Connectio Review – Scam or Legit?

Pay $197 for a lifetime plan and get used to the product within a month or build an online blog that gets millions of people buying your products – no need for ad spend!!!???

There are different methods that people like using and one of those is using Facebook Ads. I have found that there are still a numerous number of people who don’t even know Facebook Ads exist.

Are you somebody who doesn’t know much about Facebook Ads? If so, what it is, is a network-ad system that anyone can access at the back of each Facebook profile. I mean, you can literally go into your Facebook profile and hit create ads and it will cost you some money, but at least you’ll be up and running in front of people.

The professional way people use Facebook ads is for affiliate marketing or branding an online business.

I looked at many Connectio Reviews and found lots of information on a platform that shows you hidden Facebook secrets and is supposedly going to make you use Facebook a lot better when trying for higher results.

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Product Name: Connectio


Wilco (Name found in email Connectio sent me)

One Time Payment of $197 or Monthly subscription at $97

Overall Rating:

What is Connectio?

Connectio is a suite of tools created to help you achieve more revenue when using Facebook Ads.

After looking over the website, I could not find anything about who has founded the site. Now this doesn’t mean anything bad at this stage because the site seems to be fully legitimate.

As a whole, about me page says that the website offers a whole marketing team of experts behind their offerings, as well as some of the most advanced pieces of software for Facebook Advertising.

Who is The Founder?

There is no sign of who founded the

When somebody is looking to invest in something, it does pay to have a name that you can put to whom you’re spending your money on. I guess in this case, you can make the purchase and make it out to be Connectio PTY.

What Do you get?

There are a few different options you can take on board when using Connectio, but the real aim here is to boost your knowledge and source underground enhancements along the way.

Two of the options allow you to coordinate your Facebook advertising with your CRM and email autoresponder, while the other two basically enhance both interest targeting and re-targeting.

As you can see, it isn’t exactly very cheap, is it? You’ll pay a one-time payment for $197 and comes with lifetime access, or pay a monthly subscription at $97 per month!

This is why so many people fail at what they do because they fall under constant pressure from the pain points in their companies. I mean, imagine the bills that just keep on rolling in?

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Is Connectio Any Good?

From what I have seen on the Connectio website, I can say that it is looking pretty promising.

Check out some of the following tools it offers and how they work:

  • Connect Audience – Synchronize your autoresponder with Facebook custom audiences.
  • Connect Leads – Connect your Facebook Leads ads to your email CRM.
  • Connect REtarget – Run retargeting campaigns based on how users act on your website.
  • Connect Explore – Reduce Facebook ads spend by improving your Facebook targeting.

How Well Does It Work?

After scouring around on the internet trying to find the least bit of interaction with Connectio I was able to find some comments over at Reddit. Two men are talking and appear to be in conjunction with one another. One man puts it to Reddit that he has found Connectio and is wondering if it is the real deal. The man who then replies states that he had bought it and states he’s campaign rose from 4 to 7 while the CPC went down from .25 to .13.

When looking into products such as Connectio it is a good sign when somebody has actually used the platform and has sported real success.

Is Connectio a Scam, or is it Legit? is 100% legit. I even signed up and made an account during this review, and the software they’re using is very well presented and designed.

When buying into a software, the last thing you want is for it to not work or not be up to the standards that you had originally expected. This can make some people very annoyed, so believe me, with Connectio you’re getting the real deal.

Final Verdict

Now for my final verdict! Even though Connectio is perfect for people who are looking to run Facebook Ads, it still might not be what everyone was hoping for. I mean, it depends on what type of business concepts you have in mind.

You could have found this product by searching for ways to make money in affiliate marketing using Pay Per Click, and if so, then you’re going to need a lot of money to get started.

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