Clixblue Review — Scam or Legit? (Legit & Free To Join)

Clixblue Review

Ever wondered what the best way to earn money from home is? You never know, it could be Clixblue, couldn’t it?

Now, I don’t want to run them down within the first concept of this review, and what I am going to share is not about their legitimacy either.

But, if Clixblue was the ultimate way to make money online, or even a good reliable source, not exactly the best but something good enough, then wouldn’t they be sporting success posts of people who are making money?

To know for a fact that something online is good and worth your attention, there is no better way than to be able to see people who can offer written documentation backing up what they proclaim as being true.

For you to understand what making money online really comes down to, you really need proof of others such as: Month 7 – $4550. So, now, if you’re serious, you’ll bookmark or save this page one way or another in order to come and learn more and earn properly, online.

Product Name: Clixblue


Owner: Unknown.

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 44/100

What Is Clixblue?

Clixblue is a small publishing company that offers newcomers who wish to earn money online the chance to earn by clicking on available ads within Clixblue dash of opportunities.

Clixblue has been around for a while and sports a fairly well trusted brand

How Does Clixblue Work?

Because Clixblue is a publishing company, they work in a twofold way. Better businesses can bring their website or app development and add it to the Clixblue inventory and receive visitors. And this is where you come in. People are looking around on the internet for ways to earn money and see a chance like this and think it has to be legit, and it is, it just doesn’t pay much at all, and in many cases, these types of smaller publishing firms don’t even pay their works for performing those clicks.


  • Completing tasks – This is where members can complete tasks and build their earnings from there.
  • Recruiting new people – This is like affiliate marketing, but you don’t have your own website. You can ask your friends on Facebook if they wish to try Clixblue out, and then you’ll receive a payment for that, which is 10% of what they earn.
  • Offer walls – This is pretty straight forward, it pays you for completing small jobs such as surveys, Etc.
  • Treasure Chest – This is a game that Clixblue has to offer as another earning method.
  • Watching ads – This is the most common type of scenario people come across. You’ll hear all the time that this is how you can earn money, but it isn’t what it’s made out to be.
  • BlueGrid – This is another game by Clixblue members can play.
  • Watching videos – This is straight up just watching videos to keep your earnings growing.
  • Bonus offers – Members can earn bonuses by submitting proof of payments to Clixblue website, among other things.

How much can I earn?

  • Per PTC – 0.00025 to $0.005
  • Referral commission: 10%
  • Offer walls
  • 30 Daily 

How to withdraw?

  • Minimum withdraw is $5
  • Withdraw option:
    • Bitcoin
    • Payeer
    • Skrill
    • Solidtrustpay
    • Perfectmoney


Is Clixblue a safe site to use? Yes.

Is Clixblue a safe way to earn money online? Yes and no. There are tons of PTC Sites out there, and not all of them pay up once the jobs are done. However, it seems that Clixblue are not like that.

Is Clixblue free to use? Yes.

Do you need an email address to create an account? Yes. People will need an email when starting an account with Clixblue.

Can a business, website, or app benefit from Clixblue? Yes. When you add your project to Clixblue, they work to get you interaction on your platform.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Plenty of earning opportunities
  • Great support system
  • Has several payment methods

What’s not to like

  • Earning potential is low
  • The website lacks relevant information which affects the user experience
  • You have to invest to have a chance of really earning


To be honest, you should have figured out by now that PTC Sites don’t pay much. I could find some more sites online to add them here, but it would in case you in a wrong direction, and it just is not worth it for me.

I would rather my readers use their interaction with PTC Sites as a way to learn about the internet, publishing, and advertising websites and move on.

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What is the difference between PTC, GPT and Survey Sites? – I feel people will benefit greatly by reading this and understanding the basics of this niche topic.

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Clixblue is a good site in some ways, since their design has been built nicely to the eye. I don’t like it when I pass by a website checking on the opportunity it is offering, and you can’t even see anything helpful.

Clixblue offers a way for people to earn money, but what does this mean? Are they trying to help people personally by providing something sustainable? If that is the case, I think it is a very low estimate, and they could try a lot harder. I don’t see why people need to be sucked into clicking on ads when they don’t get paid enough.

The reason why you’re searching a way online is because you are interested in earning money. This means you should start earning money within a couple of days of starting.

If you’re still not earning money and would like some help and direction, then I advise you read my free guide.

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