American Consumer Opinion Review: Scam or Legit?

American Consumer Opinion Review

As with all people who are trying to make money online this survey panel is no different. People are looking to make money at survey panels like and I have seen something in which they are not taking to their full extreme, which is why they are losing a ton of money. This is not having a real way to promote their affiliate link.

When you sign you up to a survey website, after filling out all the details you are then given a special link so that you can recruit people and make the survey website even bigger. When something is bigger it works better, as the saying heads the more money the better it is.

It is a fact that many people completely ignore the fact that half their salary is about their promotion of the survey platform that they’re using. I usually mention so many times that there’s only so many times you will be able to give your link to your friends and family members. Once they have joined some of the platforms you send them, they still need to complete surveys for you to receive some of their earnings.

I have said all of that to say that if you want to make some serious money with online surveys you need to implement a structure with an online business. Online business are vital no matter what you are doing online, they play a part in all corners of the universe. Without an online business, it means that you cannot sport your affiliate link and money are being wasted on your end.

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What is American Consumer Opinion?

American Consumer Panel was founded in 1986. They are one of the biggest survey panels in the world as they first originated sending out their surveys by mail (home address). As I have researched American Consumer Panel have an interesting story and it’s mainly because they were active before the internet. It was when the internet became readily available that they made real use of it and became online active with their opportunities. While they were still in their early stages they were constricted to the US only. By 1995 American Consumer Panel had boasted 20,000 members.

Today, American Consumer Opinion is something much bigger than many other and that is because they have paid out over $30M in rewards to 7 million members worldwide, and that is 20 million surveys completed. American Consumer Opinion was originally founded by Decision Analyst in 1986.

If you are here looking for a way to make money online this website boasts control and technique that could interest you. So far they have sounded the same if not identical to an original survey panel and combined with their authoritative scent they offer good value. 

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How does American Consumer Opinion work?

As with all survey panels the first things that you need to do is fill out your name and email address at their control center. Once this is done you will have to jump back to your email where there is a confirmation email waiting for you to confirm your email. Once this is done you can start taking a number of different opportunities and they are:

  1. Online Surveys – With the surveys there are two types that become available to you and they are screener surveys and normal surveys. They are both basically the same, the screener survey pays less and takes less time to complete. Screeners surveys boast 20 questions and pay out between 5-50 points. The normal surveys however take 10-20 minutes to finish and pay 50-500 points depending on what’s needed.
  2. Product Testing – Product testing is form of work that which most survey website don’t implement. This isn’t the case with American Consumer Opinion and they also sometimes allow their members to take the product home and keep it.
  3. ACOP Affiliate Program – This is the number one thing that I fully recommend that you find out more about as this can increase your salary to the point that you don’t have to work yourself. If you can only recruit people then you will get paid off the money that they make as your there affiliate.
  4. Ads Review – With Ads Reviews the members are given banner ads to click on and find out more about. This could also be implemented into you online business if you choose to do that. If it works, it means you have full-time work available to you and your affiliate sign ups.


Overall this platform is one that all survey takers should implement into their everyday lives. I have found it to be remarkable how it has lasted so long and still runs like wildfire. If you also start your own online business, it means that you will also make money off the referrals that you bring into the platform.

When you learn skills that make money it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

Pros And Cons About American Consumer Opinion


  • They offer multiple cash options
  • They are available to teens
  • There is a large variety of surveys available


  • It is said that there payout times can become lengthy when trying to get paid
  • They gross limited survey availability

2 thoughts on “American Consumer Opinion Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Hi, thank you for this review, although this is my first time of reading about American Consumer Opinion. I am pleased with them being a genuine platform but their delayed payment like you identified within this review and knowing that surveys pay in tiny pieces is discouraging for me.

    I think I will go with their referral schemes. It should be much more rewarding.


    • Hi, Parameter, I’m happy that you were able to get a good answer from my American Consumer Opinion Review. If you need to know anything about affiliate marketing or make money online as whole, just come back and let me know.


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