Bizrate Rewards: How To Make Money With Online Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

Bizrate Rewards Review

Have you ever tried to make money with your own online business? 

It was back in 2018 when I had begun going through some real changes in my life, and these lead to obtaining unreal knowledge on the internet. 

If you have knowledge about the internet, you are in a wonderful place to create some real income for yourself online.

Did you just hear that? This is important, as employment is a part of every person’s life, making life easy or hard is up to you at this point, but my website is built to help people understand how they can make earning an income easy.

So, what is Bizrate Rewards legit? It probably is, but it won’t help you feel comfortable that you have your own company making money for you around the clock.

Bizrate Rewards: How To Make Money With Online Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

Take proof, Jerry Huang, an elite member where I am expressing to you to learn new skills was so successful he pulled off 900 referrals in one week!

But, what is Bizrate Rewards about and does it compare? Let’s find everything out now.

Product Name: Bizrate Rewards


Download: No app, only website

Owner: Connexity, Inc

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.15-0.80

Overall Rating: 59/100

What Is Bizrate Rewards?

Bizrate Rewards is a survey panel that has a distinct spec relating to them that makes them stand out from all the others, and this is their payments offered. You’ll get to see all of the payments offered during this review and there is a lot, not many survey sites offer this many. In conjunction, it doesn’t pay out in cash, just gift cards.

Next to this, there isn’t much more information about them, like who founded the company. I did find they have been in business for over 15 years and their parent company is actually Connexity, Inc.

Bizrate Rewards: How To Make Money With Online Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

When it comes to survey sites, a little spec you should keep in mind is how many people are a part of the panel at present. This is because the more people on their panel, the fewer surveys you get sent to you, which concentrates fewer earnings. In conjunction with panel members numbers and Bizrate Rewards, they sport over 100K members.

How Does Bizrate Rewards Work?

To get started with Bizrate Rewards, you need a few specs in place first, such as owning a computer and having access to the internet.

While I was doing my research, I found one of the websites in Google mention how Bizrate Rewards was not worth it, but I didn’t know why.

As I researched further, I found something that could attain as to why some people may not like their platform.

To join Bizrate Rewards, you first have to visit one of the partnered retailers of Bizrate Rewards parent company, then make a purchase, and then fill out their product satisfactory form.

I mean, to take surveys, you have to make a purchase? This is a bizarre request.

As I have mentioned already, they have rewards to many retailers. You just need 5,000 point minimum account balance required in order to request a $5 e-gift card from stores you love and trust.

Sites like Bizrate Rewards are Branded Surveys, Panel Champ, and MySoapBox.

Also, when you join you are given 500 free points, this is probably to make up for the purchase you have to make upon joining.


Ways To Earn –

  • Amazon gift cards,
  • Home Depot gift cards,
  • Apple gift cards,
  • Starbucks gift cards,
  • Target gift cards,
  • Walmart gift cards,
  • Retail e-vouchers,
  • Restaurant gift cards

Payments –

  • 5,000 point minimum account balance required in order to request a $5 e-gift card from stores you love and trust.

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Key Benefits –

  • To sign up and login is not easy. The only benefits you get here are many different shops to obtain your earnings.


Is Bizrate Rewards safe? Yes. Bizrate Rewards is safe to use.

Does Bizrate Rewards have payment proof? I did a search in Google images and could not find any proof of payment. The Bizrate Rewards legit question is still, yes, it is.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Once you reach 5000 points you can request a $5 gift card.

Is Bizrate Rewards a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Because there are businesses and brands out there who want feedback on their products, this gives companies like Bizrate Rewards a unique proposition to get paid to provide those results. But, what is Bizrate Rewards a scam? No. As detailed, this industry is very legit.

Does Bizrate Rewards have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Bizrate Rewards Customer Service. This helps make Bizrate Rewards legitimate. 

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Does Bizrate Rewards have any bad reviews? All Bizrate Rewards Reviews I’ve read have been average. Is Bizrate Rewards legit? Yes, they still are legit, but some people have alternative opinions. So, you search for Bizrate Rewards scam and found your answer. Bizrate Rewards is a scam, is not true. They just have a bad name because of how they work. So, if you seek is Bizrate Rewards a scam, know now the answer is no. The clear answer to what is Bizrate Rewards is they are a researching company that gets paid to pay members.

Does Bizrate Rewards have an app? My Bizrate Rewards review is able to attain that there is no app.

Would you recommend Bizrate Rewards to a friend or relative? Can you change thinking tactics from here? If so, you can, assuredly, quit thinking about baby steps and use websites like mine to help you grow and become a millionaire. Procrastination is a leading cause to why people don’t make money online. Jerry Huang picked up 99 Premium referrals in one month using my system, and this will work for you now.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Plenty of gift cards available
  • Low payout threshold

What’s not to like –

  • Big misconception when it comes to making money online
  • Helping fatten somebody else’s business
  • Low-income earning opportunity overall
  • You will not get rich quick off this method


There are survey sites on Google like you wouldn’t believe, and do you think that this contributes to the amount of money you will earn? Yes. When there’s more sites of the same kind, there’s more people as well and with more people, it means you earn less. 

Unless you join a niche like affiliate where you can manipulate what happens and narrow in on where work needs to be done, you won’t earn anything.

Here’s a review I did the other day which might help you while you search: Rotate4all Review.

For those who want more food, try this: 17 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Websites and Apps.

And finally, for anyone who is serious about creating online wealth, you should try Wealthy Affiliate.

You can earn gift cards surveys by sign up to any survey site on the internet and receive Walmart gift card for survey among others. If you are searching for earn Amazon gift cards for free, then this site can also help you. Is gift cards for surveys the right way to produce income from the internet? If you ask me, I say no. This review will give you lots to learn.

Bizrate Rewards: How To Make Money With Online Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

Why would you want to do anything else when you can earn money at home doing surveys? Learn this and you could learn more alternative 

In passing gift cards for business, this concept means you can write cards for your small company. I have tried this and it works well. Take surveys earn gift cards mechanism isn’t what this is, taking surveys is very minor. Surveys earn gift cards only allows you to win products that you can obtain from shopping engines, but this doesn’t give you a real company. 

If you wish to do surveys to earn gift cards you need website training.  You’ll earn money for doing surveys a lot easier when you know how to search for websites effectively.


Bizrate Rewards is just another very average survey website! It doesn’t offer anything of real value – only surveys.

When you come this far and put in this much effort, you need more than just surveys. Sure, you’ll earn a few cents for taking a survey, but then again, if you don’t qualify, it will mean you miss out again! You can’t keep missing out on this, and this is why so many people turn to website building after trying surveys. 

I don’t see anyone making money with Bizrate; therefore, I don’t recommend you do this. 

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