5 Ways a 10-Minute Timer Can Help You Be More Beneficial At Work

There are so many different elements to getting the job done that many obstacles and hurdles stand in our path. During the day, and depending on what your career is all about, making the most of our time is important.

There are already many reasons we generally use a timer, and these include cooking dinner, placing your children in timeout, timing when the laundry is finished, and more.

But have you ever thought how useful a timer is going to be using one during a day at work? It would not be hard to pack one within your lunchbox on the way to work either.

At this stage you might be thinking that a phone is also enough to track your time, and indeed they’re, but they do not work the same as ergonomic or organic as a traditional timer. But while I say, this, timers on your phone can also help time block your day and introduce a more performance-based timeline of your work schedule as well.

After doing some research I found that a 10-minute timer is a powerful way to prevent humans from traveling alongside those all too well-known paths we tend to take, even now, Facebook, and social-media binging is among them.

The following 5 reasons is what I wrote and believe will impact you in a good way while working.

How a 10-Minute Timer is going to help you achieve more at work

1. You will work with more power and agility

Sporting a timer at work is going to help you keep track of more things that need to happen during a day. The way you can simple set the timer and not have to worry about making it to your next destination is why you will have more power and performance during your day.

Even with blogging, a timer is a really great way to speed up those typing hands. While you may work inside a real office like some of those big websites have, when you have a timer, you’ll always be able to write more content.

2. A 10-Minute Timer can make you more productive

During the usual work day, there are many tasks that we dread that need to be completed.

Another real reason why a 10-minute timer works wonders through employment is because at a job, we become dependent on the times we set to have lunch, morning break, and afternoon break. With these rules of the day, we never think about the time we could be losing by not carrying a 10-minute timer.

I know for my business that I have to write as much as possible to get that traffic up to increase excitement, and a timer is going to help curve my time throughout the day and make me more productive.

3. A 10-minute timer can help with delegation

As a leader people depend on you the most at work, and this could have easily been one of the first titles to this 5 step 10- minute timer operational guide. Leading depends on you being able to tell others what to do ahead of time. There’s obviously no point in leading a team if you’re are never ahead of the pack.

After doing some research on this aspect I found that while there is a lot to do on your list at work, there is even more on the leader, and a 10-minute timer is going to come very handy in mastering this.

4. You will have better focus using a 10-Minute Timer

In business, as in all careers of importance, being focused is key to everything we do. Having the time appropriately delegated to use within the correct manner will help us to focus a lot more while working or during the day.

I blog, and I never wish to lose any time as for some reason writing articles all day tends to make the day go very quickly. If I did not sport the intended focus that one needs to lead an active lifestyle I would not make any sense within the things I write about.

I also read that it is no secret that humans do not have very long attention spans and with being said, a 10-minute timer is going to give you laser-sharp focus.

5. You’ll have a better attitude using a 10-Minute Timer

Without a good attitude either through the day or at work, you will never be happy and this is what gets me the most. I hate being mad or pissed off and using a 10-minute timer helps to recreate a way where my attention is navigated the right way during the day.

After many weeks on set either at work or at home, you may feel like any task you’re doing or must complete by a certain time is getting difficult to do. 10-minute timers teach us how to break up deliverables into bite-sized — and thus, comprehensible — segments.

Your attitude is always going to be better when work or daytime duties are complete and a 10-minute timer is what is needed to help ensure the savings of time, and thus, making us happier all the time.

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