to members. This means that for every $100 you spend at the CVS Pharmacy you get back $2 for future processes. There is actually more on the table if you are committed to taking extreme advantage of this offer.

If you have not already signed up to this, I suggest jumping straight into Google and requesting your ExtraCare Card by filling out the forms at your local pharmacy. These sorts of special deals can make shopping even cheaper.

If we now look back at the CVS Advisor Panel, the only people who can sport this offer are the ones who do as mentioned above and get access.

The whole reason the CVS Advisor Panel does this is so they can have the information to carefully shape the way their store sells and operates with its customer fan base. They want to really improve everything they do.

This is all there is to it with completing surveys at this website. Once you have fully signed up and received your ExtraCare Card number you will then simply wait for the surveys to enter your email. Also, signing up for everything takes only around 10 minutes to do so.


I understand that this website is one that only allows their own members to sign up and make some money. I do recommend people signing up and checking their chances with this site because the opportunities are better than nothing. I also heavily involve how I can help you really scale your survey earnings with an online business which will allow you to bring new members in full time taking your earnings to the top. If you are ready to start that now sign up here and I will see you on the inside.

Pros And Cons about CVS Advisor Panel


  • Offers rewards to their members
  • You don’t have to wait to cash out as your ExtraBucks are available all the time.
  • These surveys are paying more than the average survey website-$5 per survey on average
  • It is easier qualifying for surveys at this website because you are a customer member.


  • As it is a survey website your earning potential is still low
  • It is only based on the members from CVS Pharmacies
  • You are paid in credits instead of real cash
  • If you don’t qualify for a survey you are also not reimburse

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