Betabound Review: Scam or Legit?

Betabound Review

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What is Betabound?

Betabound is a remodelled system of that which used to be Online Beta. Online Beta was transformed into a new generation of networks that which aspire to give people a chance to earn among learning. The new and improved business has listed all of the Beta testing opportunities to an all in one model ran now through Betabound.

Betabound is hosted by another company called Centre code and they offer a larger collection of betas online. They have a large array of third-party companies who work in their manner to further their distributions to members through working to research surveys, products, and services.

The remodelled system now offers a full collaboration on industry categories which works to include predictive feedback, voting, open discussions, matching and more. The end user is now more equipped when engaged as they presume to take shape on their next episode, survey, or local research.

If you don’t have a computer that is not a problem at all. This high-end efficiency works to include both mobile and tablet where it’s allowing more than just the one’s who only sport their general computer. In many cases, There are survey sites which don’t have the opportunity outside the general use of a laptop, which makes things more divided for members. Opening the store gates to open source makes the future for researchers at Betabound more larger and versatile.

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How does Betabound work?

Just like many other further networks you must join up to start at this firm. Signing up to this platform includes adding your email addresses, and bits of information about you so that when they are looking for people to match a job they know who to choose. From what I have read online myself there are no further expectations on who can join. Your profile has to be narrow pointing to basic necessities in which you perform well. It’s a good way to “get what you want” so to speak, I mean, if you like talking about cars and fill in this information, they are likely to spit back the likely hood about cars. Once you have narrowed down the things that you like you’ll then need to add your basic and private information such as birth date, email, name, and so on. Your demographics are important so remember to fill that out wisely.

You will find out once you’re in there whether you have to open your email and activate your account that way or if it’s already done.

The way you work, there is by receiving surveys in the mail to your web address. If you don’t want to wait for them to be sent out you can search for them in the Betabound dashboard.

When testing the products that you choose this is something that they say takes time. The product needs to be delivered to you and then you go from there. The company says they understand that it takes time to fully understand the products and give your review. This is a way to make money. When you receive your products, they come with easy-to-follow instructions so you won’t not know how to function it properly. The company also says that each product assignment takes around 2 to 3 hours per week to perform a thorough check on it.

There are many cases where you can keep the product after testing it and when this take shape it is just an added bonus on your end. If they don’t let you keep the product then they will bonus you with an Amazon e-gift card in other many instances.

This next part is where it gets interesting. Betabound is a place where they store beta testing opportunities. They make it clear from the beginning that they are not liable for the transfers of payment to any member and that you can look at this as something in which you volunteer to do. In many cases or instances they let you keep the products, yet furthermore they do send you out some money but they are not about that. As I researched their page a bit more I found that they say money affects the quality of one’s product review and this is when I felt deeply interested to find out more from them. I didn’t though because I have my own online business but that’s just how it feels.


To tell you the truth I understand that people are interested in testing products for free but I didn’t think it would be that exciting. People who do work with this business probably have money so they aren’t doing this for that. They are doing this in order to prepare for what flocks to our shelves and in this they can further initiate what they are to people having already tested them.

But you have come this far and that has to be given some opportunity of a full-time income online. I mentioned a little earlier that I work in affiliate marketing and I personally coach the ones who sign up through this website. You can simply build a website and start making money by promoting other people’s products which I will also coach you alongside some of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

Pros And Cons about Betabound


  • You help shape the way products hit the communities around the world
  • There are “some” rewards to be made but not many
  • The program is available worldwide which makes things good for more people
  • You get to test products before they hit the market which gives you the heads up that way


  • You cannot earn a comfortable income from this website
  • Earning potential is very low
  • There are also limited opportunities which means your extremely valuable time is being wasted as you begin with them if you are not aware of that first
  • If you are given some rewards it is not on a regular period which takes away your earning potential.

4 thoughts on “Betabound Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Hi Michael, I’m glad that you did a review on Betabound as I had been thinking of joining up with them. I don’t think that I will now as they don’t seem to pay out and that would be one of the reasons that I would consider joining the company. It is good to know however that you can, in most circumstances keep the products that you review.

    • Hi Suzie, No I know that is one of the elements that you would want isn’t it. You can keep their products it you’re doing it for that then do that otherwise search for ways that you can earn money with their referral programs.

  2. Hello, dear,

    Thanks for sharing such an informative review and spreading the awareness about Betabound… it is very necessary to always do your due diligence research before jumping into signing up with any opportunity of such system presented to you this review you are provided here is very helpful and eye-opening especially for status who are looking for various ways to make money online…

    Thanks a lot for sharing I look forward to sharing it…


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