BzzAgent: Get Paid Sample Products (Scam or Legit?)

BzzAgent Review

Money is a significant subject in our lives that which needs to be addressed so that we don’t end up bankrupt. 

Having not enough money is something that everyone faces and because we now live in well established houses, we don’t see the necessary means to earn money like we used to.

I mean, I can site here and write about ways that you can earn money by with your computer, but it won’t bother people. People will still rather do surveys and product testing. 

If we didn’t have such a well-built society, people would do anything for money.

What I’ve written are just some ideas that you can think about while researching how to earn money in online surveys. 

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Increasing participation in online communities is where it’s at for me. I believe that communities is what we should be focusing on because participants can pass around answers to everyone’s questions. Do you want to make extra money from your laptop and think doing surveys is your only option? If so, this BzzAgent review may be supportive.

If you seek to work at home running your own online business, you have the best source for learning where you are now. Read about community members paying off their holidays by simply using this advanced training technique.

So, what is and is it worth your time and effort? Let’s see inside.

Product Name: BzzAgent


Download: Website version only

Owner: Dunnhumby Ltd

Price: Free

Earnings: Merchandise

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent word mouth is a product testing and survey website that will pay people to sample products and give feedback in the form of surveys.

It is a popular company that was founded back in the year 2001 by David Balter.

In 2011 BzzAgent was acquired by Dunnhumby Ltd, in a deal that was purported to be worth $62 million.

Further research estimates BzzAgent to sport over 800,000 “agents” that all the work done in the backend. This is where you come in if you want to earn some extra money from home.

Websites like BzzAgent are Opinion Outpost, Branded Surveys, Panel Champ, and Pinecone Research. I’ll give you some extra alternatives soonish, plus show you how I earn money at home. login can be accessed by Facebook.

BzzAgent: Get Paid Sample Products (Scam or Legit?)

BzzAgent is one of the free online surveys that pay in merchandise that I have reviewed. This is probably a good way for you to learn how to make money in online surveys and participate in online paid surveys.

The reviews are supported by many Google blogs, which gives you the option to learn more about the company. dev is another key term I found many people interested in, you might like to try this as well. I found these in the reviews I was just telling you about.

If you want to learn how to make a money from your laptop and build a Brand online business, then keep reading.

How Does BzzAgent Work?

To get started with BzzAgent, you need to have a computer and internet connection. You can then go to the website and sign up using your name and email. Further questions will be asked during this process. The BzzAgent login is easy and can also be sported with Facebook. 

Also, keep in mind that this opportunity is only for people in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, and Germany.

The options you have to work is with online surveys and product testing.

What you earn is merchandise from companies such as Samsonite, P&G, Nestlé, Gillette, etc.

If you are wondering whether you can work on the go, testing products is generally something you’ll need to do at home. BzzAgent also doesn’t have an app. 

BzzAgent: Get Paid Sample Products (Scam or Legit?)
BzzAgent: Get Paid Sample Products (Scam or Legit?)

The BzzAgent log is something that may inherently track your progress. You will have to take this up furthers at the site. If you are searching BzzAgent UK, then you are in luck because it does operate there. has products they send to you to review. If you get BzzAgent coupons, you obtain more.

The BzzAgent scam is undetermined. I can’t say at this stage that this is true. If you can’t access the site, try using the full address at

How It Works: Your  BzzCampaign Journey

Apply –

  1. Keep Your Profile Up to Date – If you’re not already a BzzAgent, sign up first. If you are, log in and be sure to keep your profile up to date to ensure you are considered for the campaigns you want to be considered for.
  2. Watch Your Email for Invites – When BzzAgent thinks you’d be a great fit for a campaign, they’ll email you with additional information and a link to apply.
  3. Submit Your Application – Answer a few simple questions to submit your application for the chance to participate. Samples for each campaign are limited!
  4. Check Your Email for an Application Confirmation – When you are chosen for a campaign, you will receive an email confirming you were selected. If you do not hear back from us, you have not been selected for the campaign. 1-3 weeks after you have been selected for the campaign, you should receive a shipping email telling you that your sample has shipped. We’ll send an email letting you know your sample is on its way.

