Crowdology Review – Scam or Legit?

Crowdology Review

Survey opportunities are getting more and more attention each day, and as the internet expands people are finding more ways to make money with them and trying all different techniques. Is Crowdology a survey website platform that will offer their members a chance to break away from that typical 9 to 5 and work remotely? This review will work deep to answer all those questions for you.

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What Is Crowdology?

Crowdology operates to pay their members to answer their questions.

You can earn roughly $2 per survey that you complete in this niche space. is operated by Viga based in the UK. Funnily enough this business shares addresses with some other well-known businesses including Agent5, Next15, and Bite Global.

Compared to some other popular survey websites Crowdology is fairly new. There are focused on many different topics and I will talk more on that soon.

Leveraging money from the internet can make one extremely rich as we have all seen and heard through paid media. But does Crowdology offer exact same results? Lets find out.

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How Does Crowdology Work?

As all usual survey websites offer, the first things you have to do to start taking surveys is fill in your account details. Once this is done you can head over to your email address and confirm your account.

Crowdology offers anyone who wants to sign up cash for completed surveys’ that they perform. You can expect to earn small to large amounts as your journey grows in the surveys’ taker industry but for Crowdology, they pay users $0.50 for 5-minute surveys. One of the nicer things about this platform is that they Pay members straight into their PayPal accounts. To withdraw members need to have a minimum of $8.00 in their accounts. If you want an alternative payment you can also receive Amazon Vouchers. The amounts for other surveys’ that you do at the Crowdology platform pay between $0.40 – $10.00 each.

Topics include everyday items such as everyday brand names products and they stress to their members that there surveys’ are not boring.

The range of common surveys at Crowdology are in between 2 – 20 minutes to complete. Something that I immediately like this with Crowdology is that they have no points systems in place to make things confusing.

Members also have the opportunity to take part in the Sweepstakes by registering at their profile location. One of the elements that I like to stress to people with these surveys is one way that you can make a ton of money with the whole procedure places on autopilot and that is with an online business.

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Crowdology features

  • How to participate
    • Online Surveys
    • Online focus Groups
    • Video Surveys
    • Telephone Surveys
    • Refer A Friend Program
  • Payments Offered
    • Amazon Gift Cards
    • Sweepstakes Entries
    • Cash Paid Via PayPal
  • Redeeming Rewards
    • No Points System

Crowdology Members can earn up to $8 (or 4 GBP) to meet the required threshold and withdraw their earnings and recieve their payments into their nominated account within 48 hours. For payments regarding Amazon vouchers members need a minimum of $10USD before they can make that withdraw.


Crowdology Safe to use? – Yes. There are multiple websites on the net who claim is legit and safe to use.

Is Crowdology free to use? – Yes, Anyone can sign up and begin taking surveys. Keep in mind people who join must live in the US of A.

What are the age requirements? – Prospects must be 18 years or older to take part in earning methods on

Is it easy to get paid? – Yes, Crowdology offers one of the easiest ways to get paid which is by PayPal. Members can also receive gift cards or vouchers for Amazon.

Does Crowdology use a Points System? – No, Crowdology does not use Points to pay their members or included in their tasks for payment. Crowdology pays their members via PayPal or Amazon Vouchers.

Pros & Cons

There are always different elements of earning platforms that some people like and some do not like. Here are what people like and don’t like about the platform

What’s to like

  • Crowdology offers many different ways to earn money
  • It offers payments to PayPal
  • Members can get paid within 48 hours of withdrawing
  • It is available for people living in the USA.
  • It is a trusted platform among uses online
  • It offers a good way to train and learn how to use the internet

What’s not to like

  • Crowdology is a low paying method to earn money online
  • Sometimes a person may not recieve a survey that they signed up for because they were cast out for not fitting the requirements.
  • There are hardly any high paying jobs where you can earn some big money


Similar Survey Panels

  • Branded Surveys – offers one of the lowest paying withdrawals at just $10 to withdraw your earnings
  • Opinion Outpost – Minimum payout is $2.50
  • Panel Champ – Minimum payout is $12.50 for the US
    • For other countries: £8 in the UK, $17 AUD in Australia, $15 NZD in New Zealand, € 10 in European countries, and $12.50 in Canada.


Survey panels are a great way where people can learn what it is like to get paid online. However, they also don’t pay much.

Keep in mind when performing online surveys that they will not pay you enough to buy a house or pay off your car.

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Keep in mind also that survey sites are good for learning how harsh the internet can be sometimes! Somebody may spend an hour working on a survey to earn only $0.80!

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