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A crowdsourcing opportunity. This is my Clickworker review

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My honest review – Clickworker 

Name: Clickworker
Website: clickworker.com
Price: free
Owners: Alexander Linden
Overall rank: 40/100

Introduction Into Clickworker

Over the last 8 or 9 months i’ve actually done quite a few reviews on this topic.

If you have ever heard of micro working, then you will be in a knowledgeable state with this company.

In today’s day and age, it actually feels like computers are taking over a lot of the daily grind routines into which humans would normally do themselves.

Well it’s true, computers are taking over.

This company calls there freelancers Clickworkers. I suppose the name actually does go hand in hand.

Clickworkers claims to have there jobbed activities done fast, in large volumes, and quality assured. Throughout this review, I’m going to specify whether this is what they claim to be.

If you are reading this, you may be wanting to know if they are the real deal or not. If not the real deal, just how good? after all, you want to earn as much money as you can, right?

If you interested in that, earning a lot of money, don’t get to worried after you’ve read this review, and searched around on the internet for ways to earn money, because, I have another opportunity, that is the real deal. So stick around until the end.

Pros vs Cons 


  • you can work from home
  • get paid to your bank accounts


  • it takes 14 days to be credited for your work
  • pay level is very low
  • work is very hard and stressful

What Is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a freelancing online agency that you can find at www.clickworker.com.

Clickworker is a German based company that is wholly built on crowdsourcing.

If you’ve ever wanting to take part in small jobs online, then this is where you will go.

Crowdsourcing is doing little micro jobs online, for certain companies or individuals.

When doing reviews, having other information platforms like crunchbase.com can rarely help with verifying information. I went on crunchbase.com and found out who the owners are of Clickworkers.com and it claims, a guy named Alexander Linden foundered Clickworkers in Europe in 2005.

Clickworkers is based in Essen, Nordrhein–Westfalen, Germany.

The way Clickworker works

Around the world online, there’s always growing little jobs that are made into small categories. Companies can apply individual people to do them through physical form, but it just wouldn’t be cost effective. So what other companies have done, is take note of that, and invented groups of people online, who work online filling these micro jobs.

Examples of these small jobs include, online surveys, data entry, information with website verification, correct or create texts, and categorize data.

Because these small jobs exist, companies like Clickworkers provide a platform where people who a remotely – computer connected, can carry out these small tasks, and get them finished for the companies that need them done.

To be acquired for certainty of jobs, you may have to pass small tests. These small tests will judge whether you get the specific job or not.

Who is Clickworkers for?

People are genuinely searching the internet are for money usually have a finger in this space.

Anyone computer generic, will basically be the ones, on top of the rest who do this more.

Now, don’t get me wrong, anyone can do it, you just need to know who and what platforms are available to you.

Clickworkers affiliate programs

There are no afflicts programs involved with this freelancing company.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m guessing it would make sense to have a member affiliate link for all their workers, don’t you?

Clickworker tools & training

Clickworker expects you to have your own resources already ready for you.

This platform does not yet have any tools or training services to teach new comers on how to do it.

I’m always looking out for better platforms, and freelancing companies that actually can give you that extra training, so don’t worry, if you want to start, I’ll try and give you the best direction.

It’s always important to have tools and training when starting at a new job. Unfortunately, in crowdsourcing, it only takes a computer and internet connection to get started.

Clickworkers support

Unlike many other platforms on the internet that which has live support workers, Clickworkers only offers email support.

If you have been working with them for a period of time, you’ll likely know whether they are good at replying.

At least they have an email address, as this will make your inquires a lot easier.

Once you send them your email inquiry, you can expect to hear back within 24 hours. I definitely wouldn’t think it’s going to take any longer than that.

Clickworker prices

This company is free to anyone in the know about this type of work. Being a free company obviously means your going to earn more money, which is great.

The company mentions that they make payments to there workers in two types of formats, PayPal or bank account. Clickworkers recommends checking with your country before signing up, as your country may not receive this type of payment.

Let’s talk a little on how much you can make, with this type of work.

The payment amounts can vary from job to job. Depending on the complexity of the job plays a serious factor in amount being payed out.

It’s basically the same, as within the entire space itself, but you can earn anywhere from a few dollars, to a few cents a job.

People who do it, have suggested that they earn approximately $9 an hour on average.

My final opinion on Clickworker

Clickworker does not have a rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This will play a significant part in terms of how great this platform really is in business.

But that’s not going to hurt my overall thoughts based on ones personal opinion.

Just like any other crowdsourcing company, this platform is pretty much the same.

One thing I did notice, was the user interface of the platform itself. The platform seems to have a great website with in depth opportunities.

With this type of online work, you can not make anywhere near enough to leave your full time job. I don’t want to push your limits but, I think the most you’ll make weekly is $50, $75 max, and this is working full time.

The way people do this is, a member of Clickworker will open a website, and employ people to complete he’s/her jobs, and then they will pay them, get it? So it’s outsourcing upon outsourcing. It’s not something that you as a person can just do and survive off. Now don’t quote me 100% but I’m pretty sure that’s how it is supposed to go. Iv actually said this at the end of a couple of my reviews.

Clickworker at a glance

Name: Clickworker
Website: clickworker.com
Price: free
Owners: Alexander Linden
Overall scam rank: 56/100

Time to earn some real money

If you have just even reading this review trying to find a way to make real money online, then stop right here.

Crowdsourcing is incredibly frustrating because your not being paid enough.

If your a willing person, and your wanting to work for a real income, one that will reoccur, month after month after month, then I have a suggestion for you.

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