CastingWords Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

CastingWords Review

This is my CastingWords Review. Find out if CastingWords is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to make an online income and the good part about this is that absolutely anyone can do it. You can be an absolute beginner and make money online right now, and a lot of this is due to the training platforms that are being built and expanded upon right as we speak.

For example the training platform that I use was started in 2005 and has become a large community with over 1.8 million entrepreneurs aspiring to become something great online. There are so many options but the long run is different for each sect. I want you to look at this review and make a choice what you would like to do. Keep in mind that when choosing affiliate marketing you also get me as your free coach.

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But, what is CastingWords About and how can they make you seriously successful online?

What is CastingWords?

CastingWords is an online transcribing platform that was created for connecting clients to skilled transcribers and provide a source of income to both freelancers and transcriptionists all over the world. was founded back in 2005 by Nathan McFarland and is headquartered in Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States. CastingWords generates $123.5K in revenue per employee. CastingWords main competitors are Same Day Transcriptions, Uk Transcription, and cielo24. CastingWords is a private for profit company where industries include Audio Crowdsourcing and video. As of September 2020, CastingWords has 1.5K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page while on Twitter they boast over 540 Users. The fact that they have a social sphere means you can get information easier if you’re wanting to join this opportunity.

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How does CastingWords work?

CastingWords hire freelancers/independent contractors to do transcription jobs for their clients. Getting started with CastingWords is easier than you think and you can start by following my steps here. I have already trial and tested a quick path which is going to make your success easier to follow me. You can start by entering in the keywords into your search browser “how to start transcribing with CastingWords” and you’ll notice some different results appear. You’ll see that here, there are two results you can choose from, if you want more information on the platform altogether you can choose the FAQ Link which is above or below the sign up page link in the search results. When you have all your questions answered, you can then choose the sign up link whereby you can then create your account and get going. This application is one of the easiest I’ve seen so it will only take you a couple of minutes.

Below are the different types of jobs you will find at the CastingWords website:

  • Transcribing audio/video files
  • Editing transcripts
  • Determining the audio quality of files sent by clients
  • Grading transcripts and edits made by transcriptionists/editors
  • Approving transcriptions and edits made on them

You can also find CastingWords customer support system within their platform. They do suggest checking out their FAQ’s page (which we saw earlier) first before reaching out to them for questions and concerns, but they have these forms of communication:

  1. Email – You can submit a support ticket via email.
  2. Each job assignment comes with a Report a Problem button.
  3. There’s a Help tab on their Workshop page that you can click on to submit a support ticket.
  4. Facebook group – You can go to their Facebook group page to find help about anything. Fellow members can also help each other out.

This is basically everything you need to see to get going with this opportunity. If they offered an affiliate side to their business you could also get paid to promote them. However, they don’t, but if you would like to earn money by promoting other people’s products and services I want you to scroll to the end or finish reading everything to get there.


Now that I have finished my CastingWords Review I can now fully conclude that this site is legitimate and that you will earn some good money working from this platform. However, I want you to keep reading to the end because there could be something a lot better that you want to start.

Pros And Cons About CastingWords


  • CastingWords offers a work from home opportunity
  • CastingWords has a good support system in place
  • CastingWords has a long business history and doesn’t have many complaints
  • CastingWords has a social media sphere to further your advancements as well.


  • I always say that these opportunities are very low paying and if you’re here then I want you to look at doing what I recommend first because it’s a way that gives you time freedom to work from home and once your business is set up you don’t have to worry about working hard anymore. With CastingWords you’re still working for a boss and this is not the true work from home opportunity.

Start earning money every single month from your own online business, also get my free coaching in a platform with a live community

There is no better way then making money with your own online business with a brand that you build from the beginning. As you can see this site I built this site from the ground up and I had no previous experience. I was taught because I had the ambition to drive wildfire and create success but the thing is you can too. You can also build a brand from nothing and get paid thousands if not millions by people who are searching the internet for things to buy and learn about. When you can write content like this people will read it and buy whatever it is you’re offering. I want you to begin your site now and try this new way out, the whole opportunity is advanced now due to the constant upgrading on site tools. If you start now, I will also meet you in there to help coach you along the way.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience transcribing? Have you worked for CastingWords before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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