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Hey, everyone, and welcome to my website.

I have been doing affiliate marketing now for over a year. I’m excited as, and I want to share with you my background and why I started this online business.

Something I want to forward to you first is how anyone can also start this journey. What I have done is started an affiliate business website in the hopes of earning an online income. It is a process but one that isn’t hard and the final results are incredible.

My short story

Relationships, my body and soul

Right now I just turned 35. My last girlfriend was during my very early thirties and it was not planned to be with this girl, we met up randomly, and out of this we had a child. She now keeps the boy. But during this time, I was already going through the stages of not ever getting another girlfriend, and when I got this last one, and she got pregnant I was really annoyed; partly because I had kept myself from having kids my whole life, only to hit my early thirties and then have a kid. Wrong Choices lead to bad circumstances.

Fast forward to 35 and I am now strong in my beliefs and never want to have another girlfriend because I would rather be respected by girls then looked upon as a person without self moralization (sleeping around my whole life). I think it’s among some of the most important elements of life to be respected by girls. And this is among my first stages of changing into a better person, everyday.

During my early thirties I knew I was not going to get married and never wanted to be the type to have girlfriend after girlfriend. My common sense is if I was not able to find a wife and get married within the normal times of this special opportunity then I have missed the opportunity.

I like girls and want to be respected by them.

Now I am just turned 35 and I see myself from here on out leading a lifestyle of purity and holiness before the Father. I obviously missed my chances of getting married and having kids, but I can still live a pure life by following God’s Law and not sleeping around. These are my plans from here on out.

Work Life

I used to be a roof tiler laborer, and the whole time I worked doing that, I always knew that one day I would have to stop because it’s a really psychical job that takes a lot of strength, something that anyone would find hard in their old age.

Well what happened was, it was around the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 that I kept on remembering a video on YouTube about a girl who promoted how she makes all this money simply by “posting ads on Facebook”. It really interested me at the time because I wanted to make money online, so I tried searching how she could do this and found nothing. It made me very curious because the video looked very legitimate and she had all this money on her in the video. Keep in mind I new nothing about the internet let alone the MMO niche aspects (Make Money Online).

Well, another couple of months went by. I had been searching for work when I answered a fake job advert for an accounts manager. This job turned out to be a scam, but to cut a long story short it was this scam that taught me a little bit about how computers work. I was employed at this fake job for around one month. When I found out it was a scam, I wondered what to do next, but because this scam position taught me a little bit about Bitcoin as well I wanted to keep going in that direction; which lead me to buy a computer. Now that I had a computer I could finally search out what the previous girl was talking about too (which I mentioned earlier). I went a purchased a computer straight away and the moment I bought it, I went and sat down in a coffee shop in a shopping centre and searched the keyword terms ‘how to make money online’. A website appeared in the search results called Wealthy Affiliate (I didn’t know this at the time) because I was so lost for direction. But, I clicked into whatever that link it was and it brought into the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform (Affiliate marketing). When I checked out what they did, it made that much sense I began moving forward with this system immediately.

I eventually quit roof tiling for good and ever since starting this new online business I have worked on it every day. Now, you may be wondering, have I made any money since 2018 and to be honest I have only made a small amount since. But you must understand, I have put in so much work for a strong foundation. This is what was important to me at the start. If you were to start you would see too how to make fast money with this system, and you’ll also have the crossroads of which way you want to head. For a complete beginner like me I had to get my foundation right from the start, which meant not making as much straight away. For a complete beginner, (me), I had not even known how to type. You could also add this in, when I first bought my computer I did not know how to type. At the beginning, (at the shopping centre coffee shop) I was only typing with two fingers (Hunt and Peck). During this stage I made the decision (very quickly) to learn how to type properly. With this created decision I then started searching out typing programs. Since I started this journey, (back in July 2018) I have kept practicing. I can type at 50wpm. Now, when I say practicing everyday, I mean I’m going pretty hard. I know this because when I search for how long it takes to learn how to touch type, to be honest, the bloggers say 2-3 months. This is so not the case for me, and it strongly resonates back to my roof tiling days. As I mentioned at the start of this biography page I used to be a roof tiler, and I did this for over 8 years. By doing this I was able to strengthen my hands and fingers to so strong. This is the type of career industry change I made and it has been excellent thus far.

Why I want to help people

I want to help people to better the quality of the internet.

Since starting my business it has pulled back the curtain as to what business really is. Starting an online business is about helping someone or solving someone’s problem. The more you can solve someone’s problem or help them with quality advice, the more success you will have online. Because of this common sense, my mission is to help people by creating quality content that they can search for and have all of their queries answered.

Since starting Affiliate Training Now (over 18 months ago) I have seriously seen a lot of opportunities that are not seen by many people. Most people want to work for jobs such as Data Entry Clerks and positions like that, but forget to realize the bigger picture. My goal is to open people’s eyes to a much better way to make money online, by which is the only way, for sure. So far I have learned that if people get the right information to them they will listen. But without that, it is very hard to try to explain something to someone if they don’t get what you mean. Your message has to be exact.

The goal of this website

The direction of this website is to keep scouring the internet for more opportunities for people to make money online. Even though I believe I have the only pathway to the ultimate lifestyle, I feel it is important for me to continue to orchestrate what quality content is to my readers. This will be done by writing reviews on both businesses and products. The content is based on what the opportunity is and how you can benefit. This is to ultimately give people the choices they desire.

By the time this business has matured more I hope to have a certain number of affiliates under me in which I can continue to help them build out their sites and start making an online income.

And then, the ultimate goal of this business (and as its name says) is to help affiliates specifically to expand and grow their own online businesses.

If you want to join me in making money online I’m more than happy to help you get started, so send me any questions you may have to my email, there’s also a link at the bottom of this site.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Name: Michael Van Gulik
Website: affiliatetrainingnow.com
Contact Email: michael@affiliatetrainingnow.com

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Success Stories

I keep seeing around the internet so many success stories, and how after each and every year people are just constantly making more money, and having more success with their websites. With this in mind, and in relation to this about my page, it made me want to prove to you all of this.

I plan on using the exact strategies as all these other successful entrepreneurs.

Check them out here:

It is a fact that if you read these stories of constant online success, you will join up and start now as well.

The saying has always gone like this, the proof is in the pudding.

If you want digital success online by way of affiliate marketing, then take heed to all these stories and sign up now! I will mentor you personally!!

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