Achievement App Review: Is it a Scam?

Achievement App Review

There are so many ways to earn a bit of extra online at the moment and the more the expands the more you’ll notice being able to make money online.

But in this review, we’re discussing a way where you can keep fit and get paid points in order to do just that. I suppose it sounds like a way where you get paid for keeping fit, an extra alternative.

But what if you don’t want to keep fit? I mean, working is hard enough let alone having to keep fit?

Until you can earn enough money online and not have to work every day, I think that exercising is going to be hard work.

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What is Achievement App?

Achievement App is a fitness app that pays people to do exercise.

The Achievement App is available on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

This app is a bit different to exercise apps such as Sweatcoin as it acts like an app holder. Therefore, the user is able to link out to all the apps they’re running and when Achievement app sees your exercise through your connected apps it pays you more points. So you’re basically just getting paid to use the app.

When you walk, the Achievement app pays you in points.

The way the app makes money is with ad revenue. This means that the app is making a lot more than you. They install Google ads and each person who downloads the app touches on the ad and the app earns money.

I mean, from here, I really don’t see much point in the app at all. But keep reading to find out more.

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How does Achievement App work?

To start using Achievement app you just need to download it to your mobile phone either from Google Play or Apples App Store.

Once the app is downloaded, you’ll need to create your account using your name and email address.

For physical activity users can earn up to 80 points each day! That is quite amazing!

But I have tried these apps and noticed how quickly I wanted something better. I even subscribed to LifeCoin back in the day and ended up not using it anymore, as it did not go anywhere with me. I spent money on coins and everything and now the app is deleted out of my phone because it just has no use!

However, with the Achievement App has some really good reviews on Google Play 4.3 Stars.

With Achievement App users can also make some more money by referring others. You’ll get an extra 250 bonus points for each new person you bring in. This is a lot like affiliate marketing, which you can try here: $6.2K Month – October Monthly Update!

Some things to note with Achievement app is the withdraw threshold is $10. This is the equivalent to 10,000 points but when you make this up you can cashout to PayPal or with Gift Cards. If you think about earning 80 points per day (with exercising) it will take quite a while trying to get this money threshold up!

These are the reasons why I don’t like these types of apps because they’re not in it for the user, they’re doing it for the ad revenue. You’ll notice I have ads on this post, but I only write and let people read my content. The ads are for good use in this content because you may see something that you want to buy. Putting ads in apps like this is not for you but the developers!


The Acheivment App is legitimate.

However it is not recommended at all. I don’t see any point for the app?

I know how good it feels to make money online and when people see both fitness and a way to earn, they immediately jump at it.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in earning points while exercising? Have you tried Achievement App before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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