Can You Really Make Money With C2 Consumer Research?

Is Doing Surveys For C2 Research a Reliable Way To Make Ends Meet Or Can This Website Mention More? Find Out Inside!

Are you going through a stage where you are trying new things out online but don’t fully have a nourishing direction? If this is true then my instincts have served me right because I think this is what is happening to heaps of people in the online world. One of the ways to get more money online with regard to surveys is running your own online business and this is because with Survey websites your earning potential is lowered increasingly if you can’t refer other prospect members. With many of the survey sites that I review they all offer a percentage of any member that you bring into their establishment. That means after a while, if you have bought in some new members you will be earning a percentage of their earnings. This is instead of them paying you, instead they just take it out like that.

There are only so many times that you can turn to your social media and begin asking other people to join before you come to the point where you have asked everyone. When you do get some sign ups this ensures that you earn a percentage on their earnings and that is great. But the whole project must get bigger in order to grow and become successful online. I fully coach people on how to do this but I want you to move forward however you think you should. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if this is something that you want to implement whereas I can show you how for free.

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What is C2 Consumer Research?

C2 Consumer Research is an online survey opportunity that was founded way back in 1997 with the intentions of getting inside the hard to reach target groups whereas they could perform a variety of businesses with the answers in research they need. This is one of the things I always look out for when performing a survey review, how long they have been in business because with this it shows you how reliable they really are.

C2 Consumer Research is located in Westchester County but has conducted research efforts all over the world including China, Argentina, Romania, Mexico, US, Germany, Russia, France, India, and Brazil.

When considering both ends of how a survey company works there are two ways. First there are the members who provide both Researched information and answers to the surveys. Then, there are the businesses on the other side of the outcome where they need their answers and resolutions as they move forward.

C2 Consumer Research clients are among many different types of businesses and corporations such as pharmaceutical companies, gold mining companies, and Silicon Valley Tech Companies. These contracts are what I use to help review and base my answers when constructing something that will help others. Because C2 Consumer Research works with firms as just mentioned you can now establish a firm trust moving forward.

As a member at C2 Consumer Research however, some of the things you will be doing are among taking part in recent focus groups which are usually filled with 8 to 10 people, one-on-one interviews, and general surveys. There are a variety of ways to participate in C2 Consumer Research opportunities including in-person or plain over the phone. Per year, as somebody taking part in a focus groups event, you will be asked to perform for that 1 to 2 times per year.

What does the Better Business Bureau Say About C2 Research?

C2 Consumer Research is on the Better Business Bureau but are not an Accredited Business. Although they are not accredited they do have an A+ Rating with the corporation.

As mentioned previously, always look for proof that people are making money themselves first as this will show you it is right. I need you to read Sharing Success Story: $14,000 in 3 months, because the latter is just another person who is making money using the training I recommend!

Who is The Founder?

After doing some in depth research I could not find who created the company, all I could find was it was founded sometime in 1997.

Although finding who founded the site is hard it doesn’t mean they’re completely untrustworthy.

I think with this company, because they were founded so long ago, some how, some way, the founder has gone missing!

How does C2 Consumer Research work?

As with all survey sites the first step to joining is going to their web page and signing up. There are always different ways to sign up and with C2 Consumer Research it is just straight forward. To sign up is free and once you have signed up you will then be promoted to take a short screening survey which is the way they many of these surveys sites work. What the screening survey does is takes down your information so that they can better equip you for further surveys. I always say for this section to mark down anything that you like as this will ensure you get the surveys you want and thus your success rate will be higher. Once you’re screening survey is finished you will then be asked to send an email to anyone that you know who would also be interested in joining in and starting up as well. This is the part that I explain above where I show you how vital an online business is especially when doing surveys.

Doing the screenings does earn you more rewards.

Something I haven’t gone into just yet is that this company is one of the highest paying survey websites on the internet. In fact, the assignments that they hand out to their members pay no less than $75 to $200 per completed study.

The good thing about C2 Research is that they give you a few different ways you can earn money.

Members have the chance to take the following ways to earn:

  • Focus Groups
  • Paid Surveys
  • Usability testing

This is the very first time I have ever heard of usabiltiy testing before!

This type of earning method is when a member is asked to take home a product or try out a service. This could end up equating to earning some large portions of income.

Having said that, the ways that you can make money with this firm is through completing their market research studies. This includes many different aspects such as mentioned earlier (in person interviews, focus groups, and general surveys).

Is C2 Consumer Research a Scam or Legit?

No, C2 Consumer is not a scam, they’re well-known and used by lots of people who conduct surveys.

Incase you were wondering how a survey company is made, it is very simple. It kind of works like a two way street. On one end the website a list of people who are waiting for surveys and on the other side are the actual businesses who need feedback on their products and services.

If you can organise this then you have yourself a company.


Since Doing my work and finding out about this establishment I have to say now that this company is something that I could recommend and I would. I have always recommended doing surveys because there is a chance of earning money but you need to be coached in how to do it (only some people).

Pros And Cons about C2 Consumer Research


  • They are one of the highest paying survey panels online
  • They pay their members in cash
  • Anyone can join whether you live in Europe, Asia, or America
  • The people who run the establishment are professional and the business has a great name


  • There is a low earning potential overall
  • Getting listed to receive jobs is something that take times to achieve so that you get more, in other words there jobs are limited.

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  1. Hi, Michael. I have been trying different platforms to earn online during these past 3 months. About 2 years ago I was scammed, so I became skeptical about earning online. But when the quarantine started I became brave enough to try again and made a few cents. I don’t mind this has a low earning potential. I need platforms that do play to boost my confidence again. Thanks for this review.


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