AWOL Academy Review – Scam or Legit? (Over $5K For Indefinite Success)

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Being an affiliate is one of the greatest jobs in the world. You don’t have to go to work and you do computer work from home.

To be an affiliate, you don’t have to do anything, really, just own a computer and join affiliate programs. There are often good affiliate programs available that you can work for and they’re enough to keep you going.

But there are some entrepreneurs who like to create courses and try to tell you about doing affiliate marketing with ads. This means you have to pay for your clients to come to your page.

In my eyes it is much better not paying and getting buyers to come to your page for free.

AWOL Academy is an online platform that teaches you how to buy ads and land clients like clockwork.

I have read a ton of the AWOL Academy Reviews and can give you my clear run down on what to expect when you join. But I can already tell you that if you’re looking for the best then you have to try this: What A Year Can Do: 2017 $374 vs 2018 $3,870 Black Friday Results.

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Product Name: AWOL Academy


Keala Kanae and Kameron George

$99+ High-Ticket Upsells

Overall Rating:

What is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy is an online platform that has all the resources for teaching newbies how to become an online marketer in the affiliate marketing space.

AWOL Academy Review - Scam or Legit?

I started off my investigation by going over to the AWOL LinkedIn page where they offer detailed information.

AWOL on LinkedIn simply say that they offer everything you need such as setting up your first funnel to increasing email conversions to properly setting up your ads.

This is the right wing of every affiliate training platform. The ones to look out for are PPC because even though it might say $100 to start you have to pay for expensive ads on Facebook or wherever you get your ads.

Who is The Founder of AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy is founded by co-founders Keala Kanae and Kameron George.

These two believe that it is a good pathway to choose to leverage paid traffic to your pages.

To me, I believe that a website is more than just a funnel and there are lots of reasons why including being able to speak to your clients.

What Do you get?

You get a profile based training section in the AWOL website.

From there you’ll be able to access classes which are done by video to learn how to put a funnel together.

What you learn is what somebody else has already done!

I mean, seriously, would you want to learn “How to put together a funnel” or would you rather write interesting articles such as the one you’re reading and talk to people in the comments section?

With a website blog you can speak to people and people can get to know who you are and what your brand is about!

Is AWOL Academy Any Good?

If you were looking to make money online, could you do it from scratch? Well that is exactly what both Keala Kanae and Kameron George have done.

These two have been around for many years as far as what the blogs on the internet speak about.

What you get is what you pay for. You obviously have to spend the money on different platforms that offer different paid ads prices. This is kept as a separate expense.

Not only do you have to learn how to use Google ads but Facebook and all the rest as well.

How Well Does AWOL Academy Work?

The pathway behind what AWOL teaches has been going for as long as the internet. The only difference is now people are getting on and thinking they can do this with a product from an affiliate vendor.

Do you know how affiliate marketing works?

You just sign up to a vendor and they pay you to sell their product. You can set up an ad and get paid like that. It is just money in this regard.

So we know that the pathway is real but what about the AWOL Training itself?

When you join you’ll get the following:

  • Pro-academy
  • Internet income explained
  • Inbox academy
  • Conversion academy
  • Traffic academy
  • Masters academy
  • AWOL elite lite
  • AWOL elite

AWOL also has its own affiliate program which means you can also run ads and promote them!

How well do you think you’ll go with running a Facebook ad? If you think you can then you might in for making some big cash as being an AWOL affiliate?

Is AWOL Academy a Scam or Legit?

AWOL Academy is definitely not a scam. They have been going now for over 3 years. The only thing is they have some bad customer reviews. This is from people who signed up thinking they would make some money and did not make any.

This is something you might be familiar with?

When a product tells you, you’ll make money with their system, always check to see if there is other people who can prove their success such as: 900 Referrals in a WEEK! Damn, this is sick! See this? This is somebody who followed the training and is now earning over $7K a month!

Final Verdict

When it comes to making money online and picking the right affiliate marketing course its hard to find the right one.

People often pay a lot of money and get ripped off before they make any money. This is because they have gone through a learning curve!

You don’t have to go through a learning curve that hurts bad like paying for a training that promises you’ll make money but then you don’t!

You should always be willing to work a little before you get paid.

With a blog, when it is worked upon and your pages are in Google ranking you never have to come back to it again. The page’s rank and you make money forever. This is totally different to AWOL PPC.

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