Beta Testing Review: Is it a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Beta Testing Review

There are so many reasons to want to build an online income and people are turning to different opportunities online.

When it comes to money, people want a job that suits them and works legitimately. This is often found by doing transcribing tasks, Beta Testing, surveys, and GPT activities.

But at the end of the day these types of earning methods are small and not going to earn you much for the amount of time you invest.

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What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing (Also known as is an online platform that claims to give people the chance to really sign up and help the business grow by getting paid to test websites and apps.

So whenever a company is building an app or web software application, they come into the beta testing stages and this is when they need people to come and test out their software.

It is much easier for a software developer to be able to pay a business like for testing than to have to look for Beta Tester manually.

However, in regard to who founded there is little information on the website.

The website looks professionally made and shows tons of interesting services.

There is a button up in the right hand corner of the website for people to join and become beta testers.

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How does Beta Testing work?

To get started with the Beta Testing opportunity you just need to go to their website and hit the button in the top right hand corner. This part seems very easy as the next page only asks for an email. When you enter your email, they will send you a confirmation link and you will be able to login to your Dashboard.

Once you account is made the process is simple. The website shows a simple 3-step system where members test software, report of any bug fixes and general feedback, and then earn $10-20 for most tests.

That all seems really really easy doesn’t it? I mean, just imagine being able to earn $10-20 for a little work online and be able to sit in bed all day? Maybe, it’s true maybe it’s not.

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The company pays $0 to $25 for each beta test. If the beta test doesn’t pay, you’ll need to select karma as your form of payment.

When you’ve earned 6 karma points you can use these points to join a higher-paying focus group. Even if the group is closed, you’ll be allowed to join and be paid for your test.

Members can request payment at any time. However, if you withdraw $15 or less, you’ll be charged a 4% fee.

And this is basically it. There is a lot of time involved with this industry, so just be careful when choosing how you become successful.


I can now conclude that is legitimate.

I have pretty much covered everything I want to say during this review. Keep on reading to find out how to make it online the right way!

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in testing websites and apps from home? Have you tried Beta Testing before?

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