Consumer Opinion Institute Review – Scam or Legit?

Consumer Opinion Institute Review

There are many, many ways to want to think about life in today’s day and age, and the whole internet is one of those main reasons. When you think about logic, do you know how to make things make sense? As one of two examples, when you were first introduced to cars, would you have automatically known how to drive one? It would be pretty easy, wouldn’t it? Now you can see where we are going, who the ones are that could advance but move forward, yet against the ones who don’t bother to do anything and think everything is funny.

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What is Consumer Opinion Institute?

Consumer Opinion Institute is both managed and operated by Kantar-TNS, who are otherwise known to be the world’s largest custom market research company within the world. They sport an extensive customer service background and in turn, this also boasts back fast but yet accurate response rates. When accessing a Survey website, getting back answers quick is something that always takes the added pressure of one’s post time.

Consumer Opinion Institute is a semi-exclusive survey panel, which means they only open for surveys to their members when they need to. This is different in compared to other survey sites that stay open all the time.

Consumer Opinion Panel was created and launched in 2012, which makes it still pretty new. It is a well-known survey website that has gotten a lot of attraction over its course, and that could be also because of its exclusiveness.

This survey is known to restrict people who sign up due to their target demographics. If you find yourself as being one of these members, you will need to come back and try your luck again. You can try for sign-ups as many times as you like, to get in you just need to fit the demographics that they require at that time.

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How does Consumer Opinion Institute work?

As with all survey panels, signing is what each person has to do first in order to get into the panel. Once you have verified your email address, you will need to answer specific questions about yourself so that they can better equip you with industry surveys. Wherever you start taking surveys, they will require your thoughts on other businesses’ products and services.

This whole survey process is about making a difference in society with the way companies shape their products and services.

One of the biggest differences I noticed with this survey panel is that they don’t email you their surveys, they send them to you through the post-mail to your address. During the research for this review, I did read that some people had received a survey or two through post email, but these cases were only sporadic and isn’t likely to happen to anyone else during the years.

When you as a member receives a survey, you also get along with it a $5 payment. Once the survey is finished, you will then need to finish it and send back to them in the mail as they provide you with Stamps and Envelopes. As with all surveys, it depends on how long the survey is when trying to determine how much money you will earn. Most surveys will take you in between 10 and 20 minutes.

At Consumer Opinion Institute you will almost never receive a survey less than $5 but on the odd occasion that you do it could go a less than $1 for that survey.


After going into everything that this online opportunity offers I think the path you have here could turn into many different advantages along with other things implemented. It is always wise sporting multiple income streams but when you have experience in the online world survey websites can make things easier when talking your daily earnings.

One of the biggest things you need to have when taking up surveys online is the advantage of being able to refer other members. If you can do this, over time it will bring you to a place where you can focus on other things because you will be earning money from all of your referrals. Now, to do this isn’t something that can happen overnight but will a little work anything is possible. The mere fact that you have come across this website sports facts meaning I offer free coaching and I want to show you exactly how to leverage the survey world entirely.

Pros And Cons about Consumer Opinion Institute


  • You get paid straight away as you receive the survey
  • Members a sent more than 1 to 2 surveys per month
  • You don’t have to “qualify” for these surveys, once you receive one it means you are doing it.


  • The panel doesn’t stay open to the public every day
  • Long registration process
  • Low earning potentially
  • Members receive surveys through residential mail instead of an easier way being email.

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  1. Hi Michael

    It is always good to get somebody else’s opinion on whether an adventure is worth doing or not. With surveys, it is often not worthwhile to do time yourself; they are time consuming, pay little and often so repetitive. Trying to get others to do this is hard to do, so I cannot understand why you would want to join a program that promotes this. I think most will get disheartened very quickly and so would others. This will make promoting it very difficult. It is not for me, so I like a good pay to effort ratio.




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