Creations Rewards Review: Is it a Legit Model of Earnings or Scam?

Creations Rewards Review

There are so many different reasons and ways to make money online in today’s day and age and if you are taking your time getting to this stage, then either you’re happy or you are still searching and only just now could be finding something that you need. To make money online means that you’re can leave the 9-5 for good and not have to worry about waking up for that straight work alarm set each and every morning. I mean, I used to think imagine if I had a real job and didn’t hear my alarm as much as I don’t, I mean I sometimes miss my alarm and think to myself, imagine if I had a job in the city, how would I hold on to it, what if it wasn’t my fault.

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Creation Rewards is a get-paid-to platform where you are met with a way to make some extra side income but is there more to it? Yes there is a ton. The fact that you’re are here is a huge point and you searching in this space is something that I can work with tremendously.

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What is Creations Rewards? was first started as a small web-based loyalty firm way back in 2000 by entrepreneur Christopher Basista. The company is based out of New Jersey and when it started out, enabled members to collect points for tasks like completing offers, visiting websites, and even shopping online. Creations Rewards received so much success when it first started that the platform needed a new revamp and this included setting new automated programs to the Creation Rewards back-end. The Revamp was completed by 2001.

Jump forward a decade and Creations Rewards has implemented another huge upgrade during the spring of 2011. This time round, not only has the site’s backend systems received an upgrade but the overall design were re-sprocketed as well. Both these things will ensure Creation  Rewards continued relevance as an important player in the sector of online loyalty rewards.

Creation Rewards is not a BBB accredited business but does sport a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau Corporation.

Creations Rewards is a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn cash for completing offers, doing tasks, and participating in online surveys.

Earn a $5 sign up bonus, by earning at least 5,000 point’s within the first 60 days of becoming a new member.

Eligibility: Anyone 18 years of age or older located in Australia, Canada, UK, or USA is welcome to join Creations Rewards.

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How does Creations Rewards work?

As with all GPT sites and Survey Sites when a new prospect member wants to join they must first jump through the remaining obstacles to get the job done. They need to enter both their name and email address into the subscription forms and this will endure their ongoing consent to the platform. Then, the member needs to double back to their email inbox to verify their email address with the platform and this plays an important role as to which the members receive job offers.

All Survey and GPT Sites pose different sign up processes but the one thing that usually remains the same is the way you need to make yourself known with the platform so they can better compare jobs your way. When they can do this, you should get the chance to receive what you want because of the fact that you told them about the demographics that you’re good at. Keep the first survey you do neat but simple and you will get a better success rate.

After joining Creations Rewards and logging into your account, you will be presented with a variety of ways to start earning points:

  • Daily surveys – Members can visit the surveys section for new survey opportunities. Some surveys are even available to take on a daily basis.
  • Daily videos – Members can watch daily videos to receive compensation for viewing.
  • OfferWalls – This is where members can sign up for special offers and deals for the fastest way to earn points.
  • Shopping – similar to cashback, shop at your favorite online stores listed on Creation Rewards, and get rewarded for your purchases.
  • Visit websites – Members can browse particular websites and complete short tasks such as small interactions with website features to earn points.
  • Sweepstakes and contests – Members can visit the “win” and “promo” sections of Creations Rewards to play trivia games for bonus points. Visit their Facebook and Twitter accounts for additional special codes for more point’s.
  • Referring friends – This is the most important element to work-from-home opportunities and you can take this to the next level with my free coaching. Members can refer their friends, family, and extended family friends and earn 10% of the points they earn for the life of their account. This is one of the huge opportunities being this site, some sites don’t have lifetime opportunities but Creation Rewards does. This means that if you bring one person into the Creation Rewards platform you will earn off their earnings forever. To bring in new members, I can show you how simply by creating a website and writing a Survey or GPT Review which is then launched into Google through target keywords research. It is awesome and with technology evolving everything is becoming possible very easily.

Once a member has 5,000 point’s in their account (worth $5), you can start redeeming your point’s for rewards. Choose from a selection of gift cards (from Amazon, Walmart, etc.), or choose to receive a prepaid debit card. You can also opt to receive cash PayPal payments.


The Creation Rewards platform is 100% legitimate and I highly recommend taking advantage from their opportunities especially with an online business where you can bring in countless new members.

When you learn skills that make money it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

Pros And Cons About Creations Rewards


  • Creation Rewards is free to join and start earning
  • Creation Rewards have many different ways for members to make money online
  • Creation Rewards sports an opportunity for members to earn rewards off of other members earnings through a lucrative referral program
  • Creation Rewards has great ways to receive your cash including PayPal.


  • Creation Rewards does have slow payment processing
  • Creation Rewards uses a point’s system which means there is extra added confusion when earning

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