ClearVoice Surveys Review: Is this Panel a Scam or Legit?

Clear Voice Surveys Review

Hey, there everyone, how are we all doing today? I hope very indeed. Now, I am going to presume that you have sported this Clear Voice Survey Review in the grasps that the establishment, in itself, shall behold some type of beneficial outlay for you and your family, and in all cases I will surely show you that.

As with all online Survey opportunities though, one must remain vigilant and weary when taking out the trash (referring to Survey Sites that don’t work) because on the onset, you could get lucky by way of actual affiliate marketing, or what some like to call it “Referral Marketing”. So just quickly, have you ever had your minds open to selling and buying, just in the streets? I’m talking your local fish shop, supermarkets, doctors, absolutely everywhere has their promotion in place that online customers could see them and make a dead turn straight into their business. They do these promotions sometimes with professional care, and then the rest is just with signs on their shops and posters on the insides of the glass (in their shops), well the point I want to make is, that business-type sector is called marketing, and there are tons of cash to be made within that space.

When you learn skills that make money it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

You, here, is exactly the same as the shops built on land trying to advertise their companies except you don’t have to wait for people to walk by. You can work as a direct affiliate whereby you first obtain a referral link and then once you have it you can write a review about the company and start promoting it just by people searching their business keywords. You add the referral link to your Review article and don’t get me wrong, there is free training for you to do this, and I am also turned into your personal coach and mentor. This is all for free, and if you start now you will not have to even worry about money anymore as it is on its way.

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What is Clear Voice Surveys?

Clearvoice Surveys was founded in 2006 with the intentions of becoming one of the largest in the business. Clear Voice Surveys business is to perform market research for companies and businesses who need or want answers. Each year they continue to grow and get larger.

The main drive of Clear Water Surveys is to provide a means whereby people and new members can combine in fun and interesting, engaging surveys. Because they are known to sport-relevant and interesting reviews their members have continued to come back.

ClearVoice Surveys Review: Is this Panel a Scam or Legit?

The better process of Clear Water Surveys is to give companies detailed information on many ways that they can make their products or services better.

Clear Voice Surveys works with thousands of companies around the world which guarantees are better success rate because you should receive frequent surveys with ease.

Learning more about this company and whether it is right for you can be found further down the line. 

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How does Clear Voice Surveys work?

As with all survey panels the first way to get started is to fill in your details and create an account. This means adding your name, birth date, and place of residency at the time of joining. In many cases you may be asked to verify your email by jumping back over to your email account and pressing a sent link. Another category that could be used is demographics charts, this is where you work a little harder clarifying your more specific details on the things you like, places you have been, and yet, basic common interests. This part is important because to get a good success rate you need both to have the surveys offered to you more than others, and you then need to be able to add the right answer.

Once you start taking surveys at Clear Voice Surveys, you will be able to earn summaries from $1 to $20. I have seen other reviews that also say receiving surveys less $2 is unlikely from this platform.

Although there are many options to earn money a Clear Voice Surveys, including the following:

  • Online Surveys
  • Product Testing
  • Diary Surveys
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Telephone Surveys

it is likely that adding people as your referrals will be enough to keep signing up to new surveys websites whilst your referrals earn you the money. As mentioned earlier, the number one way to make this into a serious opportunity that pays well is by building an online business and using your affiliate links.

Clear Voice Surveys offers members to join offer groups that cost $1 and pay back $5 for a trial. Remember to cancel the trials if you do this though as it will charge you if it keeps running.

Payments for surveys are not paid immediately, in fact they are paid out when the survey is entirely closed which can take 6 to 8 weeks.

Unlike some other surveys, if you get screened out of a survey mid-flight you will receive a bonus of 10-centavo. This is better than not being given something when that happens which makes the business more achievable.

To receive payouts, you can either have:

  • A prepaid debit MasterCard from Payoneer
  • Amazon vouchers
  • Dining Dough gift cards

Minimum payouts are $10 but if you want to receive an e-gift card as payment they get processed straight away. The prepaid cards take up to one week. The Clear Voice Surveys also offers members a chance to compete in Sweepstakes whilst engaging in surveys and online activities.


With this website, finding out if it is worth will take some time to try the platform out. There are many people who will think that spending precious time when it could not be worth it is actually worth it.

This is the type of site that would be very handy for me and my referrals because I teach them how to get other people to work for them. You see how spending your time here may not be worth it, but what is worth it is signing up building your profile and then writing a review on the Clear Voice Surveys platform. Then just add a link and you will literally have people signing up through you and making you money. This is a direct rinse and repeat cycle that is worked, proven, and ready to sport.

Start your business now and take survey to there full potential.

Pros And Cons About Clear Voice Surveys


  • The platform is suited for people 13 years and older
  • There are lots of Sweepstakes opportunities available
  • There is a chatline with easy-access


  • There is limited surveys offered to their members
  • There are limited ways to redeem your rewards
  • There isn’t a mobile app to go remote

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  1. Well! Actually I had worked for several survey platforms before until I just quit and focus more on the long term rather than sticking with survey platforms that may necessarily not pay as much as the time they take from me. However, this Clear Voice Review seems very prospective and seeing the referring prospect part, I think I would take a more closer look at it and how it can be exploited. Thumbs up


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