Is CoinMarketCap Earn A Real Way To Earn Money? (Scam or Legit?)

CoinMarketCap Earn Review

If you’re somebody who enjoys taking crypto lessons and learning about new tokens, or just earning extra with crypto, then Coin Market Cap online might be for you.

Even though these types of earning methods don’t pay you direct cash unless you withdraw to a wallet, you can still earn crypto revenue. 

There is actually a ton of information associated with CoinMarketCap Earn, so I hope to just show you how you can earn and whether it is worth it to you or not.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t bother. It would be like sitting on a computer, moving along like a snail. It may be cool for someone just testing it out for a review or something, but other than that, it isn’t worth it for people who want to make money online. 

The founders behind CoinMarketCap Earn are the ones who make the billions!

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Product Name: CoinMarketCap Earn


Download: By website only

Owner: Binance

Price: Free

Earnings: $3-5 each session.

Overall Rating: 80/100

What Is CoinMarketCap Earn?

CoinMarketCap Earn, a token price estimation platform that allows anyone to simply earn crypto revenue by studying and taking short quizzes on different tokens. Next to this, CoinMarketCap is the #1 cryptocurrency information site in the world, providing cryptocurrency market cap and exchange rankings, charts, and resources.

Is CoinMarketCap Earn A Real Way To Earn Money? (Scam or Legit?)

To me, it is an effortless way to earn cryptocurrency. When I watched a video on YouTube about this type of earning method, I was stunned at how easy it is for the money you make.

Coinmarketcap was founded by Brandon Chez back in 2013 and was sold to Binance in 2020 for $400 million.

For anyone who enjoys learning about cryptocurrency and want to add to your estimates, then this might be for you. However, it could take a while to start seeing a real increase in your own net worth.

How Does CoinMarketCap Earn Work?

To get started with CoinMarketCap Earn, you just have to go to the website and create an account. Then login, and flip over to the earn page, where you’ll be able to add the tokens you wish to learn about. Also, note, Users need to provide their Binance UID to receive tokens for projects that are listed on Binance.

The learning method is simple little cards with 1 to 2 sentences of information on each that allow you to learn what the answer will be. If you’re confident enough, just skip the cue-cards and go straight for the quiz. Then you’ll earn crypto revenue.

Since I am not perfect at using crypto, it is so hard trying to find the right words for this earnings opportunity. You just have to try it to see what I mean. 

But, if you’re a new beginner and want to know what most people are doing, it isn’t CoinMarketCap Earn. It’s becoming their own business owners because it is so easy now. Use these important 3 steps from EdyIsChandra to find out how to start making money with your own business model.


Key Features –

  • Glossary – Filled with crypto terms from A-Z which is extremely rare to see on these types of platforms. Perfect for beginners!
  • NFT – CoinMarketCap also tracks noteworthy NFTs, such as digital art.
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker – CoinMarketCap crypto portfolio tracker allows you to keep track of your profits, losses and yield.
  • Quizzes, Rewards And Calendar – CoinMarketCap runs quizzes for its users which are designed to keep them coming back.

Ways To Earn –

  • Studying Crypto tokens and answering questions.

Payments –

  • Members receive earnings lodged within the token they wish to learn about. To withdraw this into cash, you’ll need to add your crypto wallet.

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Website

Key Benefits –

  • Earn money online
  • Learn crypto-tokens


Is CoinMarketCap Earn safe? Yes. 100% it is safe and easy to use.

Does CoinMarketCap Earn have payment proof? No. I haven’t been able to find any payment proof for this type of platform or its users.

Is it easy to cash out? Technically, yes. You’ll just need your wallet to withdraw to.

Is CoinMarketCap Earn, a real and honest way to earn money online? Not for people who want a decent online income and don’t know any better. There’s much better ways to earn money that which can be deposited direct into your bank. 

Does CoinMarketCap Earn have support? CoinMarketCap Earn customer service is located on the website. Users can also message them direct on Facebook.

Does CoinMarketCap Earn have any bad reviews? Yes. There are tons of bad reviews. There are comments about the rankings on CoinMarketCap not being accurate. This is bad if you’re trying to earn money. You can look on Trustpilot, where they boast a 1.4/5 star ranking.

Does CoinMarketCap Earn have an app? No. There is no CoinMarketCap App available.

Would you recommend CoinMarketCap Earn to a friend or relative? No. I don’t suggest anyone dwell on their computer earning small bits of cryptocurrency just because it’s a quick fix. I recommend taking what other people say to take. RoopeKiuttu earns $2.2K in 20 hours of work using simple affiliate marketing techniques.

Is CoinMarketCap A Wallet? No. It is not a wallet. It’s only an information portal based on cryptocurrencies around the world.

Is CoinMarketCap A Crypto Exchange? No. CoinMarketCap is not an exchange. It tracks cryptocurrency prices, and statistics, and also the performance of exchanges along with back-test strategies.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offer’s a simple way to earn cryptocurrency
  • No payout threshold
  • Available globally

What’s not to like –

  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Doesn’t offer cash rewards


There are probably tons of these cryptocurrency sites available online, and I can vouch for one, since I watched a video on one before doing this review. It was a video on Coinbase which offers the same earning methods. When I saw it, it reminded me of how slow the snail moves. I didn’t like it at all. 

If you’re young, new, and want to make money in crypto, you might like trying CoinMarketCap Earn. But I think you would like affiliate marketing even more. 

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Now that we have been through some of what CoinMarketCap Earn has to offer, is CoinMarketCap Earn a scam or legit? This is the true question, and it helps learn everything right now.

Well, from what we’ve looked at, it is 100% legit. You can go over there and pick out the jobs you want and start getting paid to answer questions. Whether you learn or not is up to you. However, you’ll definitely be making the company more money too.

What I didn’t like seeing what the bad reviews that CoinMarketCap Earn has on Trustpilot. You would think a company worth over $400 million would have no issues with anything?

I also couldn’t find any payment proof from people who took their offers.

If there is no real proof that people are making money, then don’t do it! Don’t waste your time testing to see if things work when it has already been tested

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