BeFrugal Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

BeFrugal Review

This is my BeFrugal Review. Find out if BeFrugal is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons that you should start taking some sort of training to make money online. There are different ways to earn money, which means people are not only stuck with only one training or less than before. Some ways of earning are better than others, but here, what you want to know is What is BeFrugal about and will it make you successful and happy that you’re earning money online? I have had a small look at the BeFrugal website and I want to tell you that this may be worth checking out if you are not that serious about making real money. However, if you’re serious about making real money then I want to tell you why you should seriously invest in both this BeFrugal and this website training as well because if BeFrugal has an affiliate program it could lead to a very successful future for you if you’re serious and prepared to put in some time and effort.

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What is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is an online cash back website that has an app for both mobile devices and a browser extension that helps with new offers. The BeFrugal extension is one of the better ways to go when looking out for new discounts and cashback opportunities. BeFrugal was founded in 2009 by current CEO Jon Lal. BeFrugal is owned by capital Intellect, Inc. And is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to Trustpilot, BeFrugal has a trust start rating of 4.2 out of 597 which makes the BeFrugal app pretty worth using.

But, just to make sure that this app is everything they say it is I want to see their Facebook Fan Page which will also show the readers how they can find out more about them apart from their site. Like I thought, BeFrugal does run a Facebook Fan Page and boast over 126K Likes.

Fact: In 2014, members spent over $250 million shopping through

The sentence above is what this site earns due to people clicking through to their because they think they it is an opportunity to save money when they shop, and it is. But I don’t think it is how you believe. In fact, BeFrugal is an affiliate site that is signed up to tons of external companies and when they make a sale they get paid commissions. This is affiliate marketing, which I spoke about earlier.

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I think it is very important that people be warned about what is happening on the internet at the moment and how easy it is to truly make a lot of money online. has a stunner rating at the Better Business Bureau as they boast a 4.5 Start Rating along with being an Accredited business with the organization.

BeFrugal Industries includes Couponing, Online retailer, Internet Service, and Discount Stores.

Eligibility: 18+, WorldWide.

There are lots of different ways you can earn money online but then there are professional ways and not so professional ways. If you use a computer and like to write articles then this is definitely for you. How would you like to make money promoting other people’s products and services? Check out the proof of people having great success with this training: $6.2K Month – October Monthly Update!. If the latter is something that you like then start now and I will meet you in there and coach you for free!

How does BeFrugal work?

The BeFrugal login can work in a few different ways as they boast apps for both mobile devices, that can be downloaded on either Android or iTunes App Store or a prospect who is also interested can head straight to their website to sign up there. Once a new user has created their new account, they will then also receive a $10 bonus just for signing up.

However, when using the BeFrugal Website there are two elements that make the site tick, and they are as follows:

Cash Back

The cash back is really what drives people’s sense. I mean, they are getting cash back, cash that they could make themselves with their own online business. BeFrugal no small pot and boasts of having partnered with over 5K online stores to offer some of the best rebates money can buy to their loyal members. Once you create an account with BeFrugal and shop through it, they will refund you the part of the amount you spent on your purchase. They claim to be able to give back 100% of the commissions they earn from the stores that feature in their website. They also note to announce that in 2016, they gave out 102% of the commissions they earned from driving shoppers to the partner stores.

Coupons and Deals

In this case, BeFrugal has claimed to be in partnership with over 50K stores that which include some of the largest 500 online stores within the US to offer coupons and deals to members who use the BeFrugal App to shop.

With this being said, it is a no brainer that you will get some cash back when you shop for things. But get this, you are on the wrong end of the stick and instead should be the affiliate. For anyone who doesn’t know what affiliate marketing is, I urge you to look more into it and start your website today. I fully believe that BeFrugal is trapping the wrong customers indecently and without cause. There are millions of people online who purchase every day without needing to make somebody sit on the wrong end of affiliate marketing.

BeFrugal also offer a refer a friend program that pays the member $10 per sign up. If you want to be a part of that and post your referral links to social media you can, but if you want to learn how to get referrals and actually make some real money then I’ll see you on the inside.


Now that I have fully finished my BeFrugal Review I can conclude that BeFrugal is a fully legitimate site where their member will earn cash back when they try it out.

Pros And Cons About BeFrugal


  • BeFrugal is Legit and Free to Join.
  • BeFrugal also has a $10 Sign up Bonus
  • BeFrugal has a Good Referral Program that offers $10 also
  • BeFrugal has an A+ BBB Rating.
  • BeFrugal has a variety of Payment Methods
  • BeFrugal is also Available Worldwide
  • BeFrugal offers Over 5,000 retail partners
  • BeFrugal has the Maximum Cashback Guarantee
  • BeFrugal promotes Good tools to save more.


  • Many complaints (about BeFrugal Malware and Pop-ups)
  • $25 Minimum cash out requirement
  • Not every product is eligible for cashback.
  • Long time to credit your account
  • Spam emails
  • No cashback for in-store purchases

How would you like to sit on the right side of Affiliate marketing and learn that you’re not meant befall for something you don’t know enough about?

There are nearly 8B people in the world and over 57% of that population use the internet to buy things that they want. You do not need to buy items to get cash back or make other extremely rich by doing it. Unless you’re receiving the whole affiliate commission then it is daylight misconception. All the bloggers know exactly that they don’t build a website and then use their own business. It does not make sense. Do you think the owner users BeFrugal? It would not make sense would it?

It does not make sense to “become” the purchaser for an affiliate which is what you’re doing (for an extremely small percentage). Never in the world has anyone ever become an affiliate for a small percentage because it doesn’t make sense, whoever owns the company can just go out and get legit buyers, People who they don’t even know.

Look, I want you to start a special free training where the trainer and I break everything down to you. You also build your own website and learn how to make passive affiliate commissions and within months of starting your will have your own money supply. It is the same as a money tree except you built it.

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