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3 Core Steps About starting a WordPress Blog Scroll
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WordPress is an online web hosting platform that allows absolutely anyone to come along and build a website. But there is a huge difference with this site. If you’re a beginner, it would be very well for you to find information about why and how WordPress is so powerful wouldn’t it? I mean, you just start now (in 2020) and you don’t have a clue about online marketing and the WordPress backend? But check this, I was the exact same. I started online and affiliate marketing without any idea of what it was or what it involved, and only a small 2 years later I have extensive knowledge. But it’s different, very different. Now I am not trying to promote a special training, here, I am just complimenting and inciting what personal knowledge of someone who was there, (in the beginning of WordPress) can do; and try to show you what this means for you (Absolute beginners).

Now as I get older, I call it my duty to tell everyone to cherish life. And the reason why, is because when you begin Using WordPress it makes you value your time, because you are finding that having no money is not permanent. You can change all circumstances in life, and in this guide I think it’s important to always mention “Cherish life”.

Learning About WordPress

I Started learning about WordPress when I had no money and wanted to make something of myself. But what I got was far more than I expected. I mean, the platform that I use literally gave me a personal understanding of what WordPress is, and by this I mean, the fact that it used to take people 30 days to build a website going back to 2004. That’s right, in 2004, it would take anyone who wanted to build 30-days to just build a website. Don’t you think that is a long time? I do.

WordPress enables anyone to think of a name and completely build their whole site using it’s backend. I mean, getting a professional website designer to do this would cost thousands (imagine what this did to the market?). The designers would have lost a lot of work at the implementing of the WordPress blogging platform. There are many people who don’t even know about all of this which is why I think it’s important to start blogging about it through my own WordPress website.

Building A WordPress website

If somebody wants to build a website nowadays, they will need to do all sorts of things, and one of those things would be to download WordPress and find website hosting. WordPress web hosting is also available as well. I mean, if the person doesn’t know code, they would need serious help. This process can also be done by first finding a web host, and then downloading WordPress (to that platform). You can already see the steps involved, which is very time consuming. This could work good for my training if you wanted to save some time, but if you have the time, then WordPress makes things so much quicker.

There are many different times, it could take you to build a WordPress website. You could pay WordPress designers as mentioned before, but that would cost thousands. If you have the hosting in place and have downloaded the WordPress blogging platform, you’ll see a bunch of WordPress website Templates that you could upload giving you an instant website. No coding, no web designers, you can do all of this as a complete beginner, which is why WordPress is something that everyone should know about.

If you use WordPress to make a website, you’ll see the next steps are effortless. They have elements that you can use to “build your site” larger. So, if you had the site built you can download what WordPress calls their “plugins” and these help you to achieve the things necessary to rank in Google. The whole process with WordPress is so simple, I mean just have a look at this article and you’ll see for yourself what this means.

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Getting started with WordPress for your new blog

There are many different courses and trainings online that anyone can use to build a WordPress blog. The whole point of this article was to explain that you don’t need anything now, and in fact, as mentioned before, it take 30-days to build a website back in 2004, you can now build one in 30-seconds. I don’t want to offer you anything, that wasn’t the goal of this article. There is a training however that I use where the people who built the training also include how far WordPress has come as a blogging platform. The insight into hearing that it took 30-days to build a website even for a professional shows you how powerful WordPress is, doesn’t it. I mean, if you went ahead and found a Web Hosting, it’s as simple as downloading WordPress and setting up your site by installing a theme and writing a post. It would take a whole day, and you would have a profitable online business set up and running.

I hope that this article has shown you something new and opened your mind into what is available to you these days. No more having no money being with no hope. You should now seek some training that suits you and learn how to build an online business whereby you can change the world and write what you think is important.

Now, I don’t want to leave this post without saying I can coach you if you want. This is just another thing on top of what is already made available, and another reason why you should get stuck right into this industry. Imagine how far you could go with free coaching right now inside a platform that teaches you about The WordPress Blogging platform, doubling up time and getting it all done within days of starting.

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