Affilisites Review – Scam or Legit? (Vibrant & Authoritative)

Affilisites Review

When we wish to work from home, it is important to gain knowledge on what sets different industries against one another.

Right now, there are so many more opportunities to begin working online. What we have to do to make this mission easier, and for some, possible, is find the right training or solution to help us reach our goals.

Many online goals is to make money and people wish they could make money very quickly.

If you want me to cut to the chase I could very well say, don’t do anything until you read about my free coaching! This will show you what to expect when looking to spend some money on affiliate training.

Just remember that on the web, people are not really thinking about how they can help you make money. That comes in only very small forms ie. Affiliate Training Now. The rest is only about their company making money by you spending your money on them.

Product Name: Affilisites Pro


Glynn Kosky

$37 + Upsells

Overall Rating:

What Is Affilisites?

Affilisites is a simple training model built by Glynn Kosky and offers its members pre built-affiliate websites that supposedly create $1000 each and every day.

After reading in depth Affilisites Reviews I learned that when you join this training and receive the done for you website, all you have to do is adjust it a little so that your affiliate links point to you and not the person building the site.

How Does Affilisites Work?

Glynn Kosky builds pre-made affiliate websites and then gives them to he’s members once they join he’s training. Members just need to add their own affiliate links since he does not have access to these.

Affilisites Review - Scam or Legit?


  • x 1-Authoritative Review niche website ready to launch in minutes – This is the website that is created for you. As mentioned, you just have to add some minor elements so you can get paid!
  • Premium Hosting – Premium hosting comes with your purchase. This means you don’t need your own website address as it is all included, no yearly costs or no domain needed.
  • Top Converting Products – This equates to you being able to make money online with stress associated. You’ll be able to make easy money because the supplementary products are meant to sell very easily being such high value.
  • Authority from within – Your site is offering products from Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior Plus, these are industry leaders so with the traffic coming to your site you’ll be able to bank more commissions!
  • DFY Product Reviews – These are already established product reviews that come with your site. You don’t even have to write anything. You’ll also be getting demo videos, graphics, ratings, and full product details that come with your purchased website
  • Banners – It comes with professional banners that can be added and displayed from your website which increases sales conversions. Each banner has your affiliate id inside it, so this is where the money is going when it reaches its summit.
  • A Vault of Premium Bonuses – You never know what you’re going to need when buying these types of products so in saying that, this part sounds exceptional. You can customize each promotion with your choice of incentives to gain higher commission growth.


Here are the extra bonuses Glynn provides:

  • Private FB Support Group: Join the FB group to get your questions answered
  • The AffiliSites Quick Start Checklist: A checklist to help you set your site up quickly
  • Private Member’s Only Workshop: Live training sessions with Glynn to get additional strategies
  • Powerful Free Traffic Playbook: A list of Glynn’s most effective free traffic methods


Is Affilisites a safe product to engage in? No. I can’t go with it on this one, and I am so sorry for that. But as I was filling out the above information I was thinking “what about all the stuff I wrote in the top paragraph” it doesn’t sound anything like this. You have to work for traffic and do a lot to actually get people coming to your site.

Is Affilisites affordable? Yes. It is affordable to get your foot in the door but the way these products work you never know what different upsells they’re running when they do. They could put a fully legit upsell in there when they think time isn’t looking to good.

Affilisites Review - Scam or Legit?

Does Affilisites practice legitimate ways to make money online? No. It is like they have misplaced hate for something else? To get traffic you have to write content that converts by keyword research and they did not mention keyword research at all.

Does Affilisites offer a refund? Yes. Potential buyers are given a 30-day money back guarantee.

Is there unbeatable upsells in Affilisites? Yes, and they are all downsells and Here they are:

  • Unlimited Version $97 (downsell $47) – create unlimited review sites each month with premium site templates
  • Done For You $97 (downsell $67) – DFY library of pre-selected high-converting reviews
  • Automated Traffic Flow $97 (downsell $67) – Allows 50 people to all the traffic Glynn receives from this, his past, and future launch pages.
  • Conversion Boosting Tools $67 (downsell $47) – unlock more software features such as countdown timer, exit pop-up settings, social proof pop-ups, etc
  • Bonus Page Creator $67 (downsell $47) – A tool to create bonus pages
  • License Rights $197 (downsell $97) – Sell Commission Replicator as your own product and keep 100% commissions

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • To be honest there is nothing to like except for the fact that they put so much time and effort into a system that will not work for them.

What’s not to like

  • The fact that they’re investing in an attempt to do affiliate marketing but their logic has become skewered. Just look at how much work they’re putting in for this product that doesn’t work and is not going to work. There must be a secret society of them who buy the product because it is still available and looks to be going strong
  • There is not evidence of a keyword research tool – All bloggers need their own keyword research tool because if you don’t have one you don’t be able to both write and rank good quality content. You must think, the reviews they provide can you see them ranking in Google as of right now? No.
  • They don’t offer WordPress which is a blogger’s dream – WordPress is the best for beginners and if this is who they be targeting then for sure they would have WordPress as a part of their overall package but they don’t.



Anyone that is looking at doing affiliate marketing you have come to the right spot! I know you’re wondering if you can really trust this product, but I can give you the answer right now with proof, no. It is not a valuable product that will work for you.

Just imagine how many hours there are in a day? Do you think that Glynn is sitting there working on Affilisites? No. The product is done and dusted and he keeps trying to sell it to people who are not expecting it. He probably tells himself now that it does work!

The only way to make money online with a website is by consistency and dedication.

You can learn about this in depth by taking my free coaching guide which explains what affiliate marketing is and how it can help you become financially free online.

I want to help you make money online because I have detailed knowledge. I look forward to working with you and I hope you can now see clearly when it comes to cheap online products on affiliate marketing.

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