AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review – Scam or Legit? (Lower-class & Looks Scammy)

AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review

This review is based on a website that offers work from home jobs. How many times have you tried working from home? I bet you could say that this opportunity is eluding? That means, that although it is there, it remains hard to find!

And rightly so. Working from home is a great thing, no boss, and noone telling you want to do, you must have a clear focus and know how to be at peace with everything going on around you.

AOJ Work From Home Jobs is just another website that ultimately claims they have work for you, but is it going to be reliable?

What if it is not?

I have had so many people come to my website and go through this same thing. They try to work it and nothing happens!

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Also, remember that working from home will alleviate you from all the hassles that generally come with having to go to work. You don’t have to wake up when your alarm clock rings. You don’t have to go into the same office area every single day, it is so much better, easy, and anyone can do it!

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AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review - Scam or Legit?

What Is AOJ Work From Home Jobs?

AOJ (American Online Jobs) is a website that offers work from home jobs. These jobs include accounting, surveys, data entry, typing, customer service, call centre work, email & chat customer services, Etc.

Even though it is a work from home job platform, AOJ also instructs about affiliate marketing.

On its website, AOJ work from home jobs, also remarks that it “Connect traditional jobseekers with non-traditional work from home possibleness”.

How Does AOJ Work From Home Jobs Work?

Work From Home Jobs by AOJ starts off with members answering questions which is called AOJ Pre-Screening process. Once sign-up members are done with their pre-screening process they will see banner type ads that offer various job opportunities, but when clicked on come to find out that they’re not job opportunities they’re instead just affiliate marketing products. AOJ Work From Home Jobs earns commissions when job prospects buy these products instead.


Features include:

  • A Homepage with pre-screening questions
  • A YouTube video that show you how to signup to survey websites
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • About Us
  • Blog
  • Existing user
  • Login here
  • Pages with a variety of fake job opportunities
  • Basic Affiliate marketing training


Is AOJ a Contemporary Jobs Board? Yes. Very much so. It is very uncommon that you will find a fake jobs board being generated by Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Is AOJ a safe website to access legit jobs? – No. It does not have legitimate jobs active. It’s only used for selling affiliate marketing products that you can buy.

Does AOJ offer a refund on the products it sells? – It doesn’t mention anything about a refund, but I would not trust buying a product from them and then getting a refund if you do not like the product specified.

Would I tell a friend about AOJ? – No I would not since their conceptions are not real, it would be wasting alot of time telling anyone about them.

Do people need experience to work at AOJ? – No. Anyone can go to the website and look around. To buy their affiliate products, I would suggest being over 14 years old.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • The AOJ website is not badly displayed? There are some products that you can buy, so it is not entirely a scam.

What’s not to like

  • AOJ does not have an email contact, so you cannot contact them
  • AOJ does offer a bit of a misconception to people who are looking to work from home
  • AOJ is misleading when it comes to offering services
  • They don’t have any social media included on their website
  • Being a postman doesn’t have anything to do with affiliate marketing



This review was based on giving people an outline on what AOJ Work From Home Jobs was all about. In turn, we found that the platform is not what most would intend it to be. This is going to be frustrating for individuals who are serious about finding work because noone generally likes wasting time while job searching.

I mean, I could kind of tell just by looking at the site that it was scammy but to the naked eye you would never know. This means, I would say, that AOJ is constantly making money by the products they sell.

People would spend money on the products, thinking that it was the right thing to do; while the website name is very attractive to unassuming people looking to gain work opportunities.

However, AOJ does not help people get jobs, and it is the cold hard truth.

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