Baker Street Solutions Review: Scam or Legit?

Baker Street Solutions Review

Since blogging I have done so many reviews which make it now safe to say that you can earn a meaningful income if you so desire. One of the main questions people have when doing the survey reviews is “Can or do you get better over time”. I suggest to beg that this question stems from the fact that they want to engage but at that moment they also want more meaning up to the future.

When I hear questions like this I just say straight to myself, yes, you will earn money, but you have to start and stick at it without stopping. In any but all cases, no matter what industry you get into, if you work hard to build yourself an empire, you will climb slowly to the top. Remember, this is for all industries sectors.

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What is Baker Street Solutions?

Baker Street is Survey Marketing Company that was founded in 2002 to help business and brands alike further evaluate their products and services. The business was founded by Don Donovan, who indeed was a former Procter & Gamble Brand Marketing and general management executive. Don has served as Baker Streets Chief Executive Officer since its creation. Matt Doyle who is a formal naval flight officer, and former P&G Marketing and Research Professional now serves as Baker Streets President and Chief Operating Officer.

Baker Street Solutions has embarked immensely on the creation of their business for over 18 years and this has been done through operations such as Market Research, Focus Groups (FGDs), Surveys, and in-person interviews.

Since this business has so many years built upon it construction I think you as a new member will certainly be able to earn a large $40 without to much hassle.

Baker Street Solutions has a paying system that doesn’t include a points paid system. They offer rewards to their members that includes cash-money directed at their members Paid Accounts Check/Deposit or members also sport the offer to receive their salary with Amazon Gift-Cards. It is considered that surveys at this Panel are not as consistent as others but in due time what they offer is a large earning potential and with this I mean members can earn up to $40-with most of their surveys within the $20 range. Typically, you will be introduced first to surveys among the $5 range, but this is at the lowest of them all. To receive your salary, it takes around 8 weeks.

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How does Baker Street Solutions work?

The way this system works is a lot like any just that the surveys are not as many as some. They have a sported system that is functional around a type-frame that looks like the following:

  • Online Surveys
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Focus Groups 
  • Product Testing

Because they are not typically tired down to desktop users only it makes this opportunity much more available for other members to be able to enjoy doing some jobs as well. This makes this opportunity one that has become very remote making this a work-from-home-type-frame.

Focus groups are done when members receive invitations to sessions that are done in person. The rewards for focus groups are even higher than surveys which could come across as being more natural. One other element to taking these focus groups is where you live. If you live nearby when they are going down obviously you will be selected immediately. These are all the things that I tell people to learn about when they start taking surveys.

If you focus on both Focus Groups with an online business to the side you will extensively have all your dynamics covered whereas your earning potentials do not decrease but increase only.


After researching and then outlaying what I have read and learned about this business I have considered it to be a good opportunity for people who wish to learn more about taking online surveys. They also have one of the highest paying survey opportunities in the industries.

Pros And Cons about Baker Street Solutions


  • Very High-Paid surveys – surveys are on average $20 and no less
  • You have multiple ways of earning salary
  • You have multiple ways of cashing out your salary.
  • The business is a well-established brand and they are respected in their industry
  • Members can take shape with their surveys with multiple different methods including Mobile, Tablet, in person, and more


  • The one downside with this embankment is that surveys are limited

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  2. Awesome! It sounds great. I am sure that many people would like to know more about Baker Street Solutions. I agree with that nothing is easy, you must be a hardworking person if you want to obtain positive results. I think Baker Street provides huge opportunities within its surveys.

    With Baker Street, you have multiple ways of earning a salary; furthermore, the surveys are high-paid with an average of $20. I will take it! My friends will love to hear this.

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