BTCClicks: Earn Money Paid Click PTC (Scam or Legit?)

BTCClicks Review

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BTCClicks: Earn Money Paid Click PTC (Scam or Legit?)

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Product Name: BTCClicks


Download: Website version only

Owner: Youssef Gaber

Price: Free And Paid

Earnings: $0.15 per task

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is BTCClicks?

BTCClicks is a paid to click website that will provide a way for people to earn money online by watching ads, but the money you earn is in the form of Bitcoin crypto currency.

If you are looking for a turnkey PTC website, BTCClicks may be it.

The website is blank as anything, the only thing it shows is how much you earn per ad ( 0.00005 mBTC per click) plus referral earnings (40% to 80% commission).

I wanted to know who founded the site, which I did find by searching in Google, and turns out somebody named Youssef Gaber is the creator of the simple online income system.

BTCClicks: Earn Money Paid Click PTC (Scam or Legit?)

BTC clicks was founded in 2013.

Although users can use it on mobile, it doesn’t have an app.

If you want to earn money in crypto currency, then this might be something you look into.

How Does BTCClicks Work?

To get started with BTCClicks you just need a computer, smartphone, and internet connection.

Then, begin by going to the website to sign up and login.

From there, you’ll see a number of different ads you can watch to begin earning crypto.

BTCClicks also lets you earn more by inviting others. In case you don’t know what this means or how to do it, I will show you later on within this review.

For standard membership, each referral you bring to the platform earns you 40% to 80% commissions. You can invite as many people as you wish.

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Paid Campaign

If you are on the Premium plan which costs 0.21600 mBTC (for 3 months) you’ll earn x2 your standard earnings.

Members can also rent referrals (to look at ads) in order for you to earn more.

When it comes times that you want to cash out, you need to have a crypto wallet app and a Bitcoin account. From there, the minimum cashout threshold is 0.10000 mBTC which is equivalent to roughly $1.


Ways To Earn –

  • Rent Referrals
  • Watch Ads
  • Invite Others

Payments –

  • Bitcoin

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Twitter

Key Benefits –

  • Once you get spending your time on it, you won’t have to search for buy crypto atm anymore. Other than that, there are no real benefits to using this system!


Is BTCClicks safe? Yes. After reading through different reviews, I can confirm BTCClicks is safe to use.

Does BTCClicks have payment proof? Yes. If you have a look in Google images, you find uploads there.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes and no. If you are new, you’ll find it hard. You need a crypto trading platform and wallet to withdraw to your personal account.

Is BTCClicks a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are businesses on the internet that want to get people to click on their ads, and they are willing to pay for them. With free income home jobs, you can have that work from home lifestyle to a limit, to a degree. Keep reading this review till you find something worthwhile.

Can you make money with crypto currency? Yes and no. There is a dedicated audience who believes there is value to this currency. You could have made money long time ago.

What is a paid to click site? A paid to click website is when you get given ads to watch in return for a small payment.

How to make money with paid to click? You need to sign up to any top paid per click website and begin providing your time to watch the ads. They will pay you to watch their ads because they think you might find something valuable there to which they can make money.

Does BTCClicks have support? Yes. On the website, you can find a link to BTCClicks Customer Service. 

Does BTCClicks have any bad reviews? No. As far as I could see, the reviews were of a good nature.

Does BTCClicks have an app? No. It is website version only. However, you can use it on mobile phone.

Would you recommend BTCClicks to a friend or relative? No. There is a lot of things you need to know about crypto if you want to start using it, but I don’t recommend it. It doesn’t work because it isn’t on-demand like real currency. If you want the best gig work jobs, I will show you that during this review. Or, if you want to do what I’m doing, you can try free passive income programs. The best PTC you can get is with make money clicking ads PayPal because its cash paid money.

How to get BCTClicks Referrals

As you can see, BTCClicks is giving you the chance to make extra cash by inviting others. With get paid clicking ads options, you need the referrals to keep the revenue coming in while you are not using the platform. This is the work from home lifestyle and if you want to do it properly you can use the following steps.

1) Login To
2) Find your referral link in your dash area
3) Build a free website at Wealthy Affiliate
4) Write and publish a BTCClicks Review
5) Add your BTCClicks affiliate link to your review

This is all it takes to change your direction and start making the same money as what you see successful people make. Forget a million dollar sweepstakes, this is a million dollar sweepstakes, you just don’t know it yet.

BTCClicks: Earn Money Paid Click PTC (Scam or Legit?)

Also, forget searching find part-time work home, this is that, you just need to allow yourself to undertake new obligations. 

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • You can make money click ads
  • Offers availability for mobile control

What’s not to like –

  • It is a misconception of full-time work home jobs
  • full-time working hours for this gig is broken
  • Low earning opportunity
  • You will not get rich quick off this method
  • Doesn’t provide members with their own business
  • Doesn’t teach people how to start a business 
  • Helping grow somebody else’s business


I think it is important to note that when undertaking crypto faucet jobs, searching for the best offline crypto wallet is where it’s at. When you have the wallet part right, you can easily withdraw all your crypto into cash, and this is what gets most people stumped.

During this section, I’m going to be giving you a legitimate PTC site’s top 10 article from Google, and you should focus on how I express Google as being our main source for information. I don’t want you to read this and be blind to how you will really earn that money online because you’ll never escape having no money.

BTCClicks: Earn Money Paid Click PTC (Scam or Legit?)

Here’s a helpful top 10 PTC sites list – 17+ Best Paying PTC Sites | Get Paid to View Ads.

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Now that we have been through some/if not all of what BTCClicks has to offer, what resonates with you? Is BTCClicks a scam or legit? 

Since writing about BTCClicks I have been able to learn more about the business. 

It is a top PTC site’s minimum payout application, which is handy for people using it.

But, if you want to make money online, I don’t recommend you take this option.

I get paid do nothing, and it is the best.

You need to find affiliate marketing for work at home moms. I will show you next.

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