Share Your Experience –

  1. Try The Product – Once your sample arrives, it’s time to give it a try! Once you’ve used the product and formed an opinion, get ready to share your experience. Remember – you cannot write your review until you have received and used the sample.
  2. Get Inspired – Watch your inbox for an important “Posting Instructions” email containing guidance and inspiration for submitting a product review.
  3. Spread the BZZ – Once you’ve fully tested the product, submit your honest review (as per that campaign’s Posting Instructions) to share your experience with your friends, followers, and other consumers.
  4. Complete! – Remember – We reward our most active and influential Agents with even more campaigns. Be sure to complete all of the activities listed in the posting instructions email.
BzzAgent: Get Paid Sample Products (Scam or Legit?)


Ways To Earn –

  • Surveys
  • Testing products

Payments –

  • Merchandise

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Key Benefits –

  • It is one of the most popular product testing websites in the world.


Is BzzAgent safe? Yes. BzzAgent has been around since 2011 and BzzAgent Jono is also a member.

Does BzzAgent have payment proof? No, there isn’t cash proof because BzzAgents earn merchandise. BzzAgent Jono Jono is a member and tells people about it through Twitter.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Once you have completed a BzzAgent Campaign, you will have merchandise sent to you. Go to member memberhome do to complete and maintain your ways.

Is BzzAgent a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are so many brands that want to send free products to people just to see how well they go. This is one way for people to make money or earn products.

Does BzzAgent have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for BzzAgent Customer Service.

Does BzzAgent have any bad reviews? All BzzAgent reviews I’ve read have been efficient. If there are any BzzAgent complaints, you should contact the website support team.

Does BzzAgent have an app? No. BzzAgent survey is all done on website. It would be good if you could do BzzAgent surveys on app, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer this regard. Similar BzzAgent sites might have the same prospects.

Would you recommend BzzAgent to a friend or relative? Can you change thinking tactics from here? It seems to me like something I would have done many years ago; but as I get older, I just want revenue. Products to me are something of the past. If you feel what I am saying at this stage, you should have a look at affiliate marketing courses.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Long-running company
  • Highly reliable to receive free products

What’s not to like –

  • Big misconception on creating a real at home business 
  • Has over 800,000 product testers, which limits how many products you receive.
  • No showing of what the products are like. The only way to find this out is by using YouTube reviewers


If you need more sites like BzzAgent, I can tell you now there are not many. For some reason, this site has been able to maintain success since 2001. When you can build an online business and earn recurring revenue, why would you want to earn “merch”?

Here are product testing sites like BzzAgent: 13 Sites Like BzzAgent: Earn Rewards for Product Testing

The paid earned owned social media hub is at, Facebook. This will inundate you with legit online surveys for money. 

If you also seek paid product testing home, stick around and read my whole review. It is consumer product testing jobs that can help you drive that fair income while doing nothing at home.

Here’s a review I did yesterday that may interest you as well: Branded Surveys Review.


BzzAgent is one of the most successful companies in the work from home industry I have ever reviewed. If you want to make extra while being in the comforts of your own home, this business is certainly one to look out for.

While doing the review, I didn’t find anyone who has had any issues with the business.

My only inquiry is that you don’t earn currency from this business; only merchandise.

I was unable to find proof of these products being sent out to people. I was curious on how valuable the products were.

If you want a business of your own and cash money paid into your own bank account, this one isn’t for you.

Also, don’t forget that BzzAgent has over 800K members, which highly limits the number of products you receive. If you want something that makes you rich and happy, keep on reading, so I can tell you what it is and how I started.

What I recommend – How To Earn A Full-Time Income From Home

Working at home is something that most people would say yes to; but when it comes to this opportunity, those people probably also don’t have a clue how to start.

This is essential information I am about to give you. What I am actually doing is making it easier for you to understand things that are already available.

See, with the work from home industry, it helps people work from home and big companies need those workers to go to work. 

This is why there isn’t much information on how to get started. 

But if you wish to work from home now, then here’s the steps.

Heres how the process works –

  1. Choose an interest 
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media engagement

Start now if you want to become financially independent.

Online Business Training Articles - Wealthy Affiliate Further Education College
Online Business Training Articles

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