10 Reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multilevel Marketing

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There are many avenues for which one can take in order to bring in that both virtual and non-virtual salary. Now in this one sentence alone I have already questioned some very valuable reasons why it is true. Can you think of why a virtual income business, why have better scenarios met with it than having to get paid from a company or customer checks?

In virtual online marketing, the process is met with affiliate programs, whereby the affiliate will create an account with the affiliate program and then enter their banking details inside of that account. Then whenever someone clicks on their affiliate links from that account, they get paid handsomely.

This is why affiliate marketing dominates the work online / work from home space.

Within the following structure, I want to give you 10 more reasons why the affiliate marketing industry is ten times better than Multilevel Marketing and hope to help some new people to this area find what they’re looking for punctually.

10 Reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multilevel Marketing

1. You can get paid over the internet

Affiliate marketing allows anyone who sports their opportunity to get paid over the internet directly into their paying account. This takes away any hassles of having to make bank each Friday afternoon with your weekly salary check.

There is no other way whereby affiliate marketers will be paid, every single coin they earn enters their bank via online transfers, making earning your salary effortless.

2. You can join affiliate programs and have everything mapped out on a grid

With affiliate marketing, it is possible to join affiliate programs and to keep count of which programs you have joined, write on a spreadsheet with all of the programs you have created an account with. This is how you get paid in affiliate marketing, and it is so much easier than anything else. I don’t even have to example this technique with external options, as it is by far the best and most simplest way to keep track of what you’re doing to earn an online income.

With all other options of employment, you get paid by many different avenues. People work for the one company and they pay their employer. It could be check, it could be in the bank, but at the end of the day, the employer still does not sport direct correlations to how this works. In other words, they just work and get paid without an understanding of how the business works. They don’t have a business, and they work for a boss.

3. Affiliates can work direct from their computer and move all around the world, still getting paid

As the title for number 3 mentions, it is an excellent reason to try doing affiliate marketing, as it enables you to work from your laptop and get paid from all over the world. How good would it be to have your own online business and get paid to write articles from all over the world? I would think the best.

10 Reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multilevel Marketing

4. Affiliates can write about things they like and care about the most

One of the best elements to having my online business is being able to put across the views in which I desire. Each time I jump online, it is apparent that I am able to write about my desires and view points and know that the whole will get eyes on this article.

When you have things that you like and write about, it helps the internet and world in so many ways. This is not something that you can do with any other business, so in a sense, it is also a hobby at the same time as employment.

5. Affiliates can help provide Google with thorough information and give more answers to people’s questions

Whenever I use Google to search for things that I am learning about, there are often times when Google does not have the articles for which I desire the most. In turn, this means I have to try entering in a variant keyword in hopes that the article I am looking for is in fact there, I just needed a different way of writing it. All in all, this costs and takes a lot of hard work and time, therefore each blog scroll that is being created is in someway helping Google attract more clientele and provide more answers.

6. Affiliates can optimise their websites now without needing a professional web designer

When I first started blogging, I was taught how to add both SEO and Content to my site, which is the driving force of its inheritance. Back in 2005, this was not possible. You have needed people who build the code inside the back end of any website, who can help you to gain traction in search engine optimisation. People can now do this on their own, making both running and started an online business easy, and taking away the hard work of a general 9-5 office-based job.

10 Reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multilevel Marketing
Multilevel Marketing is not worth it

7. Affiliate Marketing does not use stock-based items taking up shelter at your homes

In MLM you have to purchase the products that are a part of the company franchise and this can take up massive amounts of room in your homes. The distributors must incorporate all of this into their arrangements, when wanting to get going in MLM, and the job is always much bigger than what the prospect thought they had bitten off.

In affiliate marketing you don’t have to behold any of the products, it is all done through affiliate links. No products must be held in order to make money, unlike in MLMs.

8. Affiliate marketing is a highly regarded industry unlike MLM

Coming into this area of business, you’ll notice that affiliate marketing is what every website does. Larger blogs have content written and links involved, to which the owner of the site can make some money just by providing a useful way for the person to purchase. This type of purchase comes after having a read of the person’s view point, a rare concept in anything we do.

10 Reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multilevel Marketing

In MLMs, you have to somehow try or test the bulky product before making the purchase, which can happen in many different ways.

9. MLM is hard work

In Multilevel Marketing, the job is constant, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. You must consistently organise how you’re going to show people the products you have and how they will make that initial purchase. In MLM cases, they will use a guest party to be held at the house of somebody willing, and this is where people can make their buys. Then the Marketer has to pack everything up, put everything back in their car, and drive home and unpack it all again.

This is very hard work. Affiliate marketing does not have any of this involved, it only uses links and links to the product page. An affiliate is simply the “middle man”.

10. Affiliate Marketing is based on a brand, a business, and a website that grows forever’

When you begin affiliate marketing, you build a website and give it a name. This is your future business name, and the name that you have to work hard in branding and getting out to the public. The internet and free Google traffic are the best way to do this. Think about the foundation of an online business that has thousands of people coming to it each and every day? It offers email marketing, subscribers who like to get mail delivered to their mailbox, and a whole lot more.

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