College Info Geek Review: Scam or Legit? In Depth Look

College Info Geek Review

There is so much happening at the moment in terms of what people wish to do with their careers. And I think that websites that proclaim sporting tons of free information is something that both can become appealing, but at the same time also become an unknowing trap.

Now this may ring alarm bells for you at this moment for the simple fact that you’re starting to wonder, well how far did you come? Exactly! How did you go?

As this site points out, we’re wanting to ascertain a brief description of the site College Info Geek.

The name, in turn, represents what is called, a use of domain name. But in query, I get the impression that the site is more like a Government based website. Now this may ring confusing for others as it did me.

When trying to organize your career and pathway, it is very hard to start to step when sites have tons of writing on them.

At the College Info Geek website, they seem to have a very Government Representation kind of like an Organization or large institution look.

Now, I understand that the going is swift, and when times flies, content can stack up.

But the main menu on this site seems to counteract this mass content confusion. Check out the screenshot below:

Is College Info Geek a reliable site to earn?

Can you see how the menu looks like everything is very Institutional Looking? It just doesn’t look like a blog (which is what it is).

You see, with websites and making money, they need to orchestrated via a niche topic. When you pick an educational niche, it means you’re probably from an institution of government body, and not just someone writes countless articles on university.

The menu you see in this image is actually to countless articles. And that is all.

When I clicked on it I was amazed. I thought I would be able to see something clearly as this was my intent. I mean, I was not able to use this site because of the fact that there was so much writing everywhere. Now I am sure, the owner means well, but this is now what online business is about. I mean, how is he making money? If he sports affiliate links, it means the blog is not an Education blog, but instead a marketing blog in disguise.

Last words: How much info have you got? Who can have so much info on Uni? Not a very effective site.

By the way, I could go on with this article and the countless things that don’t line up with what the blog is about, but I won’t waste my time.

How to get educated the right way

Now, that you’re here, I highly suspect that you’re trying to organize your career path?

This is something that does not need to be confusing in the slightest.

All you need to do is pick a niche.

Your choice can be about anything at all.

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Take this advice and I’ll see you on the inside.

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