ClipClaps Review: It is Legit or Scam?

ClipClaps Review

There are definitely ways to make money on the internet and people are getting more and more excited about the prospect of being able to earn an online income.

But at the same time, are the small opportunities such as ClipClaps able to pay users a salary that is decent enough to quit their jobs? No.

Even though we haven’t started the review yet, I can still tell you that these types of gigs are not meant for people to earn but rather the developer, who then, in turn, pays the member for participating.

You’re going to find out more about ClipClaps as we move through the review, but I want to tell people who are serious about earning money online that there is a way with the training that I use.

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What is ClipClaps?

ClipClaps is an app that offers to pay people for participating in their gigs such as watching trending videos, watching the latest news inside the app, joining challenges, inviting friends, or uploading your own funny videos.

ClipClaps is available for both Android and Apple Devices.

In short the way it works is by the user doing the tasks in order to earn ClapCoins. The main thing that is meant to help the person earn more is because the videos are also meant to be funny. This means that you can watch more because you’re often laughing.

ClipClaps Review: It is Legit or Scam?

However, if you have videos you can upload them as well. The more claps people give to the videos you upload the more ClapCoins you’ll earn.

When it comes to inviting more friends or anyone you know, you can do this with a special affiliate link that they give you. And this is called affiliate marketing.

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Is ClipClaps Legit?

Yes. The ClipClaps App is legit.

Over on both Apple App Store and Google Play the ClipClaps App has over 4 Star Ratings.

With reviews like these I can determine that people are probably having a good time with the ClipClaps app.

Keep in mind that when watching the latest trending funny videos you also get bonuses which increases your earnings.

The ClipClaps payment method is by paying people into PayPal. This means that you probably need to be over 17 to play with the app. The app recommends people be over 17 to play.

5,000,000 ClapCoins are the equivalent to $5.

To cash out you need 10,000,000 which is $10.

When you cash out there is also a fee of $0.25 that is charged to your account which will drop your earnings down to $9.75.

If you don’t want to get paid via PayPal, you can choose to get Amazon Gift Cards or other products that the app offers.

With all this it’s time to make up your mind on what you want to do. Play ClipClaps or come and build an online business and earn real money.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the review and I look forward to working with you!!

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