Coin Hunt World: Trying To Make Money Online? (Read This Instead)

Coin Hunt World Review

Many people are searching for ways to make money online.

When I saw this article on another website and looked at the concept, I immediately knew that people will be searching for this game and playing it because it offers money. People enjoy playing games and earning money at the same time. The Coin Hunt World opportunity offers both these, which is why I thought it would be good to take a look at.

Admittedly, When you can get paid for playing a game, people automatically think this is smart.

But how smart is it, I mean, truly?

The way Coin Hunt World is able to pay you is through ad revenue. They place ads on the game and when you click on an ad they earn money. It’s so simple, but yet, if real people knew this, they would do it themselves.

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How many of you can write a review? Exactly.

If you can, skip this Coin Hunt World review and start making real money online now!

Product Name: Coin Hunt World


Owner: Bill Shihara

Price: Free To Download On All devices

Overall Rating: 66/100

What Is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a geolocation game whereby members have to walk around their neighbourhoods, unlocking games and earning Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

Members also have the opportunity to join Coin Hunt World Discord, where they can talk about adventures and the way they wish to strategize in order to level up and earn more crypto.

Coin Hunt World was founded back in 2020 by co-founder Bill Shihara (Bittrex) and Jeroen Van den Bosch (Immersive Entertainment).

People could be doing this just to make more Bitcoin, since this crypto is highly sort after at the moment. Only a few years ago a Bitcoin was only $8K, and now they’re $40-90K each. This is a very high jump.

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How Does Coin Hunt World Work?

As of 2021, the game is available for download from the Google Play Store in the US and Canada only, with Coin Hunt World for iOS currently in closed beta.

To start the game you need to download the Coin Hunt World app, create an account and log into your account.

Players explore their real-world area, earning White Keys or Blue Keys doing Walking Quests, which are then used to open White Vaults or Blue Vaults. When a vault is opened, the user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded.

Running Method –

  • Find Keys > Open Vaults > Answer Trivia Questions > Collect Coin > Earn Crypto


  • Explore ways to unlock rewards with keys to hidden vaults
  • Maximisation to your average time by skateboard and rollerblades
  • Provided with the Community Map for vaults and print shops
  • Players can get rewards by cracking a trivia question
  • Earned in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Access to bonus Mystery Boxes by playing the game
  • Users can earn Bitcoins or Ethereum from the games
  • All the personal data is kept safe and secure
  • It also offers intellectual property rights
  • Provides premium data privacy to users
  • Get complete data stats on the game of chart-toppers
  • Available in testing stage on IOS and completely on Android
  • Contains blue vaults and bonus mystery boxes
  • Displays a trivia puzzle to earn Bitcoins

Key Features –

  • Explore
  • Find Keys
  • Unlock Games
  • Trivia
  • Play With Friends
  • Build Your City
  • Earn Bitcoin
  • Climb The Leaderboards
  • Earn More Bitcoin
  • Referral Program


Is Coin Hunt World safe? The game is not a scam. However, walking around your neighbourhood is meant to considered as exercise and not a danger (cars + traffic). Try not to get into any altercations that could cause you harm while you play.

Does Coin Hunt World have payments proof? Yes. After doing some digging in Google Images, I did find some payments proof being shared.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes and no. It isn’t really about cashing out. Members can earn Bitcoin crypto, but must use the Coin Hunt World wallet which is specifically given out to members and is called Uphold crypto wallet.

Is Coin Hunt World a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There has been no issues with this type of earning method.

Does Coin Hunt World have any bad reviews? No. From what I have looked into, there hasn’t been any bad reviews.

Does Coin Hunt World have an app? Yes. Coin Hunt World is able on all devices.

Would you recommend Coin Hunt World to a friend or relative? No. I don’t like playing games that much, and roaming around my neighbourhood looking around for virtual things in a real world would look a bit weird (my personal opinion). I’d also like to comment, making money is more important since we need money to co-exist.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offers an interesting way to earn cryptocurrency
  • Helps promote an active lifestyle
  • Doesn’t have any bad reviews
  • Offers a way to earn a highly sort after cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

What’s not to like –

  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Low rewards
  • Limited options offered for reward withdrawal
  • Must download and use their “Uphold crypto wallet” to get paid, which means if you already have a wallet, you’ll just have to carry an extra one!


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Now that we have been through everything that Coin Hunt World has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit?

I’ve given you a bare naked run down on Coin Hunt World and would like to get some feedback on this game.

The only way you can earn anything with this app is by downloading all of their platform apps. This includes Coin Hunt World and Uphold crypto wallet. If you know anything about crypto, investing, and start-ups, you might be able to see what is going on here with this invention. The way this is heading, Bill Shihara and Coin Hunt World could even bring out their own crypto coin?

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