ADGate Media Review: Scam or Legit?

ADGate Media Review

There are so many ways to earn money online and in this review on ADGate Media, I want to show you about a new industry that is seeing the need to make a way for both make money online workers and companies to get what they both want.

People are often looking for a way to earn money online and believe it or not, but there are also companies out there who build a business and want that engagement, that good clientele and do want to have to wait for their business or product to wait.

Other companies have seen this and created a way where online workers can complete set tasks and earn rewards for doing this.

But What is ADGate Media and is their get-paid-to offer perfect legitimate? We’ll have to find out on that one.

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But now, let’s get back to the review.

What is ADGate Media?

ADGate Media is an online company that rewards people for interacting with the websites and apps of other companies. In turn, other companies and app developers are able to grow their revenue by obtaining people to work with their creations.

ADGate Media was founded back in 2011 by co-founders both Dan Sapozhnikov and Sean Glickman and is situated in New York.

Is ADGate Media a reliable site to earn?

When I am scouring the internet for rewards site to take part in, I always come across these types of companies (ADGate Media). And it is when I look into the company that things start getting a little deeper.

From what I understand, ADGate Media helps mobile app and website developers grow their revenue. There are such complicated elements to building these types of software’s that things are very different in this area of development.

ADGate Media works to grow their clientele earnings by using non-intrusive advertising that rewards users for their engagement with premium brands.

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Is ADGate Media Legit?

ADGate Media is a legitimate company to work for.

ADGate Media has a number of different web addresses that they seem to refer to when orchestrating their own brand and offerings.

I stumbled upon this website first which is what got my attention. When I saw “rewards” I knew immediately that it was a rewards site and that maybe I could potentially earn some money. I then typed in that which brought me to their main business page. From there I thought I would and it worked.

So in checking for all the websites, I did find out how their structure is seemingly working.

So I looked through some of the FAQs and clicked on wanting to work with ADGate Rewards (check screenshot below):

Is ADGate Media a reliable site to earn?

And this link opened up to another page that said:

Is ADGate Media a reliable site to earn?

So I then had to go back to and away from the rewards site?

This is where I went:

Is ADGate Media a reliable site to earn?

As you can see, the screenshot above does say earn more with rewarded ads.

The next page is a simple sign up page where you can become a member and start earning rewards. Its as simple as that.

Is ADGate Media a reliable site to earn?

Check out the image above, it showcases what types of rewards are that you’ll be doing and how much each one pays just over to the right. When I saw this picture (within their website) it was what made me see a little clearer what their opportunity was about.

I know, I had to create this short guide because I knew that so many people were going to see this opportunity and basically not really know where to start.

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