Brand Institute: Helping Brands Since 1993 With Online Surveys + Medical (Scam or Legit?)

Brand Institute Review

Before I complete this review On Brand Institute Surveys, I want to find how many people actually know about the online world and the opportunity it has to offer? If you would comment below it would help me further my research in finding out what peoples-specific routines are when earning money online.

The most popular ways for making money online is probably surveying and everything included in that as far as focus groups and sweepstakes.

But people don’t take these opportunities to their absolute maximum. In fact, they don’t even push out half-way. Let’s talk about the referral programs that many of these institutes offer. For example, Brand Institute has an affiliate program that has so many serious benefits that members can take care of, but they don’t. Not all the way.

As a member of Brand Institute, if you receive an affiliate link, the general idea is to send it out to your friends and family, and you will use social media and sometimes your email. But how many times can you ask your friends and family to do the same thing? If they all said yes, it would be like each of them stopping whatever they do and joining your campaign.

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Product Name: Brand Institute


Owner: James L. Dettore

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 78/100

What Is Brand Institute?

Brand Institute was founded in 1993 by James (Jim) L. Dettore. Before Brand Institute was founded, James had worked for multiple other businesses including PepsiCo, The Advertising Agency J. Walter Thompson, Hilton International Hotels, and Ralph Lauren, and Brand Consultancy Interbrand.

Brand Institute: Helping Brands Since 1993 With Online Surveys + Medical (Scam or Legit?)

Brand Institute Inc is a branding agency that specialises in the development of brand names and identities. The Primary services of Brand Institute include many such as name development, market research, trademark screening, regulatory affairs, graphic design, linguistics analysis, but they are most well known for pharmaceutical naming.

To give you a little background on this business, in 2004, the company formed the subsidiary Drug Safety Institute (DSI), which was created to consult on the companies best practices for clients including drug product naming, packaging, and labelling. At this time, the hired president and chief executive were Jerry Phillips.

As you can see, this company is very well known and boasts of a very large background. They have their information also on Wikipedia, which marks them as being more authoritative.

The biggest target of people that Brand Institute is looking are medical professional, they also send out diverse consumer surveys that you just have to check your email inbox once in a while for.

So you have a clearer understanding about what this company achieves permanently, they are a brand agency that helps external companies develop aspects about their business or prospect business such as relevant of name, web design, market outreach strategy and more.

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How Does Brand Institute Work?

Getting signed with this firm is just like another market research survey platform. All you need to do is go there to the Brand Institute website, enter your name, email, and date of birth. Once this is done, simply confirm your email so that they have somewhere to send the surveys to you.

Once you are signed up, the process for performing is simple. You take surveys on different topics and get paid with either one of two options, such as PayPal or check. To be paid, you have to wait until the study has fully closed.

The pay that a member receives from a survey site varies and learning more about this here is important because some people may have a lot more involved in terms of being able to earn. For example, if you’re somebody who only completes surveys and whatever activities they offer, then you are not going to earn as much as someone who has their own online business and referring other members daily.

You can expect to earn from a typical survey anywhere between $2 – $5 and with Brand Institute they pay you between $5 – $30 for medical surveys. From some of the research I’ve done working at Brand Research, you can expect to receive around 20 surveys per year.

If you are a medical professional you will earn more money, and on top of this they also have a VIP membership that allows medical professionals to get surveys from their dashboard on the website instead of email. This will make things easier for members. I don’t even think you have to be a medical professional to answer the medical surveys, but there is a qualifying period that you must face.

A lot of Brand Institute surveys are based off drug names, as their customer fan base is embarked highly upon pharmaceutical companies who are looking to find out people’s thoughts on all things medical.

Even if you are not a medical professional, this website is still a top place to work as it could add to your arsenal if you have an online business and also recruit others into the platform.

From here, Just log into your Brand Institute account and start by checking the website out. This will curtail the learning curves associated with this opportune site, and beg to differ when learning how to earn the most.



  • Special VIP program: When you have been an active member within (at least 6 months) you can be eligible for VIP membership. This curtails your social status and gives you better examples of how to earn while you learn. You won’t have to wait for emails to be sent to your email inbox, you’ll be able to just log in and grab them when you please!
  • Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, or other medical professionals earn much, much more. Next to consumer surveys, the professionals can launch their opinions and take stakes to the claims.
  • No more referrals program. Boosting earnings always has been about inviting people to do what you do. This is now not an option anymore. It ended in January 2017.


  • Get paid cash into PayPal for completing surveys. Most regular surveys pay between $2-5. Medical surveys pay more, such as $5-30. When you match the panels search, it is believed that you can obtain up to 20 surveys per year.

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Is Brand Institute safe? After doing the research I found that Brand Institute is legit and safe to use.

Does Brand Institute have payment proof? Yes. I did a Google Search and saw payment proof in the images section of Google.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Members can withdraw by PayPal.

Is Brand Institute a real and honest way to earn money online? Doing Surveys is an honest way to make money, but the earning methods are low.

Does Brand Institute have any bad reviews? No. It seems all the blogs I read likes this panel and has nothing bad to say about it.

Does Brand Institute have an app? No. They do not have an app.

Would you recommend Brand Institute to a friend or relative? No. Because of the low income opportunity that surveys offer, I don’t like to tell others about them. However, if you want to help shape the future, then this option is definitely a way to do that.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • They are free to join
  • They have high rewards
  • They have good payout options including PayPal and check

What’s not to like

  • There isn’t a high amount of surveys being issued
  • Surveys are hard to qualify for
  • The platform could be easier to use


There are many surveys platforms available for you to make money and provide feedback. However, it is my job to help people see the ultimate way to make money.

Therefore, I always like to tell people about affiliate marketing.

If you don’t want to do affiliate marketing, then check out some different ways below to make money online –


Now that we have been through everything that Brand Institute has to offer, do you think it is a scam or legit?

I think this platform is another survey website that everyone should consider worthy to work for. They have a busy website and have been in business for years, which means they have reliable surveys. Even though surveys are limited, there are still many ways to make more money with this platform is one of the best ways is with your own online website. If you want to earn a chunk of other member’s earnings, you simply need to refer them. If you are interested in bringing in more people to your surveys sites, then let me show you how. I will also coach you for free and be your mentor moving forward.

Anywho, did you ever make over $50K a year with this panel? Then you need to rethink your best steps.   

My strategy has a few simple steps

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes.

